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Hi, great theme but how to set the homepage ?

This is a blogging theme, so there isn’t anything to set. Just make sure under Settings->Reading that the front page is set to display your latest posts and not a static page.

Hi. Love this theme. Super easy to use – even for a novice like me. Three questions. Here’s the site. www.thetravelingtastebud.com

1) How do I get rid of the browse drop down menu? 2) How do I get rid of the grey backgound where the posts show? I want the full background to be white. 3)When I go through to a page, it keeps the header at the top, but I would like for it to scroll down so that you can see more of the post rather than holding the header static.


1. What “browse” dropdown menu?

2. This is a box shadow so just add the following custom css to your site:

#header-wrap {
-webkit-box-shadow: none !important;
-moz-box-shadow: none !important;
box-shadow: none !important;

3. I see you fixed this ;)

SUPER! 1) on my screen, there is a drop down menu that says browse. When I click on it, it gives me the option to go to the same pages that are listed on the menu. It’s like there are two menus. It happens in firefox ONLY on the home page and in Chrome, it happens ONLY on the not home pages (i.e. about). Strange, right?

2) Thanks… will you also give me the code to get rid of the black line? I am over my head on this one!

1. Oh I see now. This is being caused by a javascript error on the site.

Uncaught ReferenceError: WPGroHo is not defined 

It’s actually coming from the jetpack plugin it seems.

But, it might be caused by the Total Cache plugin. I would recommend you deactivate your plugins 1 by 1 to see which is the one actually conflicting.


#header-wrap { border-bottom: none; }

Hi great theme, just setting up and have noticed that the Facebook like icon is not aligned with the others, it’s a little higher. Live preview also show this (Safari & Chrome). Is this a simple fix?

What would be sweet and more (social!) would be the option to have discrete ‘likes, pin’ etc moved form the bottom to the top of posts next to author etc., same as the zillalikes (which I have not installed)

Anyway thanks for a great theme. A.

Oh ya looks like the new facebook button has been fixed so it doesn’t need the CSS i added. If you add the following custom CSS to your site it would fix the issue:

.share-btns > div.fb_edge_widget_with_comment { top: 0 !important; }

Regarding the social icons, I understand what you are saying but I actually personally prefer using plugins for the social share. You can always disable the built-in sharing and use a plugin instead ;)

Hello, when I load my index page, it shows every post I’ve ever made instead of waiting for me to scroll to the bottom to reveal more. It just loads them all up, which takes a long time to load. I’ve tried the “load more” and “standard” option but nothing changes. What am I doing wrong? Thank you!

Can you go to Settings->Reading and make sure the value for the option that reads “Blog pages show at most” is set to something reasonable?

Sorry for such a simple question, but where do we put the copyright info? Thanks!

In this theme the copyright info is automatic. I do see how a theme option would be useful for this! If you want to contact us via my profile page I can send you an update with an option to alter the copyright via the theme panel – good idea!


It would be nice to add a template for a blog-like category archive page. Using this template it is easy to create a blog within a ‘Fashionista’ website.

I would find this very useful :-D



Hi Rick,

I’m not quite sure what you mean, can you provide an example? I am open to suggestions/updates!


What I mean is that it would be nice if one could add a category, e.g. named ‘blog’ that is shown in a more traditional ‘blog’ style compared to the Fashionista style.

What I mean with traditional blog style is for example this: http://www.genesisframework.com/


I think this is best left to a new theme as opposed to a theme option ;) If you want some pointers on how to change your whole design to be single columns instead of the default 3 columns I can point you in the right direction.

Hi there, first off, what a great theme, it looks stunning and offers a lot of what I’m looking for. I was wondering if it’s possible to customise the homepage slightly by having the latest or first post display as a 100% width tile and then have the others tile as normal below it. The image would be similar to the way it sits at the top of the About me page.

Would this be doable with custom CSS?

