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Hi – Presale question or two….....can you increase the width of the left sidebar, [where the menu resides]? And can my logo be placed at the top of the left sidebar where your fashionic text resides in the live demo?


Thanks for the reply and apologize for my uneducated answers. Really appreciate the help…....lots to learn, even though you have made it as easy as it could be! So I have another question, a user has a done a beautiful site with your HTML template,, and inserted icons into the menu from these guys, I am wondering if my wordpress template can utilize these?

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

It it not easy. It need to change the front-end markup and css.

Best, Bwsm team

thanks for looking into it!

I think you fixed the google chrome problem.. i just noticed it on my site a few days ago not working properly in chrome..

If you can take a look for me and double check its working on your end.. i downloaded what i believe is your latest main.js.. but just want to make sure its all fixed.. glad you quickly resolved the issue though thanks..

For potential buyers: this is an awesome theme.. very easy to customize with basic html skills.

I tested your site, it’s fine. Your custom layout is awesome!

Thanks, you are sweet!

BWSM- Feel free to build a site based off this idea.. I would love to finally see a truly minimal site being sold on wordpress.. I am using unicode characters for my menu so that might be something you will have to incorporate, though be warned it doesnt work on google tv’s chrome browser and some IE versions.. something I have little knowledge of how to fix.. otherwise I love the fashionic portfolio.. its much like cargocollective but with way more sex appeal.. :P

Hi, My Fashionic theme appears to have stopped working in Chrome on Mac OS.

My site is at

When I click on a post within the blog page it’s just blank. I downloaded your ‘main.js’ and ftp’d it into my fashionic/js directory on my server but it’s made no difference. I tried downloading and installing the full new version, but the installation failed saying “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”.

Please help!

The Pinterest button within posts also seems to have stopped working (it looks like a chrome icon now) but that’s a minor problem compared to the blank post issue. If I can’t get this fixed in the next 24 hours I’m going to have to switch to another theme – which I really don’t want to do!!!

many thanks,

Hi ^^

I reply your email about Google Chrome overlap, please check it

email address:

email subject: Chrome bug – Fashionic Theme



I replied your mail.


Hi ^^

How to add an hyperlink on this image ? I see we just can add hyperlink on image title but image title disappears on iphone :(

Many thanks

HI, I replied your mail. :)

Hi Myphuongann – does your message say that you’ve emailed me? I haven’t received anything…

Ok – I’ve made progress on fixing my problem with the Chrome bug. I’ve managed the install the latest download of your theme and it fixes the ‘blank’ post issue in Chrome, and the Pinterest icon issue. The only thing I’ve noticed in Chrome is that when you click on the post in the grid view and the display shuffles to display the entire post, it seems to take longer for the content in the selected post to appear than in previous versions (couple of seconds delay). I can live it for the time being, but it doesn’t seem quite as responsive?


Thanks for reporting

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Hello after update the submenu hover gets as visited link and it’s black:, where could i change it ?


You could set the submenu color code in Appearance / Theme options / General / Custom css box

#navi ul li ul.sub-menu a{ color:#fff; }

Hi ^^

I have 2 questions about Fashionic Theme, I sent an email to you, please check it

my email address:

email subject: Some question about Fashionic Theme

I’m looking forward to receiving your reply

Many Thanks :)

Hi, just bought this theme but I’m having a small problem… while trying to upload/ unpack the theme in wordpress it says: (error) the theme misses style css.sheet . Please help, it’s not working :(


Please try to unzip the file download from Themforest, install the

Thanks for purchasing Fashionic..


WAUW, amazing… ! Thank you so much for the quick respond.

Google web fonts I want to use on the website.Tell us how.

font: Nanum Gothic


Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

You could add the font name to options.php ( and ) and functions/option/options-sanitize.php ( )

Also you could send me a your Google font names to, I add them and send you the template file back

Best, Bwsm team

Thank you.

A really nice plugin from really nice folks providing superb support in addition to the product itself! Thank you!

You are welcome! :)

hello, what about the Iphone (Safari in-app) support ?

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

It supports, we tested it.

trying iphone simulator on doesn’t look good…


I check by iphone, I did not find anything wrong. Could you give more detail or screenshot? We’ll try to improve it.

Hi, using this theme to create a gallery. For whatever reason the expanded thumbnail images are not showing up in chrome browsers. They appear as blank white boxes. Is there a fix for this? Was there an option I missed somewhere?

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Please download the file ( ) replace in js folder (in your theme folder) by ftp.

Or Re-install the latest version 1.5.1

Instant fix! Thanks so much.

Pre-sale question: I’d like to set the theme up as a Magazine. I will create a menu using categories from the magazine like ‘Health’ ‘Food’ ‘Home’ etc. What will happen when the user is on the homepage and clicks on one of the magazine categories – will the articles change to show only articles from that category? ie If I click ‘Health’ will only articles from the ‘Health’ category/tag appear on the main page? Thank you very much, Leah


Thanks for your interest in our theme

I do suggest use list page, there is not options(thumbs scale, block size, pagnition…) for archive/category page. The demo site was created by page.

Like the archive Page:

Hello again. I seem to be running into an unusual problem where the logo appears shorter than it actually is on all pages but the home page. When I check the css with firebug it shows both logos are the same height, but one is clearly shrunk.

I admittedly have not yet updated successfully, as I haven’t seen where to download version 1.5.1 or how I can update. I tried manually updating, and discovered I had updated to the same version. If this problem with the logo and updating can be resolved simultaneously that would be great.

please paste the issue page url here for further checking, or may be you can set custom logo width and height from backend(appearance/theme options/general tab) to have a try?

You were right, the custom logo width was the problem. However, if that is the case, I am curious why the custom logo width was not changing the size of the logo on the home page, but was changing the size on the others. It isn’t an issue right now because in this case the logo is perfectly sized to the box, but it might be an issue in the future. Either way many thanks.

Hi, Because you have not paste the issue page url here, I can not figure out what the problem exactly is. feel free to contact me (mail ) if you have any problem. thank you.

Hi ^^

Please check your gmail, I just send a question to you

My email address:

Email Subject: About Ajax of Fashionic

Thank you :)

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme. You could try this: at page editor, from Slider options(below page options), set the title box blank.


Please tell us exactly where


Is it possible to enable the “Forbid Ajax-loading content” option on category/archive pages?


If you have any question, please comment again

Could you give me a 5 stars rating when you goto themeforest ( “download” in drop-down menu when logged )? I would greatly appreciate .

Actually I have one more problem :S

After following those instructions the ajax loading is now off, but category archives now load all posts on my site instead of the specific category they were intended to

Could you paste the link?

Hi there. Is there dummy content I could use?


Sure, there is the in main zip from Themeforest


Got it!! Thanks!!

Hi there, I need help! I created my gallery but how do I get my homepage to show all the small thumbnails like in the demo??

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme.
you should create a page to show your posts. on page creating, there is a page option let you setting the block size. after page created, you can assign this page show at front page like this:
settings>reading>Front page displays>a static page>front page>select page you created before. hope this help you.
thank you.

Perfect!! Can you please tell me what the homepage of the demo is using? Is it gallery?

Yes, it is gallery list. The page option: