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Thank you for the update of the theme, it’s nice to see that you are still working on it and make it faster. With the last update, I’ve found two little bug with the new menu on small screen device. When you click on the menu, the menu appears but the header is set to “fixed”, but on my blog I have set it to “disable”. Also I have created on my menu a “sub-menu” and this sub-menu is not show on the menu. You could check it on my website here: www.recyclart.org if you use a small window size, click on the menu, you will see the fixed header bug and the sub-menu problem in “Categorie -> Material”, nothing appear under “Material”. Is it possible to fix it easily ? Thanks a lot ! Also, this theme is very easy to integrate with woocommerce (for the comment above), you can see an example of my customization with woocommerce here: http://www.recyclart.org/shop/ Continue the good work !

Ok thanks ! For the menu, if you go on my site (not responsive size), you go on “Categories” then “Material >>” and under Material there are other children categories. When in responsive mode, these child categories of “Material” category are not present…if you see what I mean ?

I actually do see them in the menu, but they aren’t indented so it’s a bit tricky maybe to see them – I’ll see about updating the CSS to indent these ;)


Yeah you are right ! I’ve seen them too much so they were invisible to me…. :) If you can update the css for these two very little bug it would be great ! :)

Hi – I am loving this theme, but I’m having a challenge with something and I’m hoping you can help. I am getting the following:

Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING in /home/content/98/11768098/html/bringonthebaby/wp-content/themes/wpex-fashionista/404.php on line 16

Thanks for your input.

I double checked the 404.php file and there isn’t any error. Are you using the latest version? http://www.wpexplorer.org/changelogs/fashinonista/

Also, have you tried de-activating any active plugins to test?

Hello, I just purchased your theme. I think it’s great. Really beautiful design.

Is there a way to use [one_half]content[/one_half] short codes to create a two column display on my content pages?

Do you have a list of all the short codes available?


This theme doesn’t have shortcodes built-in, but you could use my free plugin here – http://www.wpexplorer.com/symple-shortcodes/

Or you can contact me via my profile page and I’ll send you my premium version of it ;)

Hi !! Thanks for this beautiful theme.

It is possible to change the width of columns and sidebar?

If not, can I suggest new sizes layouts options for uptdates?

Thanks !! Pablo

Hi Pablo,

you can change them, but not via a built-in settings. You’ll need to tweak your CSS.

Thanks !


Im just designing a site with this theme and instead of lightboxes coming up when I click on the post image on the homepage, I want it to link to the full post. Whats the best way to change that?

Thank you,


Please ignore this question – I found the answer. Sorry!


Hi Again, I just found this advice on the like to post instead of lightbox” question – thank you

1. It only opens the image in lightbox if you are using the “image” post format. In which case if you want to alter this post format you would have to edit formats/entry-image.php – the other post formats do not do that.

Would you be albe to tell me what to change in the entry-image.php?

Much appreciated

Hi I don’t need this question answered any more as am just using the gallery post type instead of image. sorry to waste your time! N


I would like to propose an option (and know if it easy to do?) that could be very nice for the header. Actually we have two options for the header, fixed or not. I would be interested in a third option which we can call “Menu fixed header”, the principle will be to have the menu fixed on the top of the page and not the total header with logo and so on when we scroll down the page (because on small screen it use too many place). For an example, you can go and check the website of fubiz (http://www.fubiz.net ) and you will see what I mean, when you scroll down the page, only the menu is visible and when you go to the top of the page, all the header is visible. What do you think ? Is it easily feasible ? I will appreciate this option and it could be a good option for your theme ! Thank you,

Hi there,

Thanks for the suggestion. This is something I did consider at the start but the full header is so popular these days we did that instead (I personally don’t like the fixed header at all actually).

Anyway, this edit would require some major edits. I’ll definitely right it down for a possibility in the next update. It would actually require changing the whole javascript for the fixed header so it’s not as simple as me providing you with some CSS to add to the site.

OK thanks, that will be a very nice to have, myself I don’t like fixed header also :)

Hi, I have a problem. The problem is in Pagination Style. When i click “Load More” button it duplicates last 3 news. Happy new years. Thanks


Can you try updating to version 3.2 (3.2 should be the latest version available)?

If that doesn’t help please send me a private message via my profile page with your site logins so I can have a look.

Does it work fine if you use the page scroll pagination?

Hi, How do I make a post “sticky”? As in for that particular post to appear on the top left always. Thanks~

The easiest way is in the quick edit mode – http://cl.ly/image/0W2h1o1H0I2X

I’m in the process of setting up fashionista. Can I change the Font Color and Background for the Site Title?

Hi there,

There aren’t any built-in options for this, but you could do so easily with CSS. That said, if you want a really good looking logo you can make it in photoshop as well and use the option to upload an image logo…

Sample CSS for changing logo color/bg:

/*give the logo yellow background and black text*/
#logo h1, #logo h2 { color: #000; background: #EAE160; }

Thank you! Makes sense.


I’m trying to install a forum and installed bbpress – however, everything is coming out broken. Is there a forum plug-in that works well with this template?

What do you mean “broken”?

I just tested locally and even though I see a few CSS issues, it’s not broken.

If you contact me via my profile page I can send you a zip file with some small fixes for bbPress (not fully styled to match the theme, because this would take a whole day, but at least get it working).

I love this them but have one issue. How do I get more than 10 post to load at a time? Currently, it looks like the default is 10 and I have to click on “load more” to see more.

Go to Settings->Reading and change the value for the option that reads “Blog pages show at most”.

Glad you like it!

Great! Thanks for your help.

The content doesn’t load up properly on my Iphone. Most of the post stay blacked out. I tried different formats but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. What’s solution for this problem!

