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Nice theme :) Good luck with the sales.

thank you very much joefrey.. I’m glad you like it :)

nice work again.. good luck! ;)

Shume e mire Arjanat pak ma ndryshe se te zakonshmet.. suksese

Flm shume :)

Wow, this is pretty darn cool!

Thanks a lot, glad you like it!

Great work. Good luck with sales :) Not sure about the auto-start music though :)

Thanks, about the music is buyers choice if he wants to add it or not

It looks just great, bravo.

Thanks man :)

Any chance for fast html/css version?

It’s beautiful!

Maybe in the future, we haven’t thought about it


Ok, thank you for your response! Good luck!

Isn’t there a bug at gallery page? I mean, when I scroll photos whole content scrolls. However theme looks stunning ;)

The scroll in gallery is horizontal. I dont see any bug, what browser are you using?

Thanks a lot

O kadale arjanit Bree :P i myte kejt hahaha

hehe ska kadale :P

hey i just bought your theme. very nice work. unfortunately my added menu isn’t showing on the right side of the website (firefox / chrome). any ideas why ?

i just added 2 pages, added them to a menu and assigned this menu as main menu..

funny fact: if i keep pressing on my keyboards right arrow the page moves to the left and the menu shows after a few hits… ?

Hello, can you send us your link through our profile page contact form, I will see whats the problem with your installation



did you add your new pages in the “menus”? it seems you did not add it, if not please do so..

right arrow keyboard bugs are fixed in v1.1

I like the design and I am thinking of purchasing it, however, just a few questions/things I noticed. Like was mentioned above, in Chrome in the Gallery when I get near the end of the horizontal scroll, on my screen it “breaks” at the envato notes gallery thumbnail. When I say breaks I mean the other content like the menu bar and gallery background move to the left of the screen as I scroll to the right to see the gallery options after Envato Notes. Also, I tried this on an android mobile device and the site does not work right. Things like when going from landscape to vertical view I have to hit refresh for the site to adjust for the new screen size. Also, I’m not able to slide the page around on the screen as it is not resizing all the way so some elements are not viewable if I can’t slide the image to see them, even the menu and the Gallery horizontal and Blog scrolling isn’t working. I slide it but it moves very little. I have to slide it several times with my finger to even move a centimeter. I’ll test it on an Apple i device later today, could just be my android device.

With the music option. When you mention it can be added or not, do you mean that the music button can be removed or can we leave the music button there and just have the visitor to the website click on it to play the music rather than having it start automatically?

I’m sure you’ll be adding tweaks because this is newly added here.

I am having the same menu issue as 22sparks, this theme is great! 2 other things, how can i make the backgrounds transparent over my custom background instead of having like my logo color or heading color? and the other thing is that tab color on the menu with the + is that an image we can change? or change color possible?


how can i make the backgrounds transparent over my custom background instead of having like my logo color or heading color?
you can disable the background slider in “theme options”... and select your own background color in “background” wp feature..

and the other thing is that tab color on the menu with the + is that an image we can change? or change color possible?
the +/- are images but you can change the background color in “theme options”

thanks for purchasing…

We will make a quick update about the menu in a few hours… Anyway to show the menu just setup all the pages like in the preview.

Thank you

Very nice work! :)

thank you very much!

when adding my logo to replace your Fashion9 logo the box gets bigger and includes the ‘forward’ and ‘back’ tabs – how can i add my logo without this happening so that the box remains the same depth as the right hand side slider?


try to resize your logo you can used any width and 33px height of logo, you can edit the css of logo also in “style.css” file…

thanks for the purchase! :)

appreciate the quick response

Really great work…

love it…

we appreciate your feedback! thanks

Awesome theme. But tell me, when you first click on gallery you have all elements in slider. Could in the next releases be some arrows, something ? If they are, I can not see them.

But anyways, it’s very nice.


no arrows as of now but we will take note on that, as of now you can use a scrollbar at the bottom on the list..

thanks ;)

thanks – your update fixed the menu issue !

This theme is great! how do i get that update for the menu?

just redownload the theme from your downloads directory