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I sent you en email, i’m still waiting for your reply!!!!


We replied all mails, please check and let me know. :)


Hi ^^

I replied email “About Ajax of Fashionic” with 2 questions about Fonts and Fashionic on Ipad

Waiting for your response :)



Is there a way to set posts that are in a Portfolio List Layout to link to another page of the site when clicked instead of simply expanding the image?

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Sure, you could forbid the ajax in page option

Works, but all the images link to the same page… is there a way to alter their permalink of posts? Right now I click where the permalink is displayed and it doesn’t appear editable. I would also love to get rid of the title attribute popping up in the default html way, though I suspect that’s more difficult without removing the title in general.


Did you mean that remove the alt info. like the screenshot:

Hi, I don’t know if I’ve fixed the problem with the last main.js… I will check… but before I had the problem that sometimes clicking on a item a message said “Load error”. Do you have some clue/information about this kind of error? It’s the regular error when the ajax call misses I think… The problem was oftern with Mac Firefox and not with Chrome


Please send your wp-admin and your comment to if you don’t mind. I need to login your site and check the problem.

Best, Bwsm team

Hi can you help?

I have ongoing problems with my images that are contained within posts getting squashed rather than sizing automatically according to the width of the browser window. This specifically seems to be a problem in Internet Explorer…in Chrome and Safari the images seem to automatically size to look correct.

I’m sure that I read in this stream somewhere that the way to solve that is to delete one of the dimension settings in the ‘advanced settings’ dialogue of the image editor within Wordpress. However if I remove either of these dimensions, then the image doesn’t show up at all in Internet Explorer..have tried IE8 and IE9 and both have the same issue?

Do you have any advice? It’s really starting to bug me now!

Sure…here’s an example post (could have picked any). When I look at this post in Internet Explorer and resize the window, the images just squash rather then re-size…

BTW tried IE8 and IE9 – same thing happens in both..

Please send your comment to I’ll send you some files to fix it.

Hi there! My page with Fashionic is just not working in Chrome anymore. Whenever I click an image, it just won’t load. It just opens a white window with no image or no text inside. It works just fine in Opera though. What could be wrong?

Here’s a link;

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Please download the file ( ) replace in js folder (in your theme folder) by ftp.

Or Re-install the latest version

habrá forma de hacerlo compatible con woocommerce? necesito incluir una tienda en la pagina!

will be no way to make it compatible with WooCommerce? I need to include a store on the page! __

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Fashionic theme does not custom as eshop theme. You need to make some custom


I send you an e-mail :)

Hi, You are Mark? If you are not, plz send again


We’ve been using your theme successfully for some time now. Recently we added a blog section and discovered the Readmore tags are behaving strangely.

I create a post and use an excerpt in the post. I create a list page to show the post. If the Readmore tag is clicked while the page is set to magazine, the post expands, but shows nothing more than the excerpt. If the Readmore tag is clicked while the page is set to portfolio, the page redirects to another list page which is in no way related to the post; this happens with every post, regardless of category.

It’s possible the theme is out of date. If this is the case, are there documented instructions on how to properly update your theme?


Could you plz paste your link? Thanks


Here’s a link to our staging/testing site. Currently it is set to magazine layout.

I hope you can help.


Please deactivate all plugins to see if this resolves the problem? If this works, re-activate the plugins one by one until you find the problematic plugin(s).

If it still does not work.

Plz let me know:

Did you make some custom to theme?


Please send your wp-admin and your comment to if you don’t mind. I need to login your site and check the problem.

Best, Bwsm team

Please send support requests to our support center ( ).

Hello and thanks for this wonderful theme. However, I have a little problem regarding the speed when I Clicking on an item to open the gallery post, the loading time is very very long, specially on mobiles. Do you know where I can Set up the loading time in the theme ?


Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

There is not the option, could you plz paste your url? I can check


Hi, I checked your site. I think the problem is the speed of the server, I visited each page is slow.

To Whom it may concern, Can you let me know how I can increase the number of slides on the home page to more than 10.?




Currently the Category Archive page only supports 5 entries and the pagination scheme is set to page numbers. Can you please let me know which code needs to be edited for 1. Increasing the number of entries per category archive page, and 2. Change the pagination scheme to Twitter style 0 ‘load more’ button.


Hi anoopha ,

1) Plz go to “Setting/reading/Blog pages show at most”set the posts number in one page

2) Plz check


Hi, I have a problem with comments that I’m hoping you can help me with. When a visitor posts a comment, their name and email details remain in the fields. How can I stop this happening?

Also, is it possible to change the ‘Congratulate! You could edit this comment before refresh the page’ message?

Finally, can I disable your comment template and use the native Wordpress commment system? If so, how?



1) It is default for wordpress, you could search the way in

2) If you don’t want to use ajax comment, you could change js/comments-ajax.js

If you want to use default theme(twentytwelve) in wp, you could replace the comments.php,copy the twentytwelve_comment function to functions.php.

3) Find line74 of functions.php,remove it:
wp_enqueue_script( 'ux-comments-ajax' );

Thanks for the prompt and helpful reply bwsm. 3 turned off the Ajax comments, which is an improvement. Turns out the issue with the retained comment fields is cookie-related. Thanks again, and congrats on a nice theme.

hi ! Just a little question, can we put a video on the slideshow (in fullscreen) Txs


Sorry , it can’t.

No probs ! Thanks

I want to open a new window when clicking social icon What should I do?


Please change /functions/include_social_icons.php

add target=”_blank” to each <a> tag

like facebook, change as:

<?php if(of_get_option('facebook-link')){ ?><a target="_blank" id="social_facebook" class="social_active" href="<?php echo of_get_option('facebook-link'); ?>" title="<?php _e('Visit Facebook page','ux'); ?>"><span></span></a><?php } ?>

Thank you

hi! all my posts are underlined, how can I fix this? I’ve tried everything.. thanks!

also shortcode are off… I click on the shortcode icon and a white page appear :S help me guys please!

Sorry, I did not receive your mail.

Please try send again by Message box of right/bottom profile page

Sorry! I’ve solved the problem, it was my fault! I’ve putted html code in all page….. Thank you! your support was fantastic :)

You are welcome!

How do i disable the post titles showing in a gallery? It’s NOT working.

I need a page with images, post titels, and excerpts for a BLOG and a page with ONLY images and now spaces for a gallery (home)

How do I do this? It’s not working! I used your dummy content but that’s not working either.

*Nevermind. I used a page-based Custom CSS plugin to accomplish this quickly.

Ok, if you have any question again, please leave comments.