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Were you abel to update fashionista for woo commerce?

I’m updating from Fashionista 3.2 to the latest version 4. 1 it’s been running for an hour now. How long does it take?

It should update in just a few seconds. Try refreshing the page and clicking the button again.

Cool! That worked. Thx

I updated Fashionista from 3.2 now to 4.1 and loads the main quite a bit slower.

You may want to consider editing the image sizes then as mentioned in the last comment. At one point I did remove the default image cropping so new customers would have images cropped before they added their custom options. So not you have to set your sizes first. Maybe your images were showing smaller before ;)

If you have any questions or issues with the image size settings, just let me know!

The caching is setup on the first view but only for the first visitor it will then be cached for all future visitors to speed things up ;)

- AJ

At what size should I set the images up. You know what the default was in the 3.2 version? Like I said that looked like it worked good.

Hi, yes of course. Sorry I should have given you that ;)

The original cropping sizes were (widthxheight):

  • Entry 440×9999 – crop disabled
  • Post 630×9999 – crop disabled

I’m having another problem now. The page doesn’t load up properly on the mobile screen and there is no browser. Check it out please alexstenzel.com

On an I-phone. It show up with three columns with tiny thumbnails and large type face. Sorry I didn’t mean browser but the menu bar. I can’t see the menu when I view it on the I phone.

Can you try clearing your iPhone browser cache? If you recently started using caching then you may have to clear the phone’s cache – Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Coool!!!!! Just did it looks great!

Which regeneration plug in can you recommend so I can re render the images. -

It really depends on your site, your photos and your needs. There isn’t any specific recommendation. You can try the settings from that screenshot and see if it works out for you. Does that make sense?

If you share your URL and let me know if you prefer quality or speed I can give you a better recommendation.

I have lots of images and it just loads a tad to slow now. You should I use the setting from your demo in the screenshot? What you think?

You can always try it and see how you like it. When you use this plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/force-regenerate-thumbnails/ – it removes un-used sizes so you can always change the sizes and run it again until you are satisfied.

Cool, I play around with it. Did you have chance to get fashionista fully woocomerce supported. Would be great!

O.K. Thank you.

I disabled show tags but on some post they still show.

Sorry for the delay, can you please share an example? Thanks!

What image sizes are you using for your demo?

Here are using the default values for the live demo: https://cl.ly/2F3N2b2y3d0n

So our settings are empty.

But if you are using full-width posts without a sidebar like this – http://alexstenzel-art.com/?p=524 – you should consider editing the image width for your posts to at least 960px but maybe a value like 1000px would be better so it’s a nice even number if you ever decide to tweak some things.

Actually here is a page that still has the tags even though I disabled them showing. http://alexstenzel-art.com/?p=524

Actually, I didn’t! I had it mixed up with another site. Thanks! It’s working now.

Would it make sense to go back to the image settings for the 3.2 version from which I updated. You what the settings were.

Whatever works best for your specific site and images.

For example I see some images are not very big – http://alexstenzel-art.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Chain-Knot-No.1LRP1C1-D2G1.jpg – if all the images you upload aren’t that big then you could just add 9999 to all the settings and regenerate the thumbnails and it won’t crop anything so your images will display at full original size. Of course if you do this make sure you don’t upload any massive images as it can slow the site down.

Hi, sharing url link doesn’t show thumbnail image on my site

Make sure Open Graph Meta is setup correctly for your site. Also please be sure to purchase the theme or log in with the correct account for support, thank you!

Solved. I disable hotlink

Hi AJ, like already discussed on the “Total” theme, I’d like to ask for a possibility to display content on the category and tag pages. You already asked my if I have an idea how it could look like. Here is my opinion:

I think it would be the best to have a flexible solution here. Currently, I’m thinking of integrating the content quite below the main heading of the category/tag page. But I assume that in the future I could have categories where it might have more sense to display content below the article listings. So, maybe you could just integrate something where one can have both options. The in my opinion absolute best solution would be to also offer the possibility to display content on both areas, that is having a teaser content at the top (= above the fold) and additionally content at the bottom (but above the footer, = below the fold/listings). If you enable the interpretation of HTML for the category/tag descriptions, I think everybody has most flexibility for his website. A third option would be content within the sidebar, but that’s nothing I prefer/need.

I’m excited for a possible update!

I am feeling a litter better now and was able to work on the update I will be releasing it in a few minutes – http://wpexplorer-themes.com/fashionista/changelog/

Make sure to have auto updates ready – http://www.wpexplorer.com/envato-market-plugin-guide/

- AJ

You’ll find new options to disable the date/comments like this: https://cl.ly/jDfL

Yeah, everything worked out well. I’ll keep you informed if there is anything which does not work or should be added! Thanks a lot..

