Discussion on Faryfinit - Multipurpose Blogger Template

Discussion on Faryfinit - Multipurpose Blogger Template

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I do not see any sidebar? how to add right sideber to themes?


The Faryfinit theme pack does not contain a sidebar.

Att: Farycreate

I want to buy your temeplate..But Please speed up your template first


I am working on this Faryfinit theme package.

Att: Farycreate

Hello! @madhavasutkarsh73

Mano every email you have sent me I have replied to you almost instantly after sending it to me. Check your email.

Att: Farycreate

I send you 2 times mail but u r not reply me. Again check your email https://pasteboard.co/c0s9fpgtoxgL.png


I apologize, the email was not sent at the time, please check your email.

Att: Faryfinit

Services pages are not working in Demo… Can i see services page??


The page service is the same as the others, remember that blogger has no builder, and is a platform for blog pages.

Att: Farycreate

Hi! Same person who asked about Ecwid, using a different account. It seems that Ecwid is not working normally with this theme.

My customers and I can’t type more than 1 letter in the Ecwid coupon code or email box at checkout on this theme when using iPhone and iPad.

I sent an email on May 14 with documentation (description of issue, test cases, video, photo, and website links) and haven’t received a response yet—it’s already May 19. Hope you can help me solve this issue as I’ve only encountered this problem using your theme.

Thank you.

Hello! again.

The first email he sent, we replied giving him the steps to resolve his concern and I hope he has resolved the problem because I have not received any more emails about it. If I send another email I have not received it.

We recommend that you resend that last email you sent with images, links and videos, to verify and see the problem and solve it.

I will be waiting for that email.

Att: Farycreate

Hi! There was no response to the email about this issue I’m asking about—I sent the email to farycreate@gmail.com as response to the ticket, but did not get any response.

I already resent it via email but I can see I’m not the first one having trouble contacting you via email from the comments in this thread, so I’m typing it here as well in case you miss the email.

PROBLEM: My customers and I can’t type more than 1 letter in the Ecwid coupon code or email box at checkout on this theme when using iPhone and iPad. We’ve already tried to clear cache, check connection, used Safari, Chrome, etc. I’ve heard from four people about the problem and tested it myself and encountered the same.

The following can be done (Some of the devices used for testing are: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12 Pro, iPad Air 2019, iPad Pro 2021): - Typing can be done using the faryfinit theme on a computer and on an Android phone only - Typing can be done on other blogger themes when I tested on iPhone and iPad - Typing can be done on other Ecwid stores hosted on blogger using different themes (for example: https://lenidigitals.com/, https://planningadigitallife.blogspot.com/) on iPad and iPhone - Typing can be done on Ecwid’s standalone storefront (https://inmidnights.company.site/)

Here’s a video of what happens: https://youtube.com/shorts/Lth25GseHwA?feature=share.

You mentioned the theme works normally with Ecwid when I asked. Is this a bug? This is happening only on this theme.

Hope you can help!

Hello! again.

We will be giving you an answer soon, as soon as we find and solve the problem.

Att: Farycreate

Hi! I’m interested in purchasing. Does this work with Ecwid? On Ecwid’s site, it says that Ecwid works with all Blogger’s themes (via pasting an html code on a post/page), except the dynamic themes (Dynamic Views). I just want to make sure since I don’t know if this theme has code similarities to Dynamic Views that will not enable Ecwid to work properly. Thanks!

Hello! @heartsinboxes

Yes! you can use Ecwid codes in Faryfinit themes. They work normally.

Att: faryfinit

How can I make the blog post to be full witdth? On the online demo it shows that feature but I can not find the configuration settings for that. Any suggestions?

Greetings! I need you to show me your page so I can enter and verify your concern and proceed to help you. As soon as I review it, I would like to access your blog to fix it.

Try the possible solution

When you are writing an article and you copy and paste information from somewhere else, you can copy codes that cannot be seen and this can also change the structure of any topic. instead of “paste”, choose “Paste as plain text”..

