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Hi Kubasto, how can I make the complete page width (content + sidebar) bigger than 940px?

Cheers Vat

there is no such option in the theme.

I regret that you do not intend to propose a responsive version of this superb theme. There are no other themes like this one. Nowhere. I would not mind paying again for this theme with responsive design. Please, think about it.

if you don’t mind me asking – what do you consider unique and the best in the theme?

It is the only blog theme ever bought (either for me or my company) that looks good and pro right away (literally, you do not even have to upload a logo – in 5 minutes top you get a blog that looks unique and good – tumblr like blog themes are not that many) . On the top of it, it is easy to update and maintain. Me and 2,512 other cannot be wrong.

I doubt it would be possible to make required changes seamlessly for users, so I regret, but I don’t think it will come to it.

I want to run my blog as Guest Blog, So I want to provide access to public who are willing to contribute for the same.Is the option available for public to post content by logging into the website and posting without logging in.

Please let us know by showing the screenshots if this option is available.

you can set your site so every user can post, but it’s a matter of WordPress settings, not a theme.

Is the Fast Blog theme responsive?


How could I enter a logo path in header instead a header text?

Thank you so much in advance.


you can enter URL of logo into: Theme Options / Header / Logo text or image path field.

how do i install this theme? i just bought it to replace a much older version.

if you want to update a very old version, the best method is to replace the old theme folder on your server with the new one via FTP.

great, thank you, i was able to do that. is there a way to make my fastblog site optimized for mobile viewing? right now it is small and must be resized on mobile devices. thank you, dave

This theme is not responsive – it works on mobiles as you’ve described.

Hello – Is this a responsive template? Will it show nicely on mobile phone, tablets, etc also?

Also, can I use other languages, like Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, etc? Will the fonts work?

Lastly, do you have an option to have the site in a few languages? I would submit my post in diff languages.

Thanks, EY

no, although it looks quite good on most tablets and even mobiles, it’s not responsive.

You can use other languages, although it does not support RTL, and some languages need some extra steps to prepare a fot file for extended characters set (it’s described in the theme documentation).

Yes, it supports the WPML and Polylang plugins for multi-language sites.

I think this is not the best theme for your needs, though.

Good day,

I’d like to inquire how to add the featured image above the excerpt on the home page? It is the FastBlog theme that’s being used and the homepage is set to show the latest posts’ excerpts.


if you need technical support, please renew your support option.

Hello, I would like to know how i remove the little author image in the top and left side from each post appearing in my HomePage?

Site: novo.francesfluente.com

Regards, Jérôme

it seems you’ve mistaken themes. This site does not use Fast Blog theme and you’ve never bought it either.

My fastblog template seems to be having a problem with the twitter widget. It isn’t updating? Any idea how to fix this?

if you’re referring to the template, you’ve mistaken the item page. Anyway, please update files to the current version (you can always download current version form your ThemeForest account).

I do not have a blog page that I bought. examples : https://themes.webberwebber.com/fastblog/

my page : www.ismetbasar.com

I don’t understand what you mean by that, Also, if you need technical support, please renew your support option.
Thank you

I have bought a blog page in the theme does not have the example I have given

You do have blog on you site. Do you mean the demo content? If you have problem with achieving the look of the demo site, please renew your support option, so we can help with that.

Be careful, it is NOT RESPONSIVE and 60% of internet users are using mobile devices and it also hurts SEO

pre sales – I noticed that if you write an article you see everything you can not see it all complete

I’m not sure what you mean. Could you explain, please?