Ah ok. Would that then be a backend php change or JQuery related? But Thanks for your swift feedback. I don’t suppose this would be something you would be adding to an upcoming release sometime?

Sorry for the double message before you’ve had a chance to buy, but I’ve been looking through the comments to see if you’ve answered what I’m about to ask but couldn’t find an answer so apologies if you have previously. Is there certain number of posts shown per homepage before the load more/pagination option appears and is there a way to determine how many you want to show as a minimum.

Thanks again buddy.

Hi there,

Thanks for your patience over the weekend!

1 – To create a 100% width for the first one would require php and css edits (not really jquery). What I might recommend instead if maybe finding a plugin that will allow you to add some sort of slider with featured posts. maybe?

2- To control how many posts display you just go to Settings->Reading and change the setting that reads “Blog pages show at most”. It should be the same for any blog theme.

Thanks for a great theme. It encouraged me to buy Thunder too! Now back to Fashionista. I’ve disabled comments from the beginning but I can’t figure out how to eliminate the comment icon and “0 comments” in the masonry view and the icon and “leave a comment” in the individual post view. I’ve wondered around in the CSS and PHP files but I could use a boost. Thanks. Gordon

Thanks for being a loyal customer ;)

That’s actually an error on my part, I forgot to run a check to see if comments were disabled. Want to contact me via my profile page and I’ll send you an updated theme with the fix?

Thanks for letting me know & thank you for your patience!


Could you help me? I’m trying to get the gallery to work on the page (http://wpexplorer-demos.com/fashionista/hot-accessory-scarves/) like this one but am unable to add more than 1 feature image, what am I doing wrong? Is there a plugin that I need to install to add multiple images to the gallery? Please let me know.

FYI, I’ve of course changed the format to gallery yet I don’t have any options to ad a second image. Any ideas?

The gallery just pulls all the “attached” images from the post automatically – here is a guide showing how image attachments work in WordPress if you are not familiar – www.youtube.com/watch?v=RIcRKzzlsVY

If you want, I can update the theme with a new function to easily pick and choose your images as I’ve added to some of my other themes – just send me a private message and ill update the theme when I get a chance over the week and send it to you via email ;)

How can I remove attributes? I am trying to remove the date from beneath each post on the home page – http://www.exercisemenu.com/workoutindex


Hi there,

You can hide this with some CSS (best added via a custom CSS plugin or a child theme).


.meta-date { display: none !important; }

Hi, the “framework” folder is missing. “This theme requires the following plugin: ZillaLikes.” Fails. Download failed. Not Found

Thanks for letting me know! I accidentally wrote framework instead of functions ;(

I’ll push out the update. The plugin is in functions/plugins/

Hi there – beautiful! I love this theme. I just have a couple of questions (sorry if it’s something simple I’ve overlooked).

1) My menu won’t show. I have the menu set up, but I can’t seem to get it to show up.

2) The ZillaLikes (same as the poster above). Any resolution you can suggest?


Okay – I’m again so sorry – got the zilla-likes thing figured out. I found the plugin in the download and manually installed it – seems to work fine now. But now I have a couple of other questions:

1) The social media icons that you have showing in the live preview – are they included? If so, how do I get them to display?

2) Can I switch the sidebar to the right side (instead of the left)? I don’t see how to position it.

Thanks again.

Okay – i apologize. Please ignore me, I’m clearly reaching out for help prior to being fully ready. I will get by questions organized and reach out one final time (final – not again and again after resolving some on my own). I’m sorry for wasting your time.

Sorry about the plugin issue, I accidentally wrote “framework” instead of “functions” in a file! I just submitted the updated fixed theme.

No worries, ask away! I am glad though that you are figuring things out on your own though, thanks for that. Most people are too lazy ;(

Please let me know if there is anything I can assist with & thank you for the purchase!


