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we have a very strange problem. Breadcrumbs are showing in a strange way – it presents sample names wchich are not available in store categories like here: http://serwer1662527.home.pl/75-kosze-prezentowe

we need urgent help…

Hi! Is this theme fully compatible with Prestashop v1.6.1.5? Or are you planning to release an update? And if you are planning to release an update, then can you tell me the approximate date of the update? Thank you.

Hi! Thank you for your reply. I also have a second question. Why do you still have not fixed the bugs, about which I reported you more than 8 months ago? I informed you about these bugs several times using tickets. But still these bugs are not fixed. I have to disable some functions of the shop because they are very buggy. Here is one of the bugs that I reported to you 8 months ago. Please look at my screenshots. Can you please fix this bug in the next update?

My screenshots: 1) http://s019.radikal.ru/i610/1604/62/e04974695896.jpg 2) http://s019.radikal.ru/i621/1604/48/739ad64b4626.jpg 3) http://s017.radikal.ru/i415/1604/14/5d727d95c1dd.jpg 4) http://s009.radikal.ru/i307/1604/6c/5fea45c2523e.jpg

Hi! Can you please reply?


Thanks for your feedbacks,

Yes, of course we will update this bug in the next update.

IN the last update Version 2.0 – 2016-03-17 – Revision 594 we did fix alot of bug for this theme, maybe our support team forgets this bug. we will note and fix it as soon as possible.


My template titanshop don’t works on mobile and tablet. The products dont open when i click. Try in mobile, acess www.borealled.com.br

Hi renatoflima,

Thanks for contacting us,

Please open new ticket at here http://www.codespotsupport.com/others and give us your ftp account out support team will tun off the onTouch mode in the js file that help you can click in mobile .


We can turn off the ontouch than you can click on mobile! BECAUSE THEN NOT MORE SWIPE/SLIDE!!!

Why you dont Disable it on the DEMO PAGE ? You thin the customers are IDIOTS? That is customers kidding!!!

Hi lieferwelt2,

Thanks for your feedbacks,

we so sorry for about that. we will disbale it on the DEMO PAGE.. If you have any problems you can contact with us, we’ll check and help you.



the CS Slider Modul have a Bug with the Background Image Slides!

On Internet Explorer 11 the height is distorted!

See your Demo Page or this Screenvideo: http://sendvid.com/6z1otbf8


Thanks for your feedbacks,

Please open new ticket at here:http://www.codespotsupport.com/others and give us information about your site. Our Support team will check and help you as soon as possible.


Hello, I’m having issue downloading the theme onto my wordpress dashboard. I can’t seem to upload the correct zip file.. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Benjaminsolano,

Thanks for contacting us and we so sorry for about that. this theme only support Prestashop framework. you cannot use this theme for wordpress .


Hello! 4 months ago I asked you for an update. Here is your answer: “we will upgrade this theme to Prestashop v1.6.1.5 and update the package to themeforest as soon as possible. over the next two weeks”. But there was not any update after 2 weeks. Now 4 months have passed and there is still no update. Why?

No reply?

HI I have a strange problem. I add a category image and a thumbnail image. But on the thumbnail I get the category image resized to the box. I want to display the thumbnail image that I uploaded. Can you please help?

the theme seems ok but has problems with the mobile version in the products category (cs products category) you can swipe but you cannot tap to open the product. The problem can be easily sported even in the demo provided. The home tab works but the rest do not. How do we go about fixing this?


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Is this theme compatible with Prestashop 1.7?

Dear sir,

Thanks for contacting usm,

we so sorry for about that, this theme on ly support Prestashop 1.6.x


hello, i want to upgrade my prestashop to V1.7, can this template support V 1.7 ?

Dear sir,

Thanks for contacting us, We so sorry for about that, this theme only support prestashop 1.6.x, Prestashop 1.7 is changed all controller and php code that replace smarty by symphony then you cannot upgrade this theme from 1.6 to 1.7.

if you need any help about this theme you can contact with us, we will check and help you.


Hi! I am interested in your theme but I try the demo and it is inverted (logo and menu on the right…) Is there any way to watch the OK demo? Thanks a lot


Thanks for interesting our themes

This is version RTL of this demo, you can select change language on the header to see version Left To Right again.

If you have any questions you can contact with us, we are always here to assist you.

Best Regards,

Hello, We are very unhappy with the support service of the author, we hope that we solve a problem with the slider urls of the home, do not respond to support tickets, not even to know if they are looking at it or in what state Is our theme. We can not add any url to the images of the sliders and if we remove the urls, they continue to maintain and give 404 errors. We paid to renew the support on the template, but we see that we have not server anything. The truth is that the template is fine, but how do you have a problem with some module, the support is very bad, I rely on my experience, I do not know others that such has gone.

Is this theme compatible with Prestashop ?

We are very disappointed with the support of this developer, we have been waiting for 2 months for an answer to solve a problem with the CSSlider module of the template, and neither they answer us nor give us a solution to the problem. We have paid for the renewal of the support for 6 months and we see that it is not worth renewing it, because the support is nonexistent. At least if they will not solve anything or give us an answer, give us the option to refund the amount of the renewal of the support.


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Hi, is there any solution to have normal bordered tables?

Hi, Do you provide support? Or just discontinued the support?

Hello, i have a problem and posted on ur support but no answer. The main slider when i add a link its not working i keep getting redirected to index.

Hello, can we display category products at random ? I took a look in code but couldn’t figure it