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I have a few questions before I purchase this amazing theme. First, is it possible to create categories within “Shop”, so I could sort products by categories? Second, does the WooCommerce store work for all blog demos? I’ve only seen it be sampled on three. I’m especially interested in “Beauty” demo. I read that someone had a problem with installing WooCommerce on “Art” demo… So, I want to check this with you first.

Thank you! :-)

Applique is compatible with WooCommerce so you can use the plugin for any of the demo. also, product category is a default feature in woocommerce so yes you can use it along with product attributes and tags :) https://docs.woocommerce.com/document/managing-product-taxonomies/

let me know if you have other question

Thank you very much! :-)

I’m looking forward to work with beautiful Applique theme!


I absolutely love your theme but I’m having a small issue. I can’t figure out how to set the about, contact, and 3 categories on the Applique “Beauty” demo theme. I can’t tell which widget areas correspond to give me that specific look.

Just in case my question is confusing, I’m referring to information that sits below the featured slider. Which widgets are those in particular for the “Beauty” demo?

hi the tutorial is here http://support.daffyhazan.com/online-docs/using-applique/#setting-up-the-widget-under-featured-area and the widget that we use is (1st & 2nd column) banner widget, (3rd column) category widget.

let me know if you need further help on this.

Thank you so much!


Feelie Purchased

You did an amazing job with this theme!

I have a question about importing a demo. In the user guide, you say “WordPress will then import each of the posts, page, custom post types, comments, and categories contained in this file into your blog.” But does it mean that all my current posts, categories and comments will disappear?! Because I already have a blog with a lot of content, so I am really afraid to lose everything.

Thank you in advance for your answer.

hi, thanks for purchasing applique. by importing demo content you wont lose your current content, as WordPress simply add the content to your site (not overwriting). but if you only want the customizer setting you can import the json files from folder demo content -> customizer (in the downloaded package). choose the demo file that you like then import it via appearance -> import customizer.

hope that helps


Feelie Purchased

Thank you!

Morning. The slider doesn’t seem to function properly. Bizarrely it works in “default” mode but not on “full width”. The odd part is that the image pops up and vanishes. I am sure it is something small but I cant figure it out. The site is hidden behind a coming soon screen but I am happy to PM you the login. Cheers

please do send it to dahzinfo[at]gmail.com

Hi, will your one-click demo install override previous content? For instance, I currently have 10 posts on my site but I really love your beauty theme. Can I install it without losing my current posts?

hi no you wont lose your current posts :)

Hi I have some questions.

1) How to remove the line on thumbnail images which shows up when hovering?

2) How to place post titles/date/categories above the thumbnail images?

3) How to change the width of the content?

4) Can I have my social icons on the navigation bar?

5) How to remove arrow on navigation bar and footer section?

Many thanks in advance.

Thanks a lot!

I’d like to add WP-PageNavi plugin and am wondering where to insert <!–?php wp_pagenavi(); ?–>?

im not sure as i never tested the plugin, but from their documentation seems you’d want to add it in the pagination file : themes\applique\functions\paginations.php


Aveloi Purchased


After a while my blog started to excessive use my server resources. Getting to overload and stop completely.

Did you receive any information about this? I disabled all plugins and still the problem persists.

Can you give me any tips of what to do?


Hi do you get any error notice? we never encounteredd this issue before but try to get the server log from your server to see what actually eats up your resources

Hello, I found a problem in the responsive design in the demo Applique Outfit. When you are in a resolution of 1500×768, the 6 images under the header (full width images) doesn’t fit into their box, exactly the two large images, not the 4 small ones. Thanks!

hi thanks for writing in, can you send me a screenshot and tell me what device you are using?

Hello, this is the screenshot http://lahoradelte.mx/captura.png http://lahoradelte.mx/captura.png in a mac screen with a resolution 1500×768, (or from 1445px to 1560px), thanks

hi i replied to your thread in the forum.

