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Were you abel to update fashionista for woo commerce?

I’m updating from Fashionista 3.2 to the latest version 4. 1 it’s been running for an hour now. How long does it take?

It should update in just a few seconds. Try refreshing the page and clicking the button again.

Cool! That worked. Thx

I updated Fashionista from 3.2 now to 4.1 and loads the main quite a bit slower.

You may want to consider editing the image sizes then as mentioned in the last comment. At one point I did remove the default image cropping so new customers would have images cropped before they added their custom options. So not you have to set your sizes first. Maybe your images were showing smaller before ;)

If you have any questions or issues with the image size settings, just let me know!

The caching is setup on the first view but only for the first visitor it will then be cached for all future visitors to speed things up ;)

- AJ

At what size should I set the images up. You know what the default was in the 3.2 version? Like I said that looked like it worked good.

Hi, yes of course. Sorry I should have given you that ;)

The original cropping sizes were (widthxheight):

  • Entry 440×9999 – crop disabled
  • Post 630×9999 – crop disabled

I’m having another problem now. The page doesn’t load up properly on the mobile screen and there is no browser. Check it out please alexstenzel.com

On an I-phone. It show up with three columns with tiny thumbnails and large type face. Sorry I didn’t mean browser but the menu bar. I can’t see the menu when I view it on the I phone.

Can you try clearing your iPhone browser cache? If you recently started using caching then you may have to clear the phone’s cache – Settings > Safari > Clear History and Website Data.

Let me know if that doesn’t work.

Coool!!!!! Just did it looks great!

Which regeneration plug in can you recommend so I can re render the images. -

It really depends on your site, your photos and your needs. There isn’t any specific recommendation. You can try the settings from that screenshot and see if it works out for you. Does that make sense?

If you share your URL and let me know if you prefer quality or speed I can give you a better recommendation.

I have lots of images and it just loads a tad to slow now. You should I use the setting from your demo in the screenshot? What you think?

You can always try it and see how you like it. When you use this plugin – https://wordpress.org/plugins/force-regenerate-thumbnails/ – it removes un-used sizes so you can always change the sizes and run it again until you are satisfied.

Cool, I play around with it. Did you have chance to get fashionista fully woocomerce supported. Would be great!

O.K. Thank you.

I disabled show tags but on some post they still show.

Sorry for the delay, can you please share an example? Thanks!

What image sizes are you using for your demo?

Here are using the default values for the live demo: https://cl.ly/2F3N2b2y3d0n

So our settings are empty.

But if you are using full-width posts without a sidebar like this – http://alexstenzel-art.com/?p=524 – you should consider editing the image width for your posts to at least 960px but maybe a value like 1000px would be better so it’s a nice even number if you ever decide to tweak some things.

Actually here is a page that still has the tags even though I disabled them showing. http://alexstenzel-art.com/?p=524

Actually, I didn’t! I had it mixed up with another site. Thanks! It’s working now.

Would it make sense to go back to the image settings for the 3.2 version from which I updated. You what the settings were.

Whatever works best for your specific site and images.

For example I see some images are not very big – http://alexstenzel-art.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/Chain-Knot-No.1LRP1C1-D2G1.jpg – if all the images you upload aren’t that big then you could just add 9999 to all the settings and regenerate the thumbnails and it won’t crop anything so your images will display at full original size. Of course if you do this make sure you don’t upload any massive images as it can slow the site down.

Hi, sharing url link doesn’t show thumbnail image on my site

Make sure Open Graph Meta is setup correctly for your site. Also please be sure to purchase the theme or log in with the correct account for support, thank you!

Solved. I disable hotlink