When installing the theme it is recommended to install it manually not automatically because it can leave codes from the previous theme and can distort or modify the structure of the theme.

To access your blog: farycreate@gmail.com

Att: Farycreate

Thank you for your your reply. Yes indeed, when the article is copied as plain text, the blog get its full width as desired. However, I am facing another problem – when I do not use all the sections (for example I want to use only sections 1, 2 and the posts) there is a huge gap between section 2 and the posts meaning that when I make something not to be visible, the space that was occupied but that section still remains. Could you please let me know what needs to be done to fix this?


Each section and columns have their “Padding and Margin”, the sections that you don’t use and remove the widgets are left with the margins set in the “theme designer”.

The sections and columns “Padding and Margin” must be set to “0”.

1. Go to theme designer.

2. Choose the section you don’t use.

3. setting section choose “Padding and Margin”.

4. Similarly, col 1, 2, 3, 4 contain “Padding and Margin”.

5. Set them to “0”.

The documentation explains all this:


Att: Farycreate

Do these templates work on blogger? And can it be modified?

Hello! @eliaghaly

This article is for Blogger / Blogspot (Google Blog Platform), not for “WordPress, etc.” platforms.

The theme offers extensive customization by blogger’s “theme designer”, you can watch our “video tutorials” or get familiar with our “online documentation” we created to know how to customize the theme in depth. The theme works great and can be used without problems.

In case you obtain the article and modify it via code, we are not responsible for the problems that may cause you.

Att: Farycreate

Can I delete any part of it ?

Hello! @eliaghaly

The template offers that you can remove or add gadget you want by the blogger “Layout”.

There is a version of the themes that comes with all the established configuration and added content, which is to replace information and delete what you do not want, another version of the theme is completely empty that will allow you to add the gadgets you want in the sections you want.

Att: Farycreate


I have a problem when I try to change fonts in the blog.

how can I change a font in the blog (English font to Arabic font).

problem : org.xml.sax.SAXParseException; lineNumber: 42; columnNumber: 80; The reference to entity “display” must end with the ’;’ delimiter.

Look at the photos :


Hello! @islamrechak

The Faryfinit templates are built with variables which you can manipulate the colors and fonts via the blogger theme designer.

But! In order to change the default fonts for the theme, for a different one that is not in the list, you must make several changes.

Step 1 – When inserting the link of the source of “Google Font” the link starts <link … ” and it must close in this way” /> ”.

- ”/>” Correct.

- ”>” Incorrect.

Step 2 – You must locate yourself in the “Font Type Variables” that have to do with fonts, change the names of the default font, by the name of its font:


- default = ”$ (Cairo12)”.

- value = “normal bold 14px Cairo”.

They are the only steps, to change the font, you do not have to insert any other code.

Att: Farycreate

I am using SEO dark theme. Is it possible to embed the “contact form gadget”, and the “Archive of posts” into a page? Also, when viewing in mobile phone, the “top right menu button” is very dark in color, which make it quite invisible, how to adjust its color?


- Gadget cannot be inserted into posts or pages.

- To change the color of the button, follow the steps below. In we will be updating the templante very soon.

Step 1 – In blogger go to > Theme > Edit HTML and press (CTRL + G or CTRL + F) paste this line of code below and press enter.

Line of code: navbar navbar-expand-lg navbar-light

Step 2 – When you locate the line of code, Replace ( navbar-light ) with ( navbar-dark ).

Step 3 – Save the changes.

Note: Be careful not to delete a code that damages the page.

Att: Farycreate

Hello, I uploaded my logo, but the template resizes it too small! How can I view it bigger? https://sitoprovamz.blogspot.com/

You cannot resize the template logo. This is to keep the line developed in the template.

The maximum height of the logo is 45px.

Hello, I finally made up my mind and I will be buying this template. Any chance for a discount as I’ll be spending several days customising it? Thank you!

Check the Widget settings, try to change the option of the posts you want to show.

You can also view any post that has code to alter it.

