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I have a few questions before I purchase this amazing theme. First, is it possible to create categories within “Shop”, so I could sort products by categories? Second, does the WooCommerce store work for all blog demos? I’ve only seen it be sampled on three. I’m especially interested in “Beauty” demo. I read that someone had a problem with installing WooCommerce on “Art” demo… So, I want to check this with you first.

Thank you! :-)


Dahz Author

Applique is compatible with WooCommerce so you can use the plugin for any of the demo. also, product category is a default feature in woocommerce so yes you can use it along with product attributes and tags :) https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/managing-product-taxonomies/

let me know if you have other question

Thank you very much! :-)

I’m looking forward to work with beautiful Applique theme!


I absolutely love your theme but I’m having a small issue. I can’t figure out how to set the about, contact, and 3 categories on the Applique “Beauty” demo theme. I can’t tell which widget areas correspond to give me that specific look.

Just in case my question is confusing, I’m referring to information that sits below the featured slider. Which widgets are those in particular for the “Beauty” demo?

hi the tutorial is here http://support.daffyhazan.com/online-docs/using-applique/#setting-up-the-widget-under-featured-area and the widget that we use is (1st & 2nd column) banner widget, (3rd column) category widget.

let me know if you need further help on this.


Feelie Purchased

You did an amazing job with this theme!

I have a question about importing a demo. In the user guide, you say “WordPress will then import each of the posts, page, custom post types, comments, and categories contained in this file into your blog.” But does it mean that all my current posts, categories and comments will disappear?! Because I already have a blog with a lot of content, so I am really afraid to lose everything.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

hi, thanks for purchasing applique. by importing demo content you wont lose your current content, as WordPress simply add the content to your site (not overwriting). but if you only want the customizer setting you can import the json files from folder demo content -> customizer (in the downloaded package). choose the demo file that you like then import it via appearance -> import customizer.

hope that helps

Morning. The slider doesn’t seem to function properly. Bizarrely it works in “default” mode but not on “full width”. The odd part is that the image pops up and vanishes. I am sure it is something small but I cant figure it out. The site is hidden behind a coming soon screen but I am happy to PM you the login. Cheers

please do send it to dahzinfo[at]gmail.com