Discussion on Fashion :: Responsive Portfolio Joomla Template

Discussion on Fashion :: Responsive Portfolio Joomla Template

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Hello i need a refund. How do i request it.

Hi xrhhrolas, we just replied to your request.


ok. i just did too Thanks

Hello htmgarcia

Excellent template, thank you. I have an issue… I would like to have the music and slideshow on the home page only and a still image with no music on all the other pages, however when I select only the Home page on the Menu Assignment the music and slideshow still plays on all the other pages.

Is there something else I should be doing to make this work as I want? Thank you.

Hello again htmgarcia

It would be much appreciated if you could reply to either the message I sent you over 1 month ago regarding this issue or to the post above which was posted some 27 days ago, as it appears that my purchase is still very much supported at this time and for the next 10 months.

Thank you.

Hi Sid, my apologies for the delay. I just replied to your request via email.



I cant install quickstart in localhost and in my server !


I cannot get the installer to work. I have used this installer dozens of times, so it always works, but there is something wrong with this. Need it to work. – It is stuck on the first screen and will not go to the next screen when the ->next is selected. It’s not my server, so something aint’ working. -


Please read the documentation included within the zip you downloaded from themeforest.

hello, can it be used for joomla 3.4.3 version?


I replied your last email.

i have some difficulties with my slider and social media icons. i have emailed you, please reply. thanks

i figured it out :) i love my site and i love this template <3

Hi. Before i By i Need Now. i Can Direct To Joomla 3.0 Install ?

Hi Daniela,

Yes, you can install for Joomal 3.x


Big Problems with Mobile!

After deleting the Module Last Works which was causing big issues, I stumble upon the next problems:

On iphone and Android you can not click the images on Portfolio Page. Always “The requested content cannot be loaded”, on my site and as well on the Demo.

Anyone here who has it working or who has managed to solve this?

I guess its because on mobile you cannot trigger the hover-effect, who shows the icons with the correct links to fancybox and detailpage.

In addition this Template is NOT VALID, check by yourself, I did it unfortunately after buying it.

Overall I´m deeply disappointed.

Hi Christian,

Is necessary have FTP access. In a previous email I requested this with no answer. Please be polite in your request, we are polite and able to help for FREE all the time :)

Looking forward to help you


Well, I don´t want to sound like a broken record, but again, all the issues are within your Demo, correct them and publish a working template, you don´t need ftp access and you will not get it for my installation, as I solved the issues and made it working by myself.

As I see you deleted the claim that this template is valid, good!

Why is my last post deleted where I mentioned that I offer my solutions to other users?

I was always polite and patient and don´t want help for free, I just wanted a working template, which I PAID for!

Hi christianhorst,

I’m glad you have your custom improvements done by yourself.

We provided a demo template so users can have a preview of the template they may get before they buy. We provided support help and replied your emails.

Let us know if we can be of any help



I bought this template and have trouble with the responsive rendering on Android with stock browser.

I wrote twice to the Author and wanted to discuss this, but unfortunately getting no answer. This is kind of frustrating.

Someone else having same issues and solved it?

Thanks in advance

Hi Christian,

Just replied your emails, please reply us there more details and we will take a look.

Kind regards, Valentín


How can I use full width blog?


Hi Kerzo,

Try using only the component with no modules on right.

Hopes this helps, regards

Hi htmgarcia,

Ive tried to contact you several times by e-mail but no respsone.

I have problems with mobile view of the portfolio page. Followed instruction that were given in the first e-mail still not working.

Still did not receive any e-mail from you after 3 reminders.

Can you help please?



Yesterday replied to your e-mail.



Did you manage to look at your e-mail?

The portfolio is still not working on mobile devices.


Just replied :)

Hello. I think that it is a very good template.But i need help with customisation. This dokumentation is not enough. Is there any complete documentation for this template?

Hi bliping,

That is the reason of support. If you have a more specific question please let us know. Wewill do our best to assist you


The very first question. I have a problem with the background slide show. It doesn’t appear at all although i’ve tried everything. I use chrome, windows 7, joomla 2,5. What should i do. The second step is how to add new menu items below the home and new menu items, next to home Thank you.

