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Installed the child theme, now the logo back box isn’t showing up. Just the png file.

here’s a link: http://coffeehousedev.com/wp/


sorry but I can’t view your site..


Hi, nice theme.

Want to know, with this theme, could we add the followings things somewhere? multi-language switcher with flags, search bar, newsletter subscribe bar, etc.

And could we modify the page width?

Thank you in advance.

Best regards


1. you can add multi language switcher in your footer or header anywhere you like..

2. this theme does not support widgets, you just need to create a widget to make search widgets appear in your widgets and add it in your sidebar..

3. yes just change some css tags for the width..



Great theme, everything for the most part is working out great. 1 Question…

How do I add a video to a non-gallery/blog page? I’m creating a separate “video” page and only need a few videos posted. But can’t seem to get it working. Like: http://wp.themecss.com/Fashion9/video/

My short code looks like this: [video site=”” id=”” w=”” h=”“]. I’ve added a url to the media library and 100% w/height. I only get a link to a video. It does not embed within the page.

Your help is greatly appreciated.


video shortcodes are only use for youtube, vimeo and dailymotion.. it supports self hosted video using the media library..



¿is it possible yo use the page in 2 languages?



yes.. their are other buyers of this theme used WPML plugin for this..


when i add gallery it doesn’t load. followed 4.4



when i turn responsive on, the menu doesn’t work under the drop down box. why is that?

it works from the homepage, but as soon as i click a link, it stop working.


I check this issue and I don’t see any error.. dropbox pages is working fine.. do you have a screenshot of this issue you have?


weird. now it works! something must have been wrong with the mac at the time.

is there any way to extend the menu? have it longer? also where would i have to modify the code so when i hit the minus button, it hides the content from that page too.


you can simply change it’s code here “js/menu-slide.js” and “js/menu-no-slide.js”


I’m using the audio player with MP3 files over a hour long. The audioplayer however is only availible on the ‘home’ page. Is is possible to make it persistent on the entire site without reloading the file everytime the user changes a page?

I have seen a previous post/answer stating that removing the line
if(is_home()) { }
in functions.php should be enough. I’ve commented out lines 237 and 262 in functions.php but it still only plays on the home page.

Edit: Changed the header.php also, lines 40 and 44. This makes the audio availible on all pages, however, it still reloads everytime you change page. Any idea how I can make it persistent?


you can’t make it persistent unless you change the theme using ajax..


Hello I have a problem with responsive to my site: www.graphiste-photographe.com the gallery images are distorted. I buy this site because it is responsive out it does not work correctly. What settings I need to change so that the site is functioning normally. Thank you in advance


try updating this theme to current version 2.6.6 be sure you create a backup of your old files before doing the update..


Has anyone been able to password protect a gallery?

currently this is not yet included in this theme, you can simply add it using a standard wp code..

Thanks for the reply. What is this standard wp code? Please provide more detail. I have spent much time and effort trying to password protect my client galleries without changing the overall look and feel of the fashion9 theme and I have come up empty. Please Help!

I’m trying to use Foobox to replace the original fashion9 lightbox. However, when now clicking on an image both lightboxes pop up. Hoe can I disable the original lightbox?

Nevermind. I commented out the touchtouch lines in functions.php

Yes that should do..

Hi there Im a wordpress novice but I am running into a bit of confusion with this theme I purchased.

looking at your example under “GALLERY” you have the horizontal slider. I set my feature image in the gallery area and a piece of test text. looks great! But where and how do I add images to the gallery. It just says Please add high resolution image.

Problem no.2 is that I want to have my own images in the background slider. I created a gallery called background and checked the box at the bottom saying include in background slider. I just get a blank dark grey page and spinning loading symbol. Then when I uncheck the box again the default images appear again.

Im not sure even where the default images are so I can change them.

the link is apjack.com


1. please see the documentations we have and look for this “4.2 How to Create Gallery Image Slider”..

2. It’s because you did not upload images yet.. follow the documentation we have in your #1 question and all works fine..


is it html template or not?

it’s WordPress

Thanks for the theme. 2 Problems:

1. GALLERY: In URL mode, when clicking on a gallery thumbnail, the gallery is re-opened with just that set of images and it requires a 2nd click to open the set and scroll through?

2. GALLERY: Also in URL mode, when scrolling through gallery posts, Titles and descriptions do not show anywhere? Also, there are no sliding thumbnails when in this view as provided in most galleries. User’s have to click out to see all of the thumbnails.


1. yes, that is how the theme is designed.. In gallery page you will see list of albums of a gallery and when you click on each thumbnail you will see images under that album..

2. when scrolling through gallery posts, Titles and descriptions do not show anywhere?
you will see the title above but no description.. check our live demo..

Also, there are no sliding thumbnails when in this view as provided in most galleries.
when your in URL option you can’t see that..


Has the password protect gallery function been added to the latest update? I want to purchase this theme but i have to have a section of my site be password protected for legal reason.

thanks for the help Amanda

Yes, it is added since v2.6.7

Hi, thanks for this fantastic theme but I have 2 issues :
1- I can’t register on your forum ! you ask for a purchased code that can’t be found on themeforest site…
2- i’ve got an issue using the shortcode [toggle] in a standard page : if the height of the toggled area is superior to the height of the page, the scroller is not updated. Look at my website here : http://www.dolcedesign.fr/informations/ and click on the toggle “Planche Ambiance”, you can’t browse the second image. But if the main window is resized, then it will take the correct height. Is there any way to trigger the scrollbar calculation when a toggle is pressed ?

Thank you Emmanuel

check your “license.txt” file in your download package.. themeforest added that file for buyers..


Thanks for the scrollbar fix, it worked.
For the license file, unfortunately only 2 files in all the Licenses directory :
- GPL.txt
- README_License.txt

And this is the content of the README_License.txt file :
‘This theme or plugin is comprised of two parts.

(1) the PHP code and integrated HTML are licensed under the General Public License (GPL). You will find a copy of the GPL in the same directory as this text file.

(2) All other parts, but not limited to the CSS code, images, and design are licensed according to the license purchased from Envato.

Read more about licensing here: http://themeforest.net/licenses
... so no way to find a purchase code !
Anyway, my problem is now fixed, but if you help me to subscribe your forum, it would be nice !


ThemeForest changed their UI on “license certificate”.. on your download section click the “Download” button and you see 3 options, select “License certificate & purchase code”..


Hey EngineTheme,

I love the template and was wondering if I can ask you a couple questions before I commit to purchase.

First: I am pretty sure I will be incorporating a flipbook into one of the pages. With that said, is there a ways to resize the individual pages so that I can ensure the flipbook to fit.

Second: I noticed in the screenshot there is only inputs for Facebook and Twitter. I was wondering if there is a way to incorporate Pinterest Social Icon also?

Thank you in advance, De


1. all pages are responsive.. you can simply resize the width in your style.css

2. currently their is no pinterest social on this theme, you can add it if you customize the theme..


I have a problem when disabling responsive, is a floating box in my home. I tried but I can not disable.


you can simply remove it here “functions.php” and find line 415 to 417..


http://www.mixusefitness.com.br/imagem.jpg It did not work, I removed the lines you told me, but even so the word appears in the category “All”


remove this line also in functions.php.. line 395 to 397..