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Hi! I purchased this theme, and made a website, but received a problem with 404 page – instead of this, i saw default window like this – Then i upload htacces file, and this problem gone(it just opening main page now). But i have a new ones with responsive function, like wrong menu in mobile version and other, cause of htacces i think. What i should do, to make 404 work without htaccess file?


Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

please upload htaccess file with wordpress’s default and could you please leaving your site url here(, my colleague will check it for you later

Thank you

Hi. I have problems to see a website created with Fashionic v1.3 in Safari navigator. If I try to open a product from an Iphone, it shows it on white and I cannot see its content… Do you know why? This is the project:


Please download the main.js replace in js folder (in your theme folder) by ftp again. If it does not work, the best way is that update the theme.

I tried and it doesn’t run. I applied it in a test subdomain. You can see it in the home page of

Replacing the JS you told me, it does not open content in any browser.

Please send your wp-admin to, we’ll login to check

Hey guys, if I’d like to add an online shop/ecommerce to my website, I’m using Fashionic for, which plugin can you recommend? The Woocommerce CSS isn’t working well unfortunately.


Hi, I didn’t know which plugin supported. I’ll make some test and let you know the result in a few days.


Sorry, i tested some plugin, they can not work with theme. the shop/ecommerce plugins do not like other kind of plugins, they need some deeper custom work for the theme.

Hi. I have purchased this theme, everything works fine except for one thing: I don’t see the “shortcodes” button in the text editor, is there a special option that needs to be activated? Thanks.

PS – I am trying to register to your forum but I can’t, I don’t receive the registration email (neither in the SPAM folder)

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Please try to change line 26 of fashionic/functions/shortcodeui/plugin.js as:

image: "../wp-content/themes/fashionic/functions/shortcodeui/images/icon.png",

Please leave your mail address, I’ll create a account for you.

Sorry for the trouble


Thanks, it works. I have sent my email address to Have a nice day.

Hi, I replied your mail, welcome :)

Hi. We sent an email regarding some issues with our website using this theme. Still waiting to hear back.

Hi, I replied all mails, I think I did not receive your mail, please send it again.

Hi I upgraded from the last version of the theme but still have problems to display on iPad. The slider does not work only on mobile. When I create a post with a slider, it opens but does not navigate to other images.


Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

My colleague replied your question, please check:

Welcome to post your question at our forum.


Thank you


Is it possible to move the navigation to the right side of the page instead of the left? What changes would have to be made to the code? Thanks!

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

Put the css code to custom css(theme option) box pls.

#content{ margin-right:250px;margin-left:0px; }
#siderbar{ right:0; left:auto;}
#siderbar_bottom{ right:10px; left:auto;}
#slidecaption{right:auto; left:0;}
#nextslide{ left:40px; right:auto;}
#prevslide{left:0; right:auto;}
#content.content_wrap ul#slide-list{right:260px;left:auto;}
#siderbar{box-shadow:-2px 0 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.05);}
If you want to change sidebar width in themeoption, please change line217/220 from functions/include_custom_style.php as:
#content{ margin-right:<?php echo of_get_option("sidebar_width"); ?>px; }
#content.content_wrap ul#slide-list{ right:<?php echo of_get_option("sidebar_width"); ?>px; }

The drop down menu is in top center in mobile screen. It should not be left or right, could you paste a screenshot?


Thanks! What about when the theme is responsive you know how you can click the small menu icon for the menu to drop down on a tablet or phone? Well, it drops down on the left – what if someone would like it to drop down on the right? I assume move the icon to the right and it should do the job? Take care.

Welcome, did you mean it(check the screenshot: )?

Pre-sale question does your theme work with woo commerce?

Thanks for your interest in our theme. It does not support woocommerce.

Dang it :( Thank you for replying back


I saw the last comment that the theme doesn’t support woocommerce – is there a workaround/ upcoming update, as I really like this theme but I need to sell a product.

Many thanks


Hi Jon,

Thanks for your interest in our theme.

Very very sorry, there is not the plan yet. We’ll let you know if we make it.


This makes me sad :(

Top theme, all the best!


Is Fashionic compatible with WP 3.8?

Hi, Yes.

Merry Christmas


Is it possible to add in pre-loaders for every single portfolio thumbnail, with a loading transition?

Many thanks!

Sorry, it is difficult to achieve it.

ok, noted with thanks. :)

One more question, would like to find out is it possible to modify the list page’s transition effect from “fadeIn” to “Scale Up” after the preloading is completed? Like how you done for the filtering transition under Portfolio page.


