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hey dude can you talk me about a template? you got a wordpress theme and also this one? is this only a skin for the website?

thanks :)


yes, besides the Wordpress theme, there is a kind of skin for website, which is a template. Template is recommended for those with knowledge of the HTML /CSS/JS.



I love your template.

I have a need and I wonder if you could steer me in the right direction.

PROBLEM : My site is called GridViper and we blog about funny/cool YouTube videos. The problem is I can only show 5 posts at a time because YouTube embeds take a while to load.

QUESTION : Is there a way to have post links underneath the five main posts on the main page. The user would only see the post title. That title when clicked would go to the full story. It would be similar to an RSS feed except it would not show the newest five posts.


Please write the comment from the account you’ve used to buy the template. I provide support to direct buyers only.
If you’ve bought WordPress theme, not template, please write a comment on a proper page.

hey, I’ll buy this template now, but i have a question. - is htm version including flash music player and color selection menu? Color selection is working with php in demo.


there is no pure HTML version. There are PHP element to make it work. JW player is fully supported, and color switcher is included, yes.

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is it possible to turn off comments?

yes, of course.

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first thing buy it – tomorrow morning question it!

waiting ;-)

Hello, I just built a new site and I’m looking at ways to add a blog. I think I’m going to go with the html version rather than something like wordpress. It looks like buying a template like this would save me some work rather than building a blog myself. Is the documentation fairly thorough? I’m most concerned with the php implementation but if it’s well documented I can follow directions. Thanks

I don’t know to advice. It really depends on your skill level.

Is there any documentation regarding implementation of the php files?

Not specifically, because PHP is used mainly for not duplicating headers, footers, etc. in every file. So there is no much to write about. If you want me to send you the documentation, please contact mi directly using contact form on my profile page.

hi its so nice i just get it ;)

is this have Admin Panel ?

It’s a template, so no.
Didn’t you mean to buy the WordPress theme version?

oh geez, I bought this thinking it was a tumblr theme, not a tumblr-like theme. Tricky wording in search terms misled me.

I love the theme’s style but I can’t work a lick of HTML and don’t have any use for this. Is it possible to get a refund, or at least adapt it to use tumblr? What about upgrading to the wordpress edition without losing the money I already put into this version? I suppose I could at least work with that.

Sorry for stumbling into this problem, long day trying to sort out problems with a nickel and dime personal budget, I really want to avoid having to count a loss of any amount

It’ won’t work with tumbler, it’s just a template.
I doubt you will get a refund in that case, but you can contact ThemeForest support. They deal with that kind of issues.

Hi! I’m considering purchasing this item. But before I do, I must know: does this theme support header images, and the addition of sidebar images as well?

I assume you ask about the WordPress version of Fast Blog. You can change the logo image, but not header image. You can place images on a sidebar, but not it’s background.

Hi there.

I am new to all this and have just purchased the template rather than the theme. It wont load into wordpress for obvious reasons. Any chance of getting a refund? Really love the theme and will buy that instead. Pretty frustrating as it states “Get me, this theme is for sale.You can buy it for $14 on themeforrest…etc.etc. Let me know when you can please.

I don’t decide about refunds. Please contact ThemeForest support. They deal with that kind of issues.
Sorry about the misleading “theme” word on the demo. I’ve missed this one.

I just bought this template and now ive uploaded it the ‘post corners’ ‘post icons’ and twitter and flickr icons do not change to the themes colour scheme when the cursor hovers on them.

How do i turn this on or rectify the problem??

There are errors in HTML source of your main page. Around line 110 there are too many li and ul.
And the js/cufon-yui.js file is incomplete, which cause whole JS to not work on the site.

Thanks, I never noticed the js/cufon-yui.js file had been corrupted on upload. As I never altered anything I assumed it was fine. Thanks for getting back to me so efficiently and speedily.

Also, the twitter feed does not link to Twitter? Any ideas why?

Come up against another small issue. My templates don’t seem to have any script or coding included for the SEARCH BAR ??

As this is a template, there is no search system included. Id depends with which system you use it.


any idea why it is the Twitter feed on the right of the page has stopped working. Twitter say it’s not them and I have changed nothing from the template??

Where in your documentation does it outline the process for making these changes and creating a twitter app? Send me a screengrab or something as I cannot see anywhere in the documents that outlines this process.

It’s in chapters 3 and 5.2. I’ve also wrote in previous comment you need to create a Twitter app and gave you a link with explanation how to do that. Have you followed this advise?
I know it’s more complex than a previous system, but these are Twitter rules, an I can’t do nothing about that.

Sorted this finally. Thanks for your help and patience.

Hello. I’d like to use your template as a blog. Is there a CMS that works best with it?

in that case I recommend WordPress theme version of FastBlog.

Correct. Now im writing in the right place.

So twitter doesnt seem to be linking on the website. Do you know why this issue is occuring? Has twitter widget security been updated again?

site is http://www.willmars.com

There were no changes in Twitter recently, also it works fine on my demo sites. If you want me help you to diagnose the problem on your server, I would need an FTP access. You can contact me directly using contact form on my profile page.

I will contact my hosting provider first. Thanks.