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hi, I bought the templete last year, perhaps before, it does not work now with chrome safari with them but only in firefox. I downloaded the latest version, which are the files that I need to copy the old template? thanks Vittorio

hi, I have updated the file, now works in safari, chrome in me error, “load error”. How can I fix? Thanks

hi, I solved! I can not run the contact form, it is sufficient to enter the email in the file contact.php? Thanks, greetings. Vittorio

Hi, please leave your page url, i’ll test it.


Hi i’ve the same problem of vic1962 and the file i’ve just downloaded give me load error only in chrome , firefox works. how i can fix that ? thx

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Some browsers(like Chrome) forbid ajax in local, you need upload the HTML folder to a web space.

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yes i know, indeed the problem is also online. here the link : try to open a thumb . thx

please send your FTP to, I’ll log in to check it.

hi i’ve noticed a bug in the portfolio section, in the post with image slider when you open for the first time, it works, then you open another post and it open’s as well, now if reopen the first post with slider it dont work like before. You can see on the demo as well, any suggestion for fix that? please, i’m struggle with for 2 weeks and still dont work.

Please try to change as (js/main.js line592)
var imgWrap = data.find('img.list-item-img').hide();
add className list-item-img for img tag of content-gallery-1.html

tips: clean the browser cache totally

thx you man, work like a charm, work also without the className , thx again ;)

Welcome! :) I still suggest you add the className for content-gallery-1.html