I just reset the general theme appearance option and now it works. Could it have something to do with activating/deactivating the retina responsive feature?

I tested it out. There is a problem when you activate retina support featured images. I just deactivated it looks pretty good still.

There shouldn’t be an issue with the retina because the theme uses a very simple script for that – http://retinajs.com/ – could be a server related issue. I’ll do some further testing on that for the next update, thanks for letting me know!!

The aesthetics for your grid layout are perfect! There is many ways of laying out grids but your proportions a right on the dot. If you could make the frames movable so you can drag the post around so they could be arrange differently that would be extra cool. Good job buddy!

Thanks for the kind words, glad you like it!

We will be making some updates probably next month, but I’m not quite sure what you mean about moving the posts around…

Maybe this would help – http://wordpress.org/plugins/simple-custom-post-order/screenshots/

Now, I do have yet another problem. My YouTube video is not showing up on my Iphone. I tried all kinds of things I can’t figure it out. I embedded the code and I set it to link.

K I used the video widget for now and placed in the footer region. That works.

Can you tell me the code for changing the background and type for the quote format.

Sure, that would look something like this:

/*quote container*/
.entry-quote, #single-quote {
 background: #fff;
 color: #000;
 font-size: 14px;
 font-family: 'Helvetica Neue';
/*quote author*/
.entry-quote-author, #single-quote-author {
color: #000;

Edit and remove things accordingly ;)

Hi, I am using your theme. I recently added a digg digg social floating bar but it doesn’t come out floating. It displays in “normal” bar view but not in floating bar view.

Do you know if there is a quick fix I can use with your theme? Thank you.

If you can share the URL I’ll try and help out if it’s a quick fix.

Hi mate,

Great theme.

I had one problem I was hoping you could be so kind to help me with. I’ve removed the search bar from the sidr menu for mobiles and have got the search bar on websites to appear below the menu bar using the following code:

@media only screen and (max-width: 959px) { #navigation, #navigation #searchbar { display:block !important; } #navigation input[type=”search”] { top:35% !important; } #navigation #searchbar #searchsubmit { top:35% !important; } #navigation .sf-menu { display:none !important; } #header-social { margin-top:3% !important; margin-bottom: 3%!important;} #sidr-id-searchbar { display:none !important; } }

But I can’t get the searchbar to centralise similar to how the header-social icons are centralised. I’ve tried assigning a display:block and then using margin-left:auto; and margin-right:auto; but that hasn’t done the trick. Is there any way to centralise this searchbar?

Any help will be deeply appreciated as I’m close to my launch date.

Many thanks

That didn’t work :( I have to override the display: none; you’ve assigned to #navigation in the responsive css with display:block. Applying a width to #navigation causes the searchbar to disappear. I have this so far:

@media only screen and (max-width: 959px) { #navigation { display:block !important; width:300px; margin:0 auto !important;} #navigation input[type=”search”] { top:35% !important; right:20% !important;} #navigation #searchbar #searchsubmit { top:35% !important; right:18% !important;} #navigation .sf-menu { display:none !important; } #navigation #shop { display:none !important; } /a button I added/ #header-social { margin-top:3% !important; margin-bottom: 3%!important;} #logo img { border-bottom: 1px solid #fff; } #sidr-id-searchbar { display:none !important; } }

Nope, forget the above, that worked great. I just didn’t assign a width and margin to #navigation #searchbar.

Many thanks WPExplorer and keep up the amazing customer support. Honestly, yours is second-to-none :)

Very happy customer and will be recommending you far and wide.


I came across one minor nuisance with this theme. I would like the options at the bottom of each post to not look so condensed. I cannot include a screenshot but this may help. It looks like it’s 80px X48px It may need to be wider to fit across.

<label class=”subscribe-label” id=”subscribe-label” for=”subscribe_comments” style=”display: inline;”>Notify me of follow-up comments by email.</label>

Please email me and I will send you a screenshot or view one of my posts to see what I’m referring to below the submit comment box. I need the texts to display wider but cannot find the form to make that change. Thank you! http://www.anappturalbeauty.com/eye-makeup-tutorials/

These aren’t part of the theme, these are added with jetpack. There is actually a fix in the most recent version of the theme for this though ;)

It’s quite simple:

/*WP JetPack*/
.comment-subscription-form { font-size: 12px; margin-top: 20px; margin-bottom: 0px; }
.comment-subscription-form:after { content: "."; display: block; clear: both; visibility: hidden; line-height: 0; height: 0; }
.comment-subscription-form input, .comment-subscription-form label { float: left; margin: 0px !important; margin-right: 5px !important; padding: 10px; }
#comment-left { float: left; width: 160px; padding-right: 35px; }
#comment-right { float: left; width: 445px; }
.comment-subscription-form { margin: 0 !important; }
.comment-subscription-form label { width: auto !important; padding: 0; top: -7px; position: relative; }

The best is to update your theme, but if you don’t want to add the following CSS to your site.

Love the theme. I will love you forever if you add a filter at the top so that users can sort the posts by “Newest (default), “Most Popular” (based on the # of likes), and “Random”.

Is there any possibility that can happen?

It’s a cool idea, but unlikely going to happen any time really soon. It’s actually pretty complicated. There is already 2 different ajax functions for loading posts, having the sorting would require ajax functions for the sorting and will get very messing with the ajax loading. Not even sure its possible without making some major overhaul to the already built functions.

I’ll write it down for if not for this, for a future theme. I like the idea – thanks! ;)

Ok that makes sense. Would you be able to add the functionality without using Ajax loading? (The page refreshes before showing the filtered results)

It’s still pretty tricky. But also whenever you add something you need to think about what people will start demanding. If I add this, you know other customers will ask for it to refresh after scrolling amongst other things.