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How to use AdRotate plugin in theme?

1) Go to http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/adrotate/ download and install the AdRotate plugin.

2) After active the plugin, you’ll find the AdRotate in leftbar of wp-admin. Click “Manage Ads” / “Add new”

3) Insert the title what you want. Insert ADcode like:
<a href="%link%"><img src="%image%" /></a>
You need enter a link. This is a image ad, you also need to upload a image.

click save Ad.

4) You would notice there is the adcode, you could copy and paster it in to post content or template :

Paste the adcode in post or page content:

If you want to display Ad in all post content, please paste the php adcode like:
<div style="margin-left:20px;"><?php echo adrotate_ad(2); ?></div>
paste into single.php before:
<ul class="like_icon_intip insingle clearfix" />