Hi I am new to your theme and I was wondering if there is a way for me to change the width of the sidebar, especially on the posts section I like it the way it is but wish it was a little bit smaller, so it’s the area with the search bar and the recent posts.

hi yes of course you can change sidebar size only on single post with custom css, below is default css code from us to set up the width of content and the sidebar, feel free to custom by your self

@media only screen and ( max-width: 992px ){ /* This code is for set up the content width */ .single-post .col-md-8 { width: 66.66666667%; } /* This code is for set up the sidebar width */ .single-post .col-md-4 { width: 33.33333333%; } }

Just wondering where would I add the code to?

hi you can navigate to appearance -> customize -> custom css and copy the codes to the custom css box there.

Hi, I have a quick pre-purchase question: I noticed that all of the posts’ featured images are cropped to squares in the 2- or 3-column and list layouts. Would there be a way to either (a) display the image in its original dimensions (no cropping) or (b) select different crop dimensions?

hi unfortunately that’s not possible without customization to the theme files. let me know if you have any other question.

Hello, thank you for your reply. I have a follow-up question: On these two pages: http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/applique/summer/category/inspired/ and http://dahz.daffyhazan.com/applique/craft/category/inspiration/ the first post has a rectangular, rather than square, featured image. How is this accomplished? If it were possible to achieve this with all posts that would be wonderful news! Thanks again.

if you want all post to be like that you will need to adjust few code too. by changing from square to full image size.


I like your theme ‘Applique’ and I’m almost about to purchase it. I had a few question before I can do that.

1. Is it possible to change the background colour of the header and footer?

2. Is there a provision to add a pop-up box at the bottom right (either timed or after a certain scroll length has been reached)?

3. Can the widget placeholder and tiles be customised and moved to a different position on the page?

Looking forward to hearing from you.

hi, thanks for contacting us.

1. yes you change both of them from our customizer.

2. no, you may need to find a 3rd party plugin for this.

3. no, widget area is limited and predefined. you can check our demos to see where you can put it.

let me know if you have any other question.

Hello, the featured area isn’t showing anymore on my homepage. Please advise!

hi can i see your site first? also please make sure that the featured image option is turned on in the customizer

The blog is provenancebyfannyt, currently under maintenance since the feature area isn’t on the site. Here’s my email, fannytrctt@gmail.com, I can provide you details to login. (the featured image option is turned on)

please send me your login details to dahzinfo[at]gmail.com . thanks.

Hi, this theme looks great. On the site everything looks good, but I noticed on the mobile device the text in the post goes edge to edge. There is no margin at all. How can I correct this?


Dahz Author

hi we have minimum padding in mobile view http://postimg.org/image/7kzph1urj/ . can i see your site first so i can see how it looks there?

Hi Dahz, here is the link. www.closethuntress.com


Dahz Author

hi please add this to your custom css

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px){
    .df-skin-boxed.single .df-content {
        margin: 0 15px;
        padding: 0 15px;

zzbeck Purchased

Is it possible to insert a FB like button in the bottom of posts and excerpt? I have tried to do it, but it just displays the same amount of likes on every post. I dont want to use a plugin, but want to insert the button manually.


Dahz Author

for single post we add our function in content.php (wp-content\themes\applique\templates\contents)


zzbeck Purchased

I also want to add to the excerpt. Could you tell me where I should paste in the line to make it work?


Dahz Author

sorry for the late reply we were away due to national holiday. its in the template-tags.php simply search for df_excerpt_lenght() (start from line 228)

Hello, I am interested in buying the theme but I want to know if it is enabled the comments since I do not want to have more problems .. regards Thank you


Dahz Author

hi, comments are optional, you can turn it on/off at your will. let me know if you have other question.

Hello, my question is how do I change the header font for the feature image and the header font of my posts?


Dahz Author

to make those changes you can only change it via custom css. please open a thread in our support forum : http://support.daffyhazan.com , our developers will provide the custom css code for you.

So, I tried to do the support forum, but for some reason, I can’t access my purchase code?? Like the purchase isn’t even showing up on my Envato account. Gah :(

hi you need to use your (other) account that you use when purchasing the theme, as this one doesnt have the [purchased] badge.

wordpres.com or wordpress.org? Hi Dahz, I have my site on wordpress.com with unlimited space, for using Applique, do I have to migrate to wordpress.org or I can customise the theme on wordpress.com itself? Thanks.

hi, you need to migrate to your own host and use the wordpress.org version. you wont be able to install applique (or any theme in themeforest) to wordpress.com. hope that helps, let me know if you have other question.