HI, it is more difficult. I found a way to make the thumbnails shown one by one. Please download the zip file ( ) and unzip it. Replace the style.css , list.php and js/main.js to the Fashionic(base on 1.5.3) theme folder please.


hi there,

I have purchased this theme but in the list page there is no gallery option, so my photos don’t do the thumbnail option, under category, the only option listed in uncategorized.

am i looking in the wrong spot?

thank you!

support forum will not let me create user name, url is

I sent the support forum password to your mail box(Gmail)

Seriously appreciate the great support for this theme!

Thanks! :)


is the theme ready for WP. 3.8.1? I am experience some bad formatting of the posts. For instance, all my posts in one page are “blog style” but in ones I get text below and on the others only the images.

please let me know

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme

The Fashionic is supported 4 Post Formats, include: Standard, Gallery, Audio, Video. You need to re-edit the posts.


Hi, I am having a major problem with the theme.Everything’s been working fine for a long time, but today, all of a sudden, the gallery upload doesn’t seem to work anymore.

When I upload an new image and set it as a featured image, the gallery field is stuck on a loading gif. When I refresh the page the image quickly appears on the gallery field like it used to, but then it goes away and the loading gif comes backIf I try to upload from an existing image and insert it o the gallery nothing happens.

I tried disabling plugins, different browsers, updating the theme, going back to the previous version I had, updating wordpress, but nothing seems to be working to fix it. I appreciate your help with this.

Many thanks in advance,


could you please leaving your site url and login info here through private message here: (check option ‘Set as private reply’) ? I will check it for you later.(If you could not register, plz send to


the theme works well! for the paging, currently it is paging by click (in homepage and category list page), May I ask how to make it auto-load?

thank you best

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme. Sorry, there is not the feature.


I need filterable albums by category in a vertical menu. Show the albums in one page in masonry mode. And when i click in the album show lightbox gallery images contained in the album.

Or filterable photos by category in a vertical menu. Show all photos in a masonry mode, and when i click in the photo, show a lightbox gallery images of the same category. (if is selected all, show all, if is selecter other, show only other).

Is possible with your theme?

Thanks for your interest in our theme. Sorry, there is not lightbox option in filterable page.


Too bad! I think it would be a great way to showcase the work of a photographer. For categories. Thank you very much. I hope you implement it in a new version.

My homepage ( is quite heavy and so slow to load. Can I add a preload to the home page?


Hi, I noticed you added a loading code, it is a good solution.

Best, Bwsm

Hi, I’ve been using Fashionic for a couple of years now and it’s been really great! Great support too whenever I’ve needed it, so thankyou…

I currently have my homepage considered as a tumblr style grid of images. It might just be the way I’m using the theme, but right now I load the individual images as individual gallery posts, and then group them using a category to display on the home page.

This all looks fine, however when someone clicks on the image it opens up the post, which is just the image contained within a wordpress post. What I’d really like to do is link the images to another post, in other words if they clicked on a particular image I could send them off to a different place on the site…something that’s relevant to the image they clicked on.

Is this possible?

My site is at


Hi redwood, thanks for using Fashionic. I am sorry, I am not sure understand your question clearly. why click a post link to anther post? Could you please give more details?

The rule is that the list page is listed the posts of one category selected, it can not list unattached images.


Sorry, I probably haven’t explained well enough.

To make my homepage appear with just images (like your demo version) I’ve created a load of ‘Gallery’ posts that contain the images I want. However, I’d like it so that when people click on those images they get taken to one of my fuller posts (with interview, video etc.)

At the moment all that happens is that when they click on an image they open the gallery post itself which just contains the image…it’s not very interesting. I’ve tested your demo site and it does the same.

I could of course change my homepage so that it contains normal posts and not gallery posts, and then when people click on the thumbnail they could see the full post. However I can’t see a way of creating a list page of ‘normal’ posts that don’t include the title and a summary underneath…? I don’t want to clutter the homepage up with text, I just want the images…

Hope this makes more sense!

(Thanks for the tweet btw!)


Hi Rob, you could try to use the magazine style list(demo), the list can be listed standard(with featured image or not)/video/audio type posts. The text(title,des,more..) could be hidden by changing css code. is it?


Hi, I’ve just purchased the theme, but the style.css stylesheet is missing…Could you help me please?

Hi, thank you for purchasing our theme. Please unzip the main zip, get the, use the to install. (The post: