Fashion9 - Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

Fashion9 - Responsive Photography WordPress Theme

current version 2.8.0
Fashion9 is a responsive theme perfect for photographers. It contains many options that will make it easy to customize and fit your needs. Fashion9 includes 52 built-in shortcodes, 17 button shortcodes and very flexible admin theme options. Compatible on WordPress 4.3

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Theme Features

  • WordPress 4.3 Ready
  • Responsive Design. For Tablets and Mobile
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Tableless layout
  • 5 PSD Files included
  • Resizable Background images per post/pages
  • Tested and working in All major browsers
  • Full Documentation (HTML Type)
  • Admin Theme Options
  • 3rd Level Threaded Comments
  • Custom Social Icons
  • HTML5 audio player
  • HTML5 video player
  • Post Thumbnail Images
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Functions
  • Style and Script Enqueue
  • Standard WP Codes
  • Language Localization Support (.po/.mo)
  • Meta Keywords and Descriptions for SEO
  • Child Theme Ready
  • Plugin used: Typography Shortcodes & Contact Form 7

Custom Post

  • Gallery

Page Templates

  • Blog
  • Contact
  • Gallery


  • jquery supersized
  • jquery fancybox
  • jquery flexslider
  • jquery jplayer
  • jquery scrollpane
  • jquery superfish menu
  • jquery tabs
  • jquery tipsy tooltip
  • jquery toggle
  • jquery google maps
  • jquery menu toggle slide
  • jquery selectbox
  • jquery mobile TouchTouch


