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I’m new to Magento, how hard is it to install this theme? Does it come with instructions?


Yes, it is come with installation instruction, I can help you with it, if you need any help you can contact me through my profile, http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner


Purchased this theme and having problems installing it. When I click on Ajax Search I am lead to an error page saying…

“There has been an error processing your request Exception printing is disabled by default for security reasons. Error log record number: 1342634983750”

There is no Ajaxsearch folder in the public_html in FTP .

Also, when attempting to upload a background image the page stays blank and the address says… http://www.ourwebsite.com/bgsetting/adminhtml_bgsetting/index/key/7694cf11a373d77acc1814492722da9e/ but there is no bgsetting folder in the public_html.

Are these programs that need to be installed separately?

Many thanks

Also, regardless of ajexsearch and the bgsetting things this theme just doesn’t seem to work. Our site just gets an error page. We are using Magento If this continues to not work how can we get our money back?

Many thanks

As you can see on demo everything is working fine, same will work on your side. Please mail me your site detail so that I can check it. http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner

It isn’t, or else I wouldn’t be commenting for help/an answer. Also, you haven’t actually answered my question regarding Ajax Search and bgsetting.

As you say, the demo may be working fine, however, I have followed your installation instructions to the letter and they do not work for me.

What site details do you require?

IF you will leave comment again & again then how can i help you, you just need to mail us with FTP , DB and magento credentials, so that we can check your site. You can use my profile link for mail. http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner


I have a few questions before I buy this theme.

I am wondering what sort of support you offer with bugs and updates.

I have used a few themes over time and usually when Magento has an update, something goes wrong with the theme. What would happen in this case?

Also do you support custom work?

Warm regards Cameron

We will provide support for minor bug and Issues, You can update latest version of magento any time as we updated our theme on regular basis. But we will not provide support for update your magento version you have to do it your self. Yes we are available for custom work, but is it depends on work and time.

Getting an error:

SQLSTATE [42S02]: Base table or view not found: 1146 Table ‘altruis2_mgn1.mgn_ajaxsearch’ doesn’t exist

Anyone have a fix for this yet?


Solved the issue:

Go into PHP my admin, go into the database you are using for your Magento install, and change the name of the database table called “ajaxseach” to “mgn_ajaxsearch”

I ran the following SQL statement:

ALTER TABLE ajaxsearch RENAME TO mgn_ajaxsearch;

Theme works great now.

Do all three color schemes come with this template?

Yes, there are three templates in package.


Is this template customizable? Would it be able to be modified to have the header and color match my existing website? Let me know. Thanks.

You can change colors from the css and if you would like to move any section then you have to work on code.

Can you help me with getting my current site look/function like the demo? Also, on the installed theme, is the ” Magento Demo Store” supposed to be there on the live version? Sorry, new to Magento (used to WordPress).


Please mail me with your site details so that i can help you, http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner

Is it possible to disable responsive design? If yes, How?

You can ask it on mail for quick answer, you contact via profile, http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner

Dear sir i have checked your theme is very impressive , one step before buying it , i require several payment option , and several shipping methods, plus option to customize products while ordering, nothing special in customizing , we are selling woman wear accessories, so we need to give our online clients, to select lets say ring size, color , we need to have palette colors for some items as well, for that we have found a plugin that give us all this option together , you can find this plugin here http://tribulant.com/plugins/view/10/wordpress-shopping-cart-plugin

so the question is , will it work with your theme , knowing that , this plugin work on any wordpress theme , story conclusion , we need to replace the shopping card payment only in your theme with this plugin as for the rest compare price wishing list etc,,we want to keep them ,

waiting for your feedback to know how to proceed. elian talj

You can use maximum payment option which are available, please check the article here “http://www.magentocommerce.com/blog/comments/50-payment-gateways-now-supported-in-magento/” - You can create configurable products with custom option. You can not use WP plugin in magento. For any Qs you can mail me via profile, http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner

I’m new to Magento. After I Purchased this theme, I have problem to install it myself. The seller webdziner(Paddy) provides the best support. He responsed quickly to my questions and help me setup the site.


You can use any 3rd party extension, but i am not providing this plugin with theme.

ok so it works with it. (i know its not included) thanks!

I am a programmer ,my client have purchased fashion world theme for magento… now i want to know how to fix we recommended product on product detail page and how to add currency symbol at header and how to change geader welcome messaage….

Get your mail answered. Please that for any communication.

I bought this theme. Please tell me does it come with PSD’s?

Yes it’s inside the zip which you have downloaded from themeforest. you can contact me via my profile if you have any problem with it, http://themeforest.net/user/webdziner

Great. Do you have this theme for Prestashop?

Not now, but we will create soon, we have two prestashop theme for now.

After i uploaded the specified folders in your instructions. I went back to my magento install and found a new screen with this content ‘You are now ready to continue the installation process by downloading the most up-to-date copy of the Magento software’

Am I on the right path installing this theme?

if I would like to buy this theme it says demo images not included. does this mean no images on the demo are in the file? If not, I am only setting up theme now, how can I get it to look like the demo if no images are included? will the products and things still be listed or is this blank theme with only layout with no products entered?

thank you

Yes, you will not get products and other images which is in demo.

now this is getting to be ridiculous. I thought this theme was me when it broke magento back end, but even after I hired a more skilled developer than I, the developer had the EXACT same issue of it breaking magento. please respond to emails! I am not the first person buying this theme that this has happened to, something is wrong here