Hi, I downloaded this theme and I’ve import with wordpress importer the Sample-data file xml but when I finish the import I don’t see changes and i don’t see the Theme options. In the documentation the theme options are presents and I don’t understand the problem. Can you help me? Thank you very much


I see your support license has expired which means you purchased the theme a long time ago. Did you make sure to download the latest version? There has been a lot of changes recently. Also all options are now available at Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings.

If the sample data import isn’t working, please let me know what errors you received during the import. Importing is a WordPress function that isn’t part of the theme and errors are generally server related but if you can let me know what error notice you see it would help a lot.

Also imports only include the pages/posts. You’ll still need to create your menu at Appearance > Menus. When you imported the file did the posts/pages import correctly? Or nothing?

Hi, How is managed Google ads with infinite scroll?

Hi, really like the theme, just few questions before I purchase :) Can I put “SHARE” and “CHECK IT OUT” buttons instead the “COMMENTS” and the date? In addition, I want to build an affiliate site, so is it possible to make dircet links from the main page out of the site? I mean I want to click the picture, and it will send me to another site, click on the “CHECK IT OOT” button and it will send me to another site. Last one :) Can I change the background and the top menu to some picture?

Tnx a lot! :)


Thank you for all your patience. I’ve actually been pretty sick lately and haven’t been able to keep on track of comments as usual.

1. Can I put “SHARE” and “CHECK IT OUT” buttons instead the “COMMENTS” and the date?

You can, but it would require making edits via a child theme to alter the code. There isn’t any built-in settings for this.

2. So is it possible to make dircet links from the main page out of the site?

You can do this via the Link post type – https://cl.ly/j7UF

If you look at the “15% OFF SURFWEAR” article on the demo you can see it in use.

3. Last one :) Can I change the background and the top menu to some picture?

There isn’t a built-in option but this can be done with some Custom CSS fairly easily.


On Format Link posts, I would like to do the equivalent of target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”?

For instance, someone clicks on one of the images associated with a Format Link post on my home page (http://www.catzstuff.com/). I want a new window to open to the designated Link Format URL with a “nofollow” attribute (or not, depending upon whether it was an affiliate link).

Now I’m only able to do this with the CHECK MEOWT buttons.

Overall I’m LOVING this theme. Thanks for the great work.


nanalu Purchased

It worked! Thank you.

RE: Your cats

4 Savannahs?? HOLY CATNIP. You’re a serious cat lover. Those are BIG kitties. You don’t have a clowder, you’ve got a football team. With the amount of exercise those guys need I’m surprised that they leave you any time for programming at all. And, yes, I’m a bit envious.

Do you have a photo of you and your 4 cats? I was planning on putting a link to your WPExplorer Themeforest link in the footer of my website because I do appreciate all the help you’ve given me. But doing a short email interview style page in addition would be great fun.

And there’s a bit of extra programming that I may need soon that you’ll need to charge me extra for. So maybe we should take this to email? ~ Nancy

Ha, yes they are crazy just like me! Luckily they sleep most of the day and run around at night.

I have an f1, f2, f5, f5…This little guys is Odin and he’s our newest baby (6 month old now) – https://cl.ly/jIfS – Savannahs are a bit of a gamble luckily ours are mostly small (under 15 pounds) sometimes they do get much better and of course our newest kitty is still only 6 months so who knows about him, but I kinda hope he stays under 18 pounds at least (they are very long and lean not very heavy). Problem with cats is once you get 1 cat it’s game over…you need more ;)

Cats are much easier then dogs though for a developer – no walks required.

I appreciate the offer, but honestly it’s not necessary at all. Also because your site is about cats and my site is about WordPress it could technically hurt my SEO having the backlink unless it’s a nofollow. But what I would appreciate is letting your friends know about us and if you ever need another theme don’t forget about us ;) We also have a theme named “Total” which is our most popular theme with a page builder included for building custom pages (just a heads up). That one has over 22,000 sales and 5 star rating 8-)

If you have some small tweaks I could help point you in the right direction but I am honestly swamped. I have over 45,700 customers just on ThemeForest, we run 4 different blogs and our whole business is just me and my girlfriend so as you can imagine I don’t have much time for added work. That said, if you do need some extra help for a good price I highly recommend Envato Studio where you can hire freelancers for quick edits, many ThemeForest customers use it and it’s owned of course by the same people that own ThemeForest.

ps: I clicked on some links on your site incase I buy something from Amazon one of these days.


nanalu Purchased

So glad that you’re swamped and that you have someone that you enjoy being with to build your business. I am in a group and you will definitely be recommended by me to anyone that I think could use your themes and expertise.

I’ll change the link at the bottom of my footer to “no-follow” and may as well make it an affiliate link too. Don’t want to hurt your standing with Ma Google. ;)

Will definitely go hire on Envato for my bit of programming. Thanks for the tip.

And Odin is glorious. I find it very amusing that your ‘baby cat’ is way too big for a standard cat bed…already.

Thank you for clicking on my site for the Amazon link. I do appreciate it.