I just created my first WP blog, using your theme. I am really happy with the results so far. There are just a few things that I can not still figure out. Maybe you can help me:

1. When someone clicks on a image (not the text) on the home page, I want to open the whole blogpost, not just the image. How can I do this?

2. How can I modify the footer- include text in it and other widgets?

3. How can I set the drop down menu with categories? I created a new page and set the categories as submenu, but this is not the right way because when you click on the categories page there is no info on it.

Thank you in advance!

One more.. 4. How can I add images to the “Recent Posts” ? Mine appear only as text..

1. It only opens the image in lightbox if you are using the “image” post format. In which case if you want to alter this post format you would have to edit formats/entry-image.php – the other post formats do not do that.

2. You go to Appearance->Widgets to setup your footer region. Simply drag the widgets you want to the different widget areas.

3. You simply add your categories to your menu at Appearance->Menu. For the parent name lets say “categories” just make a custom link and you can enter a # symbol for the URL so it doesn’t do anything. Then you can drag your categories under it.

Thanks a lot! Everything worked out.

Hi !! beautiful theme.

I installed, activated and start to customize in admin, but when I log out I don´t see the theme, I see the default Twenty Thirteen theme. Where I can set this?

Thanks !

If you activated the theme it should be using it. Are you sure your site isn’t cached? Please also double check the the theme is in fact active as maybe you were just using the live preview and forgot to activate it.

Thanks for the purchase!

Thanks for reply, was a host delay or something with browser. Now is ok. _

This theme is possible to translate into Portuguese? I’m newbie with wordpress, is there any documentation of this type?

To translate your theme you need to edit the .po/.mo files – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xqcxncNmT0

Ok, thanks, very cool, tool to translate. I have a new question, this theme is WooCommerce Compatible ?

The theme hasn’t been tested with WooCommerce. The plugin should work fine, but you’ll probably want to style it to match the theme.

Is there a full-width option for the blog posts? Thanks!

Also, as I look through your themes vs. other themes on here… I constantly find myself saying “this is a dude that gets it.” So refreshing! Good Inc. has been amazing for my clients!

Just found the answer. You. Are. The. Man.

Great & great ;)

Thanks for the compliment!

Hi there, I love the theme – quick question though. I cannot figure out how to change the color of the links in this theme, they appear to be #ed4555 (reddish-pink). I removed all traces of this color from style.css but it still shows up on the site—where is this color declared? Thanks

It would be in style.css – are you sure your site isn’t just cached in your browser or by your setup?

100% sure, cleared my cache, restarted, tried everything – even new browsers like Opera/Safari. Still appears pink, even though all traces of it were removed from style.css – it’s very weird if that’s the only file calling in that color. The color only appears on the home page of the site (the hyperlinked tile H2 titles) – nowhere else.

I was able to fix this – under Theme Options > CSS tab, I inserted: h2 a:visited { color: #000000 } - this got rid of the pink text

This theme is WooCommerce Compatible ?

Technically any theme is “compatible” (it works) with WooCommerce. However, this theme hasn’t been created with WooCoommerce in mind so there aren’t any built-in styles or functions for WooCommerce to make it match the t heme and look best.

You might have to do that yourself – http://docs.woothemes.com/document/third-party-custom-theme-compatibility/

So for example you might have to create a woocommerce.php page as mentioned on that page above.

Hi, how can I change the number of rows that appear under the picture on the home page. Currently there is one row for title & two rows of words text. Can I easily select which part of the text is displayed? Thanks in advance!

You can use the “excerpt” field (below the post editor) to paste the text you want for the entry. And actually if you create a custom excerpt for each post its better for SEO ;)

Found it. I had to add it via the Screen Options. Thanks for the tip :)

Hi there, a quick question – for the home page of the theme, each tile has the date, comments and Zillalikes listed under it.

Which document of the theme’s files are calling these 3 things in? I wanted to remove the date from there, and replace it with the WP category. Thanks

All the files are inside the “formats” folder. Sorry for the delay!