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Hi! I have a question regarding the slider on my home. I uploaded 10 photos to slide but it does not work; only manual mode with the arrows at the bottom works. The thing is that it worked perfectly before! Possible change was that I have upgraded the theme yesterday. Please advise! Thank you!


Sorry for the trouble. Fullscreen slider autoplay closed by default. Please try to change line 51 of slider.php as:
autoplay                :    1,            // Slideshow starts playing automatically 

Nice theme…but having small issue. The contact form is not sending the form data fully. When I get the email to my inbox via the form I only get the email address and the message. The name field is missing from the email that is sent to the inbox. How can this be fixed?

Hi,Thank you for reminding me

I check the code again, there is a bug in functions/shortcodes.php:

line 286, change the name=”idi_name” as name=”idi_mail” the screenshot:


Hi Bwsm,

Can you please let me know if there is any conditional code I can use which will prevent a certain php function from running in the ajax loaded post.


thanks for your reply bwsm. But, I need some php code which can selectively block just one php function from list page. My code in single.php is as shown below:

<?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <div style="”display:block;float:right;margin:"> <?php shailan_dropdown_menu( ); ?> </div> <h1><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php the_title(); ?>" class="sinletitle"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h1>

the function I want to block from list page is -

<?php shailan_dropdown_menu( ); ?>

I’m sure you are using something like this in your theme so it would be really helpful if you could kindly help me in this. Thanks.

Please try to change your code as:

<?php if (have_posts()) : while (have_posts()) : the_post(); ?> <div class="mydownmenu"> <?php shailan_dropdown_menu( ); ?> </div> <h1><a href="<?php the_permalink(); ?>" title="<?php the_title(); ?>" class="sinletitle"><?php the_title(); ?></a></h1>

add the css code in Appearance / Theme options / General / custom css

.mydownmenu{ display:block; float:right; margin:10px; }
#item-wrap li.item .mydownmenu{ display:none; }

Super Thanks! Works like a charm!

Any plans to get the upload and edit images buttons working in Chrome?

I’m running everything up to date. I’ve had problems since December when I first bought, so did all my dev in Safari. But in Chrome the button still seems dead. IDK. I don’t know how it could be local, but maybe. If you want I could submit a video or pm you login.

Hi, Please send your wp-admin and your comment to if you don’t mind. I need to login your site and check the problem.

Best, Bwsm team

Thanks for looking into this. Seems it must be a local issue. Everything works perfectly on one of my machines and not another. Looking into it on my end. Thanks again for the great support.

May I add tags in gallery and ask tag to show archive style?

Thanks for your interest in our theme

Sorry, I did not understand your question. archive style is?

Can I add tag?

Sorry, I did not understand your question. Could you plz give more details?

I have found one problem with slideshow in gallery posts. I observed that the slideshow doesnt work in list page but works in post.

example: post archive page

I upgraded to the most recent version 1.5.2 and using chrome browser.

Hi, try to stop facebook plugin, I found some error from the fb .

I disabled facebook plugin, still the same problem.

sorry, it seems to work now. thanks a lot.

Does this theme work with 3.6? The navigation doesnt seems to work for me. I have reinstalled wordpress and the theme but still not working.

Yes, it supports wp3.6

Please go to Appearance/Menus/Edit menus, create a menu,

Click Manage Locations label, select the menu you created.

Thank you very much. Its working now.

Hello! I LOVE your theme. One thing I need cleared up before I buy is that I need to know how I can best display an opening video. I’m a photographer and have lots of images to put in a portfolio and on the home page, but I also need a way to display videos that tell potential customers about my business. How can I make a video (or more than one video) display on the home page when in Tumblr view mode? I do have Vimeo channel where I can host my videos. Is there a widget where I can put a permanent video thumbnail in the left side navigation (at the bottom?)


