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I’ve had your theme for a while now but have never been able to get the featured area working. I’ve gone into the options and activated it but for some reason, it just never seems to show up. Is there something I’m missing from within the posts themselves?

hi i will need to see your site first to be able to provide an accurate answer. but usually this issue comes from a wrong category slug (fix: you can leave Selected Featured Category option empty in customizer -> featured area) or because you use front page template (featured area is only for blog page).

Is there a way to add a custom social link?

I’m am sorry I was not clear. I don’t want to make all the titles italicized. I want some words in italics and some in bold as shown in the demo. How do I do that?

I am unable to get my affiliate info to appear after inserting the embed code. Please help.

oh! you can add html tags in your title area to achieve that example

<i>Double </i> Denim <b>Day</b>

this will make double italicized and day bolded

also please send me your admin panel access and an example of your affilate embed code to jolt.dev[at]gmail.com so we can test it out.


I am unable to get my affiliate info to appear after inserting the embed code. Please help.

hi can you share your affiliate embed code so we can test it? please share it in our support forum if you want more privacy http://support.daffyhazan.com

How do I remove the header “tags” from the tag widget?

hi you can add this custom css in customizer to hide it :
.widget_tag_cloud h4 {
display: none;

I want to confirm that there is a view count tracking feature for admins and bookmark/save feature for visitors. Also, is it possible for visitors to ‘like’ a post? Thanks

hi no, unfortunately we dont have those features on applique. sorry.

Are there any plugins that you can recommend for us that can do those functions and work with your theme?

honestly we havent tested many plugins outside our required plugins.. so i cant recommend any to you.

I am having display issues on my how to knit site since updating the theme yesterday. On several pages, half of the header is not showing and none of the sidebar is visible. Everything was working fine prior to the update. This is the link to the knitting blog.

hi sorry for the delay, please open a thread in our support forum mentioning this issue and then reply (privately) and share your admin panel access (url,username and password) so our team can check it for you.

I posted in the support forum and no one has responded. I noticed that there were several people with similar issues in the support forum. One had submitted a post well after mine, but was having their issue addressed. Is there a reason why mine is not being addressed?

really sorry for the delay we have different timezones with you. we will follow up soon.


I just bought the Applique theme and installed one of the demo’s. Unfortunately, the front-end of website keeps on loading since I installed the demo…

I didn’t change the settings for server memory limit to 256M and Max Execution Time (php time limit) to 600 Seconds, because I’ve no idea how to do that.

Could you please advise me how the make my website work again (without keep on loading)? And how I can change the server memory limit and max execution time?

(I can’t ask this question due your support forum, because I don’t receive a conformation e-mail after registering)

Thanks! Nick

hi may i know what your support forum account? i’ll check it for you.

to increase the limits please follow http://daffyhazan.com/increase-upload-limit-wordpress/

Hi, the support-forum issue is solved. I’ll contact you via the support forum.

Hello, I have just updated my theme and everything seems to have crashed. The sidebar has disappeared and the comments area has also disappeared. What do I do to fix this?

hi please open a thread in our support forum mentioning this issue. then you can make a private reply to the thread and provide your admin panel access (url,username, and password) i need to check your setup first to understand the issue. thanks

Hi Guys! Since I know what a great support team always have great answers here, I hope to get some help again :) Probably my question is totally easy to answer, unfortunately I have not found a solution despite many attempts. I would like to adjust the font size of the headings (e.g. h1, h2, h3 …). I enter the appropriate code in CSS, but nothing changes. Which code do I have to use to change the fontsize?

Thanks a million for your help! Best regards Saskia

hi we have several separation for each headings. please open a thread in our support forum http://support.daffyhazan.com and take a screenshot for each section that you want to change so we can provide the right code.

Hi, I like the theme and want to purchase, but is it possible first to test it out? Is there a free trial? Thank you

unfortunately no, we dont have free trial. but feel free to ask any questions. i’ll try my best to answer it.

Hi there, I’m interested in buying this theme. How often does it get updated? Because the last update was 2 months ago


lostlunar Author Team

Hi, the theme will be updated when it’s necesarry (bugs fixing, update compatibility with latest wordpress version and update compatibility with required/recommended plugins). Visit http://daffyhazan.com/applique-changelog/ to read the changelog.

Hi, I have just recently bought this bundle, and working on developing our blog with it, just wanted to seek your response about AMP comparability. With the google norms. We would really want our blog to be AMp compatible could you please share how we can go about the same.

Hi There, I am trying to add adsense to my sidebar but it isn’t working. I added to codes (I got them from Google Adsense and just quickadsense plugin and that doesn’t work either. Please help. Thanks

hi do you get any error? please share your site’s url so i can check.

actually you just need to add the ads code to text widget on appearance -> widget

I added the codes to the sidebar but it simply doesnt show up on the site at all, I don’t get an error code or anything. my website is www.lifewithjenn.com

I see an error in your site. please send me your admin panel access and your ads code to jolt.dev[at]gmail.com so i can test it.