Discussion on Fashionista - Responsive WordPress Blog & Shop Theme

Discussion on Fashionista - Responsive WordPress Blog & Shop Theme

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Hi Aj, Alex again. I bought your total theme and need some help.

- Like to have large sliding header - Portfolio style columns below - Don’t want post info the show such as dates.

Here is a link to the site I’m currently workin on.


Best, Alex

Hi Alex,

I hope you had a nice weekend, thank you for your patience.

1. You may want to consider using the background Page Header style. I made a video for you to show you how: https://a.cl.ly/04uOobNe

2. I see you figured it out. If you want you can add this CSS under Theme Panel > Custom CSS to remove that extra border around the entries:

.blog-entry-inner {
    padding: 0;
    border: 0;

- AJ

ps: Please make sure to comment on the Total theme comments and not fashionista to prevent any confusion, thanks!

PRE SALES QUESTION: Hi! I really like the functions of this theme but im worried because it has´n been updated and therer are many Wordpress and Woocommerce newer versions from last theme update. Is this theme discontinuous? Or you sell another similar?


This is Aj the theme author.

This theme will be most likely discontinued, thank you for asking.

If you like what we do, you could check out our Total theme – https://themeforest.net/item/total-responsive-multipurpose-wordpress-theme/6339019 – I am focusing on this theme because it’s my best and top selling item.

- AJ

Is this theme WP 5.3 and PHP 7.3 compatible?


The live demos are running these versions so you shouldn’t have any issues. Of course if you ever have a problem let me know so I can help you out and if needed, update the theme accordingly.

- AJ

Here is a screencast showing you the current demo setup: https://cl.ly/2ddbc8

Hi AJ, can you tell me how I can make my theme look like instagram grid layout for both mobil devices and home devices. On instagram I either crop images to be square or ad a frame around them. I like to do the same in wordpress. Thanks Alex

How is your update for Total 5.0 coming along.

hey AJ I just downloaded your total theme. Here is the link https://alexstenzelacademy.com I would like to create website for a sports academy. I can you point me in the right directions. Do you have quick tutorial on the different features for total. Here is a link to a webpage that I like and I would like it to look similar. https://www.rafanadalacademy.com/en ( As you maybe remember I’m used to the Fashionista theme.

Hi, I searched the comments for it but didn’t found a solution how i can link using a “link post” to open a product on my own page without opening a new browser tab/window. e.g. _self or _parent target instead of _blank. thanks for your help and great theme.


By default all the link format posts open in a new tab. In the latest theme version there is an option to make items open in the same window under Appearance > Customize > Entries > Open Link Format Entries in New Tab?

If you need to conditionally alter this you would have to modify the file at wpex-fashionista/template-parts/entry-link.php via a child theme.

- AJ

Thanks! That helped.

Greetings AJ, will this theme support the new version of WP Gutenberg or will you need to make changes to it?


Yes, it should work natively. There is nothing to do in the theme to include “support”. Although personally I don’t recommend Gutenberg for writing blog posts as it’s more complex and adds more html/bloat to the page. Gutenberg is something almost no one wanted in WP unfortunately they added it anyway :(

- AJ

See comment below. Posted a duplicate question.

Just replied ;)

I am interested in buying but I noticed when I share your link posts on Pinterest. It sends the users to the external link rather then back to the site.


To be honest I’m not sure what you mean? Do you mean you rather it opens in the same tab than a new window?

Either way, the social sharing function can be switched for any 3rd party social sharing function if you prefer via some simply child theme edits which I can assist with. I could also look into adding an option to select your custom social sharing script in the Customizer if needed for a future update, no one has asked about this previously which is why it’s not there already.

- AJ

What I meant is the external redirect links http://wpexplorer-demos.com/fashionista/type/link/. When I pin them on Pinterest, instead of linking the post url, it links the redirect url.

Are you using the pinterest addon in the browser? If so, this just looks at the link on the page so it’s not possible to override that in the theme. The only way to change the way Pinterest works is to remove the external links on the images and have them instead go to the post, but that defeats the purpose of a link format style entry.

- AJ

Customizing the font and colors would be perfect for this theme :(


I can look at adding options in the future, but there are already awesome plugins such as this one – https://wordpress.org/plugins/yellow-pencil-visual-theme-customizer/ – that makes it easy to change colors/fonts without adding extra bloat and slowing down the core theme.

- AJ

Can the color palette (black and grey) be changed, and can the home page display only a certain category?

To alter the colors you would want to either use Custom CSS or a plugin like this – https://wordpress.org/plugins/yellow-pencil-visual-theme-customizer/

To only display a certain category on your homepage you will want to use a plugin, there are tons of them for this. This isn’t a built-in setting as most customers wouldn’t use it, so it’s just added bloat.

- AJ

Hi, Last theme version installed. Instagram widget in footer: Instagram has returned invalid data.


Instagram made an update to their site, I’ll submit a fix right now. Make sure you have your site setup via the Envato Market for auto updates – http://www.wpexplorer.com/envato-market-plugin-guide/

- AJ


I am new to this and am also new to wordpress.

I am using the Fashionista theme. When I first installed the theme, it was showing the ‘Leave a Comment’ option for my blog posts.