Thanks for your interest in our theme, there are some steps to show video:

1) Create a category for video

2) Create some posts set as video post, one post can be displayed one video, put all video posts in the video category

3) Create a page set as list page, select the video category: like the link:

Q: Is there a widget where I can put a permanent video thumbnail in the left side navigation (at the bottom?)

A: There is not the feature


Hi, I love the theme so far. I was wondering if it’s possible to have the full screen slider display in posts and not just pages.

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

It is not possible to display fullscreen slider in posts


Hello, Do you have instructions listed somewhere on how to update your theme?

Sorry, they are not listed

I have a few pre-purchase questions:

I currently run a gaming news site that basically has featured images and videos in post boxes that link directly to other website articles and videos.

Here’s my site:

From what I can see “magazine list with border” layout is about as close as your theme gets to what I’m looking for.

Is it possible to have the featured image, post title and read more all link to another website?

Also, is it possible to customize the border color of the white area that surrounds the posts in the above example?

Thank you!

Also do you have any example websites that are using your theme that might be similar to the grid look that I am needing? Thanks :)

Thanks for your interest in our theme

1. Through post’s custom fields and some customized code, you could make the post link to other website.

2. customize the border color there is no problem, only need add some css rules.


Hello. I have had a few issues with the gallery. Wee replaced the main.js in the folder and am running into the same issue – and now additional issues. We backed up our site but still running into troubles. Can you login and see where these errors are happening. One of our staff members said there was an error coming up on pinterest. Could this be the problem?


Here was your previous message-

I checked your site, better update the Fashionic theme (please backup your theme folder firstly).

Or try to replace the main.js in js folder after unzip the attached file,(please backup your main.js firstly)


Hi, please give more detail info about the problem. if you don’t mind, please leaving your site login info here through private message (Please reply your site login info by in our support forum by Set as private reply: ),

Thank you.

Hello, I noticed on the “magazine list with border” option, that you have videos showing up. Is it possible to have headings below the videos like you do the other posts with the featured images?

Also it is possible to show a full post page when you click on “readmore” complete with a Featured Image being displayed?

Thanks :)

Thanks for your interest in our theme

It is possible that add featured image and readmore button to video post by changing template. We can guide you if you buy our theme



Beautiful theme! I am interested in purchasing your theme to launch a food/cooking blog. I’d also like to include eCommerce in my blog. I read above that your theme isn’t WooCommerce compatible. Is it compatible with any of the other eCommerce plugins? Would it be difficult for a non developer (myself) to modify it to make it compatible?


Thanks, glad you like out theme

Sorry, there is not eCommerce plugins tested with the Fashionic theme.


Great theme. Is there a way to speed up the animation? Feels like its a tad slow for my needs.

Thanks, glad you like our theme

It’s possible. We are testing, If it is ok, it will be update. you can check the link:

Hey, what could be the problem, if my pictures in list page are a bit pixelated when the site is loading? After about 1 minute they’re a bit blurry, but if I open the post (and the picture) they’re supersharp.

Please help, thanks! – i’ve now changed the list page view to 1:1, so the pictures are fine. it’s only in 2:3

but another question: the logo on the about page is bigger than on all the other pages – how can I fix that?

Hi, my colleague replied your question here:

I’m not sure what is going on – the theme was working great for me, but now nothing pulls up – it just goes blank. See what I mean by clicking anything on the homepage here:

Please help! Thanks,


Hi Sinoun,

Please download and upgrade to the latest version Fashionic wp theme.


Your theme supports the plugin WPLM?

Hi, I did not test the WPML plugin.

It was a great idea to improve the Ajax loading speed on the new version 1.5.3

Congratulations and thank you very much to improve Fashionic.

Thanks! Amazing site! :)


Hi! I purchased this theme, and made a website, but received a problem with 404 page – instead of this, i saw default window like this – Then i upload htacces file, and this problem gone(it just opening main page now). But i have a new ones with responsive function, like wrong menu in mobile version and other, cause of htacces i think. What i should do, to make 404 work without htaccess file?