I’m planning on starting my traffic building efforts after I write a few more pages. If you like what you see and think that you’d find it amusing I’d be honored if you’d sign up on my email list. Invites are going out at the beginning of March.

Thank you for everything. ~ Nancy Ulrich


On Format Link posts like this one (http://www.catzstuff.com/automatic-cat-laser-toy/), using this

.format-link .loop-entry-meta { display:none; }

at the end of style.css did not get rid of the visible affiliate link on the post page.

Thanks for you help.

Hi Nancy,

The version is 2.0 because I highly modified the plugin to fix issues that the original developer hasn’t fixed. The problem is I forgot to update the plugin from inside the theme! Shoot, thanks for the heads up.

Here it is: https://cl.ly/jGZ6

I’ll update the theme in a bit. Thank you for letting me know!

- Aj

Glad I could help you for a change. :) While you’re updating the theme, I’m going to read through the comments to see how to get rid of the post date on the thumbnails but still keep the comments counter.

Thank you so much for helping me create the website that I need. The next time I’m in Las Vegas I need to deliver some fresh chocolate chip cookies to you and your team. I really do appreciate all this. ~ Nancy


nanalu Purchased

Your ZillaLikes 2.0 installed perfectly. Very slick.

Hi tnx for the response above! :) Just to make sure, if I Buy the theme, can I make changes at theme right?

If you want to make changes to the theme the best way is to install a child theme (you can use a plugin for that if you don’t know how to make one). Then you would simply override the default functions – I can point you the correct files for you to look at if needed, but it’s pretty obvious if you look at the code ;)

OK tnx a lot :)!

Hi, I have three more questions/ideas how to improve the Fashionista theme:

a) How can I display more than 10 posts on a category/tag page? I’d like to decide for my own how many entries to display..

b) Is there an easy possibility to translate some items into a language or designation I like? My blog e.g. is in German and I’d like to e.g. change “previous/next post” to “vorheriger/nächster Artikel” (I could make a list on what translations I’m interested.)

c) For SEO purposes it is better if you consolidate links to the same link target as one, not many links. Currently the images and post titles on the category/tag pages are two seperate links leading to the same target. Do you see a possibility to easily consolidate it to one link (in general put the before the div container, but there are also other solutions)?

Best, Darius

Hi Darius,

a. This you change in WP at Settings > Reading.

b. Yes, you should use the included .pot file for translations – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SDa_8sflnQE

c. Honestly for SEO it won’t make much difference. You could consolidate them. The way it’s setup is the way pretty much all websites work for good reason.

- The link on the image is for usability, people expect the image to link - The link on the title is ideal for SEO because it only contains the keywords.

You can easily modify things via a child theme, but I don’t really recommend it. For SEO you shouldn’t really see a difference, best to focus on quality content and backlinks which will make the biggest difference in rankings.

- AJ


erdtee Purchased

Hi AJ,

thanks for your reply.

a. Check.

b. Thanks for the link, I will check that out later.

c. It makes a little difference, but in most cases the impact is too low. Idea behind the request is not to eliminate a link. It is more to don’t have two links to the same page at the same time in the source code. As every link influences the link distribution power of every link on a page, duplicate links are a typical possibility to reduce the internal links on a page without loosing anything. By putting the link before the DIV, you still have the same as now: The user can click the image and the text and comes to the next page, But however, this is minor important.

d. NEW: Is there a possibility to change the link text of ”< previous post” and “next post >” to the title name of the previous and next post?

Best, Darius

hello :) Just purchased and some file is missing :/

“The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.”

Found the problem and install the theme, tnx!

Hi :) I cannot make the images smaller in the main page, I changed it in ” Appearance > Customize > Image Sizes ” but nothing changed. In addition in my posts there isn’t a like button like in your sample. Can I delete the date from all the posts? and can I change the “comment” button to something else and link it out of the site?

thanks a lot!

HI :) -I regenerated them and nothing happened. There is any option to make all the image posts in the same size?

-And I will be really thankful if you will can point me the correct files in the child theme to change the comment button.

Tnx again!

Hi I have another question, where can I find the child theme?


malul2406 Purchased

Ok after I tried to make changes and seat on it for a lot of hours without any good results I have 2 questions. 1. In what file can I remove the “comment” button and the date for good? 2. How can I make the images of the posts in the main page in the same size?

I made a child theme and learn a little bit about css and codes.



malul2406 Purchased

Hi after a week I have waited for a your help I figure out every thing by my self. I have another question, I put an image as a background, in the computer its fit really good but in the phone its duplicate the image and does not looking good. what can I do? tnx.

I wasn’t able to locate any pending tickets or comments from your username :( Sorry if you were waiting for help and I never got back to you!

Can you share the URL so I can look at the background image? This usually happens because phones are proportionally taller then they are wide, but you could use some CSS to either use a different background or set it to ‘cover’ mode.