Version 2.8.0 (09-02-2015)
- ADDED: custom field support for cpt 
- ADDED: new labels for custom post type support 
- ADDED: custom logo in WP admin 
- ADDED: close button for lightbox image 
- ADDED: retina feature 
- ADDED: functions.php file in child theme 
- FIXED: minor js issue when visual composer plugin is in use 
- FIXED: custom post types saving data 
- FIXED: theme options value when empty 
- UPDATED: contact form 7 plugin to v4.2.2 compatibility 
- UPDATED: to WordPress 4.3 compatibility 
- UPDATED: TGM plugin activation file for plugin versions 
- UPDATED: TGM plugin to version 2.5.0 
- UPDATED: child theme folder 
- UPDATED: localisation for theme options 
- UPDATED: theme options UI 
- UPDATED: language translations files (.mo/.po)
- UPDATED: text domain to use string 
- UPDATED: data validations 
- UPDATED: custom post types slug translations 
- UPDATED: jQuery google maps version to 0.4.18 
- UPDATED: fontawesome version 4.4.0 
- IMPROVED: functions.php codes 
- CHANGED: lang folder to languages 
- CHANGED: jquery files to minified versions 
- CHANGED: custom post types menu icon from images to dashicons 
- REMOVED: keywords and descriptions in Theme Options for SEO compatibility 
- REMOVED: custom post types options in theme options 
Version 2.7.0 (02-05-2014)
- ADDED: sticky post style 
- ADDED: contact form 7 plugin for contact us 
- ADDED: SQL database dump file
- ADDED: google map js for contact us page
- ADDED: google map option for contact page
- UPDATED: bg-slider slide settings
- UPDATED: template-contact.php file 
- FIXED: gallery issue on IE11
- FIXED: touchTouch lightbox on IE 
- FIXED: iframe in blog single page
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.8.1
- UPDATED: xml files for dummy contents
- UPDATED: theme options UI elements
- UPDATED: documentations
- UPDATED: theme functions.php file 
- UPDATED: tgm plugin activation
- UPDATED: footer.php 
- UPDATED: language localization 
Version 2.6.7 (08-13-2013)
- ADDED: password protect gallery
- ADDED: self hosted video support in gallery
- ADDED: HTML5 video player
- FIXED: theme options accordion issue 
- FIXED: responsive stylesheet minor issue
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.6 
- UPDATED: jquery custom scrollbars  
- REMOVED: flowplayer
Version 2.6.6 (07-29-2013)
- ADDED: TGM plugin activation 
- ADDED: FontAwesome icons in Theme Options UI 
- FIXED: dynamic links 
- UPDATED: language localization define name
- UPDATED: to WordPress 3.5.2 
- UPDATED: Typography Shortcode Plugin 
- UPDATED: custom page templates naming convention 
- UPDATED: language localization (.po/.mo)
- UPDATED: jquery custom codes
Version 2.6.5 (06-17-2013)
- ADDED: video background support 
- ADDED: default color picker 
- ADDED: background image order options
- FIXED: minor issues for responsive mobile 
- FIXED: ordering issue in background slider attachments 
- UPDATED: Theme Options UI
Version 2.6.4 (05-08-2013)
- ADDED: quicktags for typography shortcode plugin 
- ADDED: new background slider options 
- UPDATED: thumbnail slider include changes 
- UPDATED: documentations 
- UPDATED: language localization 
- UPDATED: typography shortcodes 
- UPDATED: date formating to dynamic 
Version 2.6.3 (04-15-2013)
- ADDED: wp_query in taxonomies 
- FIXED: tab and image shortcodes in IE8/9 
- UPDATED: header title text 
- UPDATED: em to % in logo and menu position
- UPDATED: responsive css 
- UPDATED: image fancybox to responsive 
Version 2.6.2 (03-28-2013)
- ADDED: new option in Custom Post Type
- ADDED: background image per gallery post
- FIXED: cpt taxonomy slug rewrite
- FIXED: gallery slider in safari issue
- FIXED: gallery page issue on IE9
Version 2.6.1 (03-20-2013)
- FIXED: custom posts/fields saving issue 
- FIXED: post thumbnail cropping issue 
- UPDATED: typo shortcodes plugin
- REMOVED: footer options in theme options 
Version 2.6 (03-12-2013)
- ADDED: custom scrollbar in gallery items 
- ADDED: new option for gallery in theme option
- ADDED: all label in category filter 
- ADDED: new option for translation in theme option 
- FIXED: custom fields/posts codes
- FIXED: background slider issue in IE8
- UPDATED: custom functions in functions page 
- UPDATED: responsive stylesheet
- UPDATED: theme options UI
- UPDATED: empty url and thumb in bg slider
- UPDATED: language localization
- UPDATED: typography shortcodes plugin
- UPDATED: documentation 
- REMOVED: padding for theme logo 
Version 2.5 (02-02-2013)
- ADDED: background slider in homepage only
- ADDED: background image fallback
- ADDED: 404 resizable background image
- FIXED: error caught "vertical" issues
- FIXED: mobile viewport headers errors 
- FIXED: loading image first then contents 
- UPDATED: shortcodes list styles 
- UPDATED: documentations
- UPDATED: WordPress 3.5.1
Version 2.4 (01-10-2013)
- ADDED: fallback when no featured image and image slider
- ADDED: option for including thumbnail in gallery
- FIXED: close button width in hover gallery
- FIXED: contact form wp_email
- FIXED: stylesheet links for child theme
- FIXED: PHP notices and non property bugs
- FIXED: search cpt in admin dashboard 
- FIXED: archieve browse button in Theme Options
Version 2.3 (12-16-2012)
- ADDED: new options category inline display (gallery)
- FIXED: nested shortcodes for columns
- FIXED: 404 not found issue on cpt
- FIXED: category subtitle issue in gallery taxonomy
- UPDATED: menu for mobile 
- UPDATED: to wordpress 3.5 
- UPDATED: documentations
- UPDATED: language localization 
Version 2.2 (12-06-2012)
- ADDED: custom styles in Theme Options
- FIXED: path url for jqueries compatible on child theme
- FIXED: custom stylesheets in proper way
- UPDATED: documentations
- UPDATED: xml file demo
Version 2.1 (11-19-2012)
- ADDED: orderby in category blog toggle
- FIXED: browser scroll in arrows
- FIXED: custom fields with descriptions
- FIXED: exclude thumbnail in post slider
- FIXED: cpt menu icon for child theme
- FIXED: logo and menu positioning in smaller monitors
- UPDATED: shortcodes separated as a plugin
- UPDATED: language localization (.po/.mo)
Version 2.0 (10-18-2012)
- ADDED: custom post types in theme options 
- ADDED: live preview for favicon and logo
- ADDED: orderby options in theme option
- ADDED: image resize shortcode
- ADDED: self hosted video in blog
- FIXED: single-gallery join error if no category 
- FIXED: color options in theme option 
- FIXED: child theme issue on installing
- FIXED: media upload minor bugs 
- UPDATED: language localization (.mo/.po)
Version 1.9 (09-23-2012)
- ADDED: page attributes in custom post type
- ADDED: ordering fields in Theme Options
- ADDED: title in large images fancybox
- FIXED: fancybox overlay positioning
- UPDATED: Admin Theme Options UI
Version 1.8 (09-19-2012)
- ADDED: background slider settings
- FIXED: horizontal and vertical scrollbar issue 
- UPDATED: background slider to supersize 
Version 1.7 (09-18-2012)
- ADDED: child theme
- ADDED: translation options 
- FIXED: limit gallery post in taxonomy
- FIXED: gallery page in IE8 
- FIXED: categories box with sub category
- UPDATED: documentations
- UPDATED: language localization (.po/.mo)
Version 1.6 (09-12-2012)
- FIXED: gallery ordering images issue
- FIXED: background slider ordering images issue 
- FIXED: scrollbar horizontal when title is long
- FIXED: limit posts in horizontal gallery
- FIXED: custom background conflict on slider background
- UPDATED: documentations
Version 1.5 (09-05-2012)
- ADDED: speed in background slider 
- FIXED: IE8 HTML5 issues
- UPDATED: language localization (.po/.mo)
- REMOVED: blog categories using Theme Options 
- REMOVED: gallery categories using Theme Options
Version 1.4 (09-02-2012)
- FIXED: dropdown menu delay
- FIXED: audio upload insert
- FIXED: slider buttons positioning 
- UPDATED: display social icon when blank 
- REMOVED: music in other pages except homepage
Version 1.3 (08-11-2012)
- ADDED: option to hide close button 
- ADDED: option to hide social icons 
- ADDED: option for menu background 
- ADDED: scrollbar in gallery single page 
- ADDED: demo content (.xml) file 
- FIXED: mediaquery css code 
- FIXED: fullsize in lightbox single gallery
- UPDATED: language localization (.po/.mo) 
Version 1.2 (07-30-2012)
- ADDED: open menu in homepage
- ADDED: exclude for galleries list
- ADDED: options for grid background 
- FIXED: z-index positioning in fullscreen slider
- UPDATED: language localization (.mo/.po)
Version 1.1 (07-19-2012)
- ADDED: options for positioning social, logo and menu
- FIXED: the menu slide width
- FIXED: hide audio icon when not use
- FIXED: weird firefox keyboard right arrow bug
Version 1.0 (07-10-2012)
- Initial Released

Note: The images are not included in the download package