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Thanks man!

Does this come with mobile and tablet version’s as well?

Coming soon! i will work in that this week!

Thanks so much… i purchased it this morning and so far awesome. I have a hold up on the ABOUT section with those pink circle masks that make the black and white image clear. I don’t see anything in the instructions on that in particular in the pdf provided. I added a picture to the back part, but not sure how to do that in the mask. When i do it the normal way, it’s not “in line” with the background image anymore and no matter which alignment, it still doesn’t fit.

Do you have any suggestions?

Thanks so much!

Ok, Find in the Main File an folder with the name “PSD” in this folder must be a file in PSD format with the name “Black and white images.psd” open in photoshop to convert your image to Black and white, just put your image in the layer position and save the “jpg” format, your need two version of this pictures 1. Color (The mask) 2. B/W (The background)

If you need more help write me to

Any luck on the tablet/phone version? Purchased 2 weeks ago. Great work!

am thrilled….thank you. i pinned down pages am buying soon. Good creative. I love to drink from your knowledge..smiles