Please checkyou have last version of Fashion template. Also, follow this suggestion please: http://themeforest.net/item/fashion-premium-responsive-portfolio-joomla/3728886/faqs/16135

Menu works as a regular menu. Set the menu item parent for new submenus or a new parent menu.

Kind regards, Valentín


I love this template

But i have just one problem – when adding av new page using iframe wrapper meny item – the iframe is to small – and the config in the backend – dont affect the iframe in the frontend.

What is the trick here ?

Hy Tommy,

Can be due responsive behavior? – please share the url where this iframe page is placed.

Looking forward to help you


Hi Garcia,

i wonder if I can put a transparent image to the fashion-content-top position. everytime i try, there is a background (black)

Hi florittweger, I think is possible but may require some custom CSS in: Extensions >> Template manager >> yourtemplate >> Custom CSS

Add the background property pointing to your transparent image of color rgb color.

Hopes this helps


you mean make the .blog-block transparent ? then every block is transparent. that won’t help :-/

Depends, if you set a module class suffix inside your-module >> Advanced tab you may get the option to only affect the modules that have that specific class

Hopes this clarification helps


Please !!! Could you answer me to anything ??? It is urgent for me !!!!!

Other question, Valentín, How can I show the social bar in home also?

Thank you!

Hi Carlos,

We already replied. Please check your email in order to continue assiting you.

Seems you already have the social icons displayed in the link you previously shared.

We appreciate your patience


Hi !

Why the song xxx.ogg or xxx.mp3 don´t sound in ipad or iphone?


Our guidelines ask for access to continue assiting you. Please keep this topic on the email to have a more organized tracking of your request.

We asked for FTP and Joomla access to check the current status and test for a solution. Is important get this information to help you.


Hi, Valentin. I sent you privatly in your gmail account.

Hola Carlos, ya he respondido por email. Por favor manejemos la conversación por ese medio para evitar duplicar las respuestas al mismo asunto.


Hi !

yesterday I bought you your fashion template for joomla 3.0, It’s perfect ! but show a Alert in Ipad and Iphone with IOs7 ” I can´t recognize the browser IOs 7 ….”

Can you help me ? Thanks!


May you try our demo in yoru device: http://www.htmgarcia.com/themes/fashion/

Let us know if this works better


Hello. Your demo it’s correct ! But marialuna.com show the alert that I sent you privatly in your gmail account.

Es extraño esa parte. En el email anote algunos detalles para conocer si tienes extensiones extras instaladas.



How can I turn off the TITLE-BLOCK bar (and ”-” icon on the right side the black bar)?

How can I delete the sound player on the bottom of site?


Hi kerzo,

Edit the menu item (example Blog under menus >> main menu >> Blog) in Page Display Options >> Page Heading: leave empty

Go to Extensions >> Template manager >> yourteamplate >> Fullscreen slideshow >> Show controls and also remove the Audio path

Let us know if this was helpful


Hi htmgarcia. I’ve a problem with portfolio on mobile devices and a little problem with login registration.I’ve sent you a couple of mail some days ago, can you help me? Thank you. Kind regards.

Hi Giuliano, I just replied your email. You need to update your version of Fashion.


Is there any update for J3.2 version ? After upgrading from J3.1.5 – my site is not working. I got the blank screen on the front, and the backend is working as well.

Any help form the support here ?

Hi gdimitrovski!

This is because the current version doesn’t support Joomla 3.2 still. Youc an see in Software version that supports 3.0.1 to 3.0.2 and maybe until 3.1. We are working in the update for Joomla 3.2.

In order to help you, please email us using our profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/htmgarcia – add this same details in the message and also (in the message) FTP and Joomla access to make necessary changes.

Kind regards

And is there version for 3.2 ? I can’t find info and update.


Please try now, make a backup before updating for security reasons

The template has been updated in recent weeks


Hi! Nice template :)

I want to zoom in the map, in the contact area, also add a pin if possible. How?


Please contact us using our profile page: http://themeforest.net/user/htmgarcia – add this same details in the message in order to provide you better support help

Also, provide more details in which section you want to zoom in