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This theme seems to no longer correctly open up articles and display them. I had been using it for months and it only recently stopped working (no changes or new posts on my end between when it worked and didn’t).

Steps to repro: 1) visit where I have the theme installed. 2) Click an article 3) watch it try to load and open 4) see how it doesn’t display anything

Using: Latest version of Chrome on latest version of Mac OSX.

Note: I tried this in Safari and it worked, so this suggests a recent update to Chrome may have made this theme unusable.

Please advise. Thanks!

HI, sorry, we are checking the issue, because the latest version chrome this tuesday.

Hi, we fixed the issue, we’ll upgrade in next version. The quick fixing way: please download the file ( ) replace in js folder (in your theme folder) by ftp.

Please download the file ( ) replace in js folder (in your theme folder) by ftp.

Or Re-install the latest version 1.5.1


I want to create a portfolio page with image block width more than 1000 px. I observed that the portfolio page is using thumbnails of max 400 px. Please let me know the workaround. The page—>



Please change the codes in functions.php:

Thery are for thumbnails size

add_image_size('gallery-square', 400, 400, true );
add_image_size('gallery-w', 400, 268, true );
add_image_size('gallery-v', 268, 400, true );
add_image_size('gallery', 400, 9999, false );

You could change 400 to 1000.

excellent. thanks for your support. I made the changes as below: add_image_size(‘gallery’, 1200, 9999, false ); and freshly uploaded the images to the posts.

You are welcome :)

I have problem on the pin buttom didn’t show up, instead is a blue block? can you please check for me.


Pinerest closed its iframe api, please

Replace the code line145-151 in single.php:

<?php } if(of_get_option('pint-icon') == 1 ) { ?>                
<li class="pint"><a data-pin-config="beside" href="//<?php the_permalink(); ?>&media=<?php if(function_exists('the_post_thumbnail')) echo wp_get_attachment_url(get_post_thumbnail_id()); ?>&description=<?php echo get_the_title(); ?>" data-pin-do="buttonPin"><img src="//" /></a></li> <?php }  ?>

Please do the same thing in functions/include_block.php (line173-178)

my web is

Thanks for addressing this Chrome bug. I dropped in the new version of main.js ( ) and overwrote via FTP. However, the issue still persists ( ). Is there anything else that needs done?

Uploaded—thanks. You can test it here:

There is some issue, we are fixing.

Please download the file ( ) replace in js folder (in your theme folder) by ftp.

Or Re-install the latest version 1.5.1

hello, I could not see the advertising adsense in block post. Why?

Your main.js seems lost the

in last line

mail sent :)

I did not receive your mail

Great theme! Quick problem about the social buttons on the sidebar. On my website The social links at the bottom give an error message and the wrong URL. For example, the twitter button returns “”

How can I fix this?

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Please use full fromat link like:

That worked, thank you.

I noticed that using Google Chrome as browser, after upgrading with main.js, the slider function of the gallery post is not working, as you can see using Chrome to open gallery posts in your website

Thanks for reporting, we are checking

Upgraded to the latest version—> 1.5

pinterest button OK ajax loading of posts SUPER OK (actually loading seems really fast now!) —> thanks for that!

while upgrading I noticed that you have a FLAG – $forbidAjax = ‘off’; is this meant for turning off ajax loading in the entire website?

Thanks for the update.

I have modified the thumbnails for a particular list page after the thumbnails were auto generate for enhanced effect in -> The possibilities are limitless!! :p

This is my first themeforest theme install. I get an error message when uploading through WP theme installer that index.php is missing. I’m sure that I am doing something wrong. What could it be?

Hi I am also having the chrome problem. How do I update the java script? Can I do this in wordpress or do I need to go into my FTP files. Where do I need to make these changes?

There is some issue, we are fixing.

Hi, thanks for your awesome theme. now I want to make the gallery page completely same as yours, can you tell your setting on page option? thanks

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Sure, this is the home page’s options ( screenshot:

Best, Bwsm team

I am totally confused on how to set it up like your demo. Photos are uploaded and then set as a gallery? or…? how do i make it so its only small squares?

Go to “Pages > Add New” to add a new page. The page could be displayed as a list page or static page depending on your requirement (the drop-down menu named Template). Select list page.

Set the page option like:( screenshot: )

Best, Bwsm team

To mimic your sample, After i set the home page to where do i upload photos. So i upload photos via post, but do i do it via featured post… or..?

You need to upload the images from your computer (In other words, the images of gallery post must be uploaded to this post). For gallery post, you need not insert the images to post content.

Please check page 8 of Fashionic_Documentation.pdf

I have still problems with chrome even if i downloaded the last main.js… as you can see in this page, clicking on “where”... the two last images didnt’ scroll.

In “where” section I added two images using [fixed_column] but the images seem causing problems :/

Did you want that the images grid or slider in the “Where” post?


You could try to use add media / create gallery


I send email to you, there is problem about horizontal bar, please check it

my email address:



I replied your mail :)

Enable Filterable Item not available Work in English when the category. But Not if you work as a Korean Please help I’m sorry, my English skills

Normal operation when the English ;<;a href=”#” data-filter=”.assd”> assd

Not working when in Korean ;<;a href=”#” data-filter=”.%eb%af%b8%eb%b6%84%eb%a5%98” style=”outline: none;”> ???

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

The plugin does not support double-byte. You could edit your category like this ( )

Best, Bwsm team

Thank you Has been resolved.

I Korea people WordPress Starter Until now purchase theme But all is not allowed to language barriers,

Good accessibility theme you Thank you for creating a nice theme Future, you will use the theme Please make a good theme

Hi ^^

I just purchase this theme, it’s really cool :)

I have a question: How to place submenu in horizontal bar like this ?

I found the option in “theme option” but nothing happens when I change from “Vertical” to “Horizontal”


Hi, thank you for purchasing our themea again :)

I tested the option again, I did not find the issue. Could you send your wp-admin to me?

Best, Bwsm team

I send my wp-admin to your email, please check

my email address:

email subject: About Horizontal Bar in Fashionic Theme

Thank you

I just send one more question to you about Write Post Offline, please check it

my email address:

Email subject still is “About horizontal bar in fashionic theme”

Many Thanks.

hi! just bought the theme and i really like it…thank you! i am 1st time user: 1st blog and theme bought… could help pls how do i change the logo? how do i make my gallery look exactly like yours? thnx

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Sure, you could set custom logo in theme option ( Appearance / Theme options / General / )

You could import the

Best, Bwsm team

thank u! one more question….i want to make my homepage look exactly like the gallery…how do i do that? thank you very much!!

Go to Settings > Reading, select “A static page”, and choose your page you want to show from the drop=down menu “Front page”.

Hi :(

There is bug problem with Fashionic on Google Chrome again :( I re-install lastest version 1.5.1 but nothing changes :(

I send an email to you with my wp-admin and hosting account

my email address:

email subject: Chrome bug – Fashionic Theme

Many thanks