However I have just posted something and now it does NOT show the Comments option. I have checked my settings and everything is enabled for Comments.

I cannot understand for the life of me why this is not showing!

Please help!

P.S. I don’t know code so please give me a simple answer that is not code related.



Hi Nick,

It’s not showing that you’ve purchased this theme, can you please log into the correct account used to purchase the theme or double check that you are in fact using this Fashionista theme and not a different one (there are actually many WP themes with the same name).

hello. i guess the quotes blocks can be used to insert adsense code or other ads; also i would like t place a big horizontal banner code every 2 or 3 lines of posts in the main page. is that possible; finally if i purchase the total theme can i recreate exactly the fashionista theme; cause the demo that ressembles in the tota demos isnt exactly the same. thank you.


If you want to insert ads the best way is using javascript. Because Google only allows you to insert a certain number of ads per page if you use posts (like quote format) to insert ads over time your homepage may have too many ads and cause issues. Or you will have to keep changing the publish date to move them around.

Whenever you are adding Google ads into a masonry layout it is best to do so using javascript otherwise you will have to modify the default loop PHP which could cause issues in future updates.

I actually just added 2 new hooks though for my Total theme so you can use a child theme and add PHP to the functions.php file to insert an advertisement if needed – https://wpexplorer-themes.com/total/snippets/insert-custom-entry-advertisement-blog-grid/

Making Total exactly like fashionista wouldn’t be possible without some child theme mods. But you can get pretty close, example: http://totaltheme.wpengine.com/mason/

- AJ

hi, how can i add sale sign to the cards over there in the right corner in the card? for example ( up to -40%).. but in red and the content in white. like here https://www.kaufda.de/webapp/?lat=51.428497&lng=7.242401 where the sign (neu) on the card.

thanks in advance


The link provided above isn’t for the theme you are commenting on and you don’t have a valid purchase tag next to your username so I’m thinking maybe you are trying to seek help in the wrong location :(


I’m absolutely newbie in this theme and I cannot found an option to deactivate the search box in the middle menu?! ‍

I bought it one year ago, but I don’t use it – but now, I will do it and my support is expired.

Please help



It’s ok, support is always provided via the comments ;)

Simple go to Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS and add the following:

#navigation .searchform { display: none !important; }

- AJ

Oh, it works great!!!

Thanks for the very very fast support and these fab theme ;)

- MH

That’s the wrong CSS!!! You send me that one before. It doesn’t make the frame even.


This is the code I added under customize:

body .loop-entry img {
    max-height: 148px;
    max-width: 148px;
    width: auto;
    margin: 0 auto;

AJ, Can you please give me precise instruction what code to ad and where to ad or how to ad it. So that I can cut and paste.

That is the correct code and you would add it under Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS.

If it’s there but it’s not showing up on the live site – http://alexstenzel-art.com/ (I just checked again and don’t see it anywhere) – then your site is being cached somehow and you need to clear it.

- AJ

Hi AJ, I like to make each window in the rows in my Fashionista theme the same size and show the images inside the frame at different sizes. Is there a plug in. Here is the link: http://alexstenzel-art.com


I don’t see the CSS added to the site. Where did you add it? And did you clear any site cache?

- AJ

I tried to copy yours under appearances/customize/additional css but it gave me error messages.

Make sure you aren’t for some reason copying the pre tags from the comment. Here is a raw version of the CSS – http://bit.ly/2AtKdol

I’ve installed the new version and I get this error on my site: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_FUNCTION in /home/w5000022/public_html/wp-content/themes/wpex-fashionista/inc/theme-customizer.php on line 879


This happens if your server’s PHP version is very outdated. The theme uses an anonymous function for the Customizer. These functions were introduced in PHP version 5.3 – http://php.net/manual/en/functions.anonymous.php – you’ll just need to contact your webhost to have them upgrade the server.

But WordPress actually states requirements for PHP version 7+ – https://wordpress.org/about/requirements/ – of course I would also recommend it, but some budget hosting companies don’t offer it, so I would say if you can at least update to 5.6+ that would be a good idea.

- AJ

How do I change the overall black color theme to a different color? Thanks

Hi there,

I actually just responded to you regarding this via the support ticket site please feel free to write back there for any follow questions, thanks ;)

And actually if more people request it I’ll go a head and add a built-on option to the theme and update it so you can switch out the black with 1 click but currently no one has requested this feature yet.

- AJ

Question for you – I’d like to switch the blog to a more list view with a right hand sidebar. But it appears to be hard coded to default to masonry view. How do I do this?


You can enable the sidebar via the Customizer settings under Appearance > Customize > Theme Settings > Layouts.

See here: https://cl.ly/mC56

You can also go to the “Entries” tab and change the columns to 1 column if you prefer – https://cl.ly/mC5s

You need to make sure your theme is up to date though to access these settings since it was updated recently with these new settings.

- AJ

ps: I noticed your support license has expired, if at this time you can renew your support license I would really appreciate it. You can also purchase a new copy of the theme for another site/client and it will also renew your support. The theme is currently 50% off so you will save a lot renewing right now, the sale does end tomorrow though!


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