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Hi there. I purchased your theme and it is really nice, but I have a problem with the comments, it only shows the comments for the latest post and not for other posts. I am using Disqus for my comments, but I disabled all plugins and changed to a standard theme and still no difference. Please help. Thanks.

hi please send your admin panel access to dahzinfo[at]gmail.com . i need to take a closer look into your setting to be sure whats wrong. also do you use other theme previously?

Great work! Loving it so far!

thank you for your kind words, let me know if you have any question regarding the theme ;)

Hello, I’m trying to narrow down the space between my logo and the menu, and I’m not finding the theme CSS that usually stays in “Style.css”. Where to access to edit my CSS? Thank you

hi, we have a custom css field in the customizer you can add your css there and it will overwrite the default styling. if you need help to find the class please send me your site’s URL and screenshot to guide me.

Hi there. I’m new to all this so I’m a little confused on how to change my theme from “fashion” to “craft?” I love the layout of that one. Thank you for the assistance.

please email me at dahzinfo[at]gmail.com mentioning this issue along with the admin panel access (url, username and password) to your site. i’ll check what you’ve missed.

Thank you kindly. Just sent over my info.

i’ve replied there please check :)

Love the theme you guys but I was wondering how do I get rid of the floating Appliqué sign on the left side of the beauty theme blog. Is there away to change the name or delete it completely?

hi you can replace it with your own logo via customizer -> header -> logo. if you want to delete it you can add this to custom css

.nav-wrapper-inner .sticky-logo {
    display: none;
    visibility: hidden;

Hi, I installed this theme recently. I cannot change the google font in the customizer. I went in under “typography” and changed font, but it doesn’t change on the page. Also, how can I make my profile picture under “about me” round like the demo?

please email me at dahzinfo[at]gmail.com mentioning this issue along with the admin panel access (url, username and password) to your site. i’ll check your problem

This theme has not been updated for more than a year. I have been waiting for an update for the past few months so that my background images will be visible on the header and footer on mobile devices. (Presently, the images are enlarged to the extent that there is no image.) My last correspondence with Dahz was that it will be fixed upon the next update. When can your users expect this theme to be updated? Thank you for your consideration of this.

hi the theme is updated in december, can you link me to your page? i want to check if the problem is fixed in the our development server or not.

How can I write to you privately? I have some info about this that I don’t wish to discuss on a public forum. It is in reference to this update and the correspondence that occurred in order to fix this for me. Thank you.

please email me at dahzinfo[at]gmail.com

How do i change the picture of woman on the left of the subscribe pop up form?


Dahz Author

hi it’s in customizer -> social account & misc -> subscription image :)

Hi, is there a way to have a different Header Logo Background Image on each page?


Dahz Author

hi we dont have this feature unfortunately. let me know if you have other questions.

Hi there, How do you zoom out the featured area slider? I’ve already customized the size with this code . featured-area { max-height: 600px !important; }

.featured-area.slider .item { height: 600px !important; }

Please let me know how to zoom out the photos.


Dahz Author

hello what do you meant by zoom outing the image?

i think you need to try regenerate the thumbnail first to make sure your image size compared to the slider size fist

or if this is anything else, please provide the site url that you want to do with applique, thank you

I mean the feature images I have chosen for my post are extremely zoomed in when displayed in the featured slider. I’ve tried making them the same size as the featured slider and that doesn’t seem to work. When you say thumbnail do you mean feature image?


Dahz Author

hi the slider has landscape orientation so it will zoom your portrait images to fit the container. for best result we recommend you to use 1200×675 px images (or bigger but same dimension)

Prepurchase questions – 1) can you make the slider on mobile a lot larger than it is. 2) how difficult it is to change that background to a crisp white instead of that green pattern.


Dahz Author


1. you cant, it’s predefined.. if you want a bigger one you can use slider plugin that give you more flexibility in displaying your sliders.

2. you just need to remove the background image via customizer as the default is clean white

Question 3) can you make the regular post larger on mobile…it is small on mobile – it should be as large as “you may also like” post image


Dahz Author

sorry, which section is this? can you send me a screenshot?

Question 4) can the men style version use the afflilate post, the demo does not show that option. Can you confirm?

11) Can you populate the share buttons on images, similar to the glossy template?

Do you have an update on questions 1-11?


Dahz Author


1. no, it only works for js or iframe script there

2. you can, but only in a specific layout like http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/applique/inspiration/

3. not sure which one is this. can you link me?

4. no, applique use floating social icons instead.

5. no, you cant add anything there

6. unfortunately we dont have that.

7. all demos are included in the theme

9. applique only has full width slider and this one http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/applique/summer/

10. no, applique doesnt have that layout design.

11. no, as it has different design.

Hi again! Okay so I am kind of stuck making the “category” boxes on the sidebar of craft appear under the title- I’m in my widgets, and everything is properly set up except this “unique code ID” when I’m entering it in the “edit widget” what does that code look like in the box in ascending order… like: 3, 4, 8 ? Depending on whatever the codes are? Or does it need the = in the code or something else? I want the 3 categories I don’t have listed in the main 3 boxes, listed there and have tried everything to make them appear but have been unsuccessful.

Thanks again for the help.

OH! And is there any way to add a post Just to a category or a page and not have it post on the front page as “most recent?”

Thank you!!


Dahz Author

hi you just need to add it like this https://s16.postimg.org/5c72dx805/image.png

also for new post, it will always shown in the front page..


Kim4u Purchased

I just recently went live with my blog using the Applique theme, but the one thing I notice is that my Instagram access token is visible for the world to see, which I don’t think is safe. How can remove it from being visible to the world?


Kim4u Purchased

I was able to fix the problem, it was an error on my part


Dahz Author

glad you’ve fixed it. let me know if you have other question

Hello!! I love the theme! It’s just what I was looking for! I have two questions only (i’m new at this hehe)

1- I see you gave a code to make the big logo invisible, but is it possible to make it invisible only on specific pages? I like it o the front page 2 – I have 2 pages and i want that each one display only a specific category of post, is it possible? I couldn’t figure out how to choose the category i want to be displayed :)

Thank you so much!


Dahz Author

Hi, i’m sorry for little miss understanding there, please try add this code and let’s me know how it goes

body:not(.home) .site-branding{ display: none; }

No, it’s still there :(

hi please send me your admin panel access (url, username, password) to dahzinfo[at]gmail.com so i can make a test in your site. thank you


At first I want to let you know, that I’m still absolutly in love with your theme! Since my website gets more and more comments, i have a question concerning the position of the comments window, where people can leave me a message.

It is possible to change the order? So that the “comment window” is the first you see after an articel and following the older comments? It’s really hard for reader of my website to scroll down and down and so on, just to enter a comment. Not everybody likes to read 50 comments before write some thoughts.

Thank you so much in advanced for your help!


Dahz Author

Hi there, first i think you need to use child theme on it for prevent this code deleted when you update the theme, after you activated the child theme, add this code into functions.php inside of applique child theme(save it) and let’s we see how it goes

if (!function_exists('iweb_reverse_comments')) { function iweb_reverse_comments($comments) { return array_reverse($comments); } } add_filter ('comments_array', 'iweb_reverse_comments');