In this case, you show us your website, if you continue with the problem send us a message to access your blog and see what may be causing this problem.

Att: Farycreate

Hello, I tried from the widget but nothing changed. Could you please take a look: https://www.itzo.me/ Happy to give you login details if needed. Thanks!


The widget “Related stories” remembers is a popular post, that is, it chooses the most visited on the blog and shows it, while the visits in the post increase, the widget will show it.

Att: Farycreate

Hello, I like the theme very much. Would you consider sharing a discount code?


We apologize for the delay in answering your question.

At the moment we have not created a discount code for the purchase of the theme ‘Faryfinit’, but we have been thinking about making a discount to the theme, later we will be giving you this information.

Att: Farycreate

Hi, where can I access the template images?

This folder is empty

The documentation does not explain the creation of the pricing table, footer and other sections.

Hello! @Avenida199

Check well or unzip your file again.

Everything is explained in the documentation.

Go to the documentation > Layout Main Page > In this category you will find the reading you are looking for and the videos explored.

You have to explore the written or video documentation to gain a better understanding of how it works and how themes are customized.

Att: Farycreate

Hi! What a great template!

Now I am uploading my theme to blogger. I have chosen the option “Theme – Full – Maintenance-v1.5.xml” but I can’t locate the section where to set the time and date of the countdown. Where do I locate it?

Hi! @kirschcobric

To add the “Countdown” to the template you must follow the instructions in the documentation > components > and search for countdown.

Att: Farycreate

You deserve all the success for creating this theme – 4.5* in my opinion :) – the .5 because a few customizations would make it 5* – possible we can discuss this on a Skype call so we can discuss our requirements.

We will review the email you sent us and will get back to you soon.

Yes, now its shape is acceptable I sent you an email, can you check it? I have some other questions 1- I want to add languages to the site, such as Amazon .. Example https://i.ibb.co/gFxGwCk/Untitled-2.jpg Example: Flag of the United Arab Emirates for the Arabic language and the flag of Britain for the English language 2- I want to change the word “Latest Posts” to Newsroom 3- I like the shape of the page but I Want to add the same shape without link https://i.ibb.co/n6vqNhS/Untitled-3.jpg , I want to make it just a shape without any links or # 4- If you open the blog again and click on older posts You will find that the distance between the logo and the articles is very small. Can it be increased a little? Thanks so much for help me :)

We have updated the stylesheet you can do it without problems already.

what about latest posts! is this any way to change it to Newsroom?

The name cannot be edited in the Blogger layout panel at this time, but we’ll give you a way to do it.

To change the name “Latest Post” to something else, go to > “Theme” > “Edit HTML” > On Windows system press CTRL + F or on macOS Command + F and paste this code and press Enter, twice:

<data: messages.latestPosts />

After this line of code, delete this code:

<data: messages.latestPosts />

and write the name you want to put and save the changes.

Note: You must perform this process carefully if you delete a code inadvertently, it may cause a malfunction or a destructuring of the theme.

Att: Farycreate

Hi – we are facing minor issues with the theme – if you fix these we can buy two more licenses for other projects we are currently working on. Thanks for a prompt response.

You can continue using your normal blog, everything is fine and up and running.

Att: Farycreate

Many thanks for fixing these and your prompt turnaround – appreciate your response to the subsequent questions and we should be ready to place our next order :)

We appreciate and are happy that our products and services are useful to customers, we are here to help them with problems or inconveniences related to Faryfinit.

You can help us by giving us a good rating if you like our product.

Att: Farycreate

Hello again,

there’s any way to reduce the space between the title & post text https://i.ibb.co/0Kr76pK/Untitled-2.jpg also reduce the space between post down and the date https://i.ibb.co/hyczC6F/Untitled-3.jpg thank you _


To solve your problem we must have access to your blog, you can give us permission with this email farycreate@gmail.com

Att: Farycreate

I Sent to you invite can you accept

Write us by mail we will be communicating by there, Make me blog administrator.


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