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Thank you very much! :)


very nice theme. i would like purchase it but actually it doesn’t work fine with chrome. when i enlarge a pic or post it remains below the others.

Hope u can fix that



Dear Fra,

Could u send me a screenshot about the bug? because It works fine with my chrome browser…

Thanks a lot!

Dear Fra,

Just updated the demo, you could review it on your browser. Any question contact me, thank you for your help.

Best. Fan

Hi, pretty nice theme and good looking. Its actually a bit buggy looking with Chrome.

Can we insert videos into articles? Going thru magazine, I see thumbnails but when I click on article, there is no thumbnail, only text so I guess there is backend options for this?

Dear Illy, thanks for the bug reporting, we are checking it.

You could insert videos into articles. The slider do not support video playing by now.

In the magazine list, the thumbnail is only the Featured Image of the post, you could insert the image or other images into the content, the Featured Image could not been insert to content page automatically.



Dear illy,

We have refined the bug on Chrome, you could check the updated demo, any question just feel free to contact me, thanks a lot!


Hi There super Theme,

Just makes some trouble on Safari/Mac. Gallery items stand over the clicked and enlarged picture. Works fine on Firefox/Mac.

Cheers. Tee

Thanks, Tee,

Could you tell me your Safari version?



Version 6.0.1 (8536.26.14)

Fantastic graphic design , congrats :)

Thank you so much~~

Great design! I did not click on ALL the images in Gallery, but on most: Does it only use PORTRAIT format, not LANDSCAPE ?

Hi, oratorio,

They both could be used into Gallery Post, for the gallery list thumbnails, there are 4 types scale: 3:2 3:2 1:1 Waterfall(original). You can check this page: Home/Tumblr Style List

Thanks. Fan

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Thanks, Fan :)

Wowwwwwwwwwwwww :D

Thank you Pablonigro :)

theme missing menu

add_action( ‘init’, ‘register_my_menus’ );

function register_my_menus() { register_nav_menus( array( ‘menu-1’ => __( ‘Menu 1’ ), ‘menu-2’ => __( ‘Menu 2’ ) ) ); }

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme.

Thanks for your reminding. :)


Also want to share this: Widgets option missing…

  • Images very “jumpy” in Safari 6.0

    Don’t mean to be a ” biatch ” I just LOVE this theme and want to use it really bad and functioning right ;0)


    Pllease try to stop all plugins and check the widget again. I didn’t find the problem.

    We made some update fior item-ajax-load in main list, pls checek demo site again and find if there is the problem.


    I emailed you directly. problem looks like it’s in function.php file


    I replied your mail :)

    Did as well 8-)

    Really liking the look of this! :) I’m just wondering how the thumbnails are generated, and if you can make the thumbnails even smaller? Can you also set a specific area of an uploaded image to be its thumbnail, for instance?

    Great work! Works fine in my Chrome. :)


    Hi Daisuk,

    Thanks, glad you like it. :)

    There are 5 sizes of thumbnail for gallery list: 150px X 150px, 400px X 400px, 400px X 268px, 269px X 400px and 400px X height Unlimited

    There is not the option for custom size. We’ll consider to give more sizes.


    Ok, that’s cool. One more thing; Is there a limitation on how wide the images can be? In the demo, all of the images are more vertical than horizontal. Most of the images I’m going to use are around 700 px wide, will that work well?

    Hi, Daisuk,

    There is not limitation for the width of your image in post. For the portfolio list, the thumbs could be set as 3:2, 2:3, 1:1 or original(water fall) layout by your requirement.

    The width of thumbs and space between blocks in portfolio list can both be customized by page.

    You could preview the example pages under “HOME” in menu.

    Best. Fan

    Nice, that’s all I needed to know, thanks! :)

    Good job, very nice theme! But why didn’t you css the responsive drop-down menu?... If the responsive menu looks a little stylish, I’ll be more interested to make a purchase.

    Dear SeanC,

    Thank you for your advice, I’ll think about it :)..

    Best, Fan

    Amazing theme! Definitely considering purchasing pending one question.

    Can the side menu be modified? Specifically, I was hoping to have the menu as a top bar (horizontal) with a fixed height. Is this possible?

    Sorry, this can not be customized. :)

    Thanks for you interest in it.


    Perhaps not as an “option”, but is it possible via code? Or is it far too difficult?

    Hi, Nikoa,

    With some coding work, it is possoble to move the menu to top. If you have a program engineer, it is not very difficult I think.

    Just installed the theme, and having some trouble with spacing between words – there aren’t any! So all sentences are just one long line of words. Do you know why this happens?

    Nevermind, it was the font! :)