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great and unique work :) well done

Thank you for positive feedback:) This landing is extremely customizable and should give a good conversion rate.

not bad, not bad! But the way this is now, you’d be in trouble from the FDA , because when you advertising weight loss, you need to showcase the supplement facts and science as well. I don’t see that with this landing page.

Hi, thanks for your not bad reply :) You can include any additonal information into the “main rounded area” under the button “Read more” – just call it “Supplement facts and science”.

BTW – this template can be used in many segments – not only for the medical (weigt-lost) issues. You can use your own images and sell any product. Thanks for your feedback and help!

nice work…

thanks… :)


Very cool landing page. I have though some questions before purchase. Can I ad other sub-pages such as contact form or some kind of full-width page? Can you turn of the “Explode” button and have all txt displayed directly and also make that colum more wide?



potentially yellow area can be another size, for example wider (this area made on pure CSS ), but it entails a customization of other blocks (picture with girl, heading and etc.) and unfortunately we won’t do it for a single case, so.. you can buy it only as is but the customization is up to you.

Hey Mopc76,

Can you please explain to me how the contact form would work at the bottom of the page? Like what do I need to do for it to work?

I have bought other landing pages and all of their contact forms are really confusing. Could you please make this more clear before I make my final decision?

Hi, chanoarg! Your hosting should support PHP . Documentation section called “Contact Form” contains all necessary information about tuning & customizing (adding new fields). Data can be send to email, Google Docs, MailChimp. We are using the same forms in other our projects and all customers are happy and not experienced any problems. And.. of course we’ll help you if any problems will occur.

Love this theme! Can you tell me if it’s quite complicated to change the images at the very top (the girl, leaves, yellow area). And any other details a some what newbee should know about changing the images in this template. Also, when the viewer clicks on product package they want to purchase what does that next page look like, what payment options would they have? Thanks.

Hi, Cairns_nic! Replace girl, leaves is not complicated at all – just replace images in /img folder. Of course, all other images separated from content, so you can replace them also, using /img folder. About payment issue: you will need to connect to payment system by yourself. We can do intergation for you, if interested just write us from our profile page, but it will cost additional money.

Thanks for the reply…so is there a template page leading from the product package areas links etc.. or no? I assume there is. I would most likely stick with paypal but maybe something else, not sure at this point in time. What do you charge hourly to assist with things? I might need some help with certain areas.

Also, how would you suggest I edit the template? Does it have a an on line dashboard area…please forgive the simple questions I’m asking but I have no clue. I’ve never used a template before.

Please give us your email, or write us from profile page to discuss additional questions and hourly rate via email

Why do i get always the same following error :

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Hi, derekmorin,

FAST E Vitamins Weight Loss Landing Page is not Wordpress theme, it’s simple HTML one page template, that should be edited via HTML editor or any other text editor.

Wordpress themes are only under this category:

can i replace center text with video or image to the right with video?

how can we add a more prominent call to action button above the fold?

whats the fastest way of implementing fancybox and which one is the most lightweight?

also what do you suggest for a shopping cart checkout solution for this landing page after they click order now?

how can i style the checkout page to look like the landing page? i thought it would include checkout page template?


try to search “online payment” or similar using we can’t suggest on this topic.

As we know… serives like Paypal offering one-click checkout solutions, so, you dont’ need to coustruct your own check out pages on the landing page. Template goes As Is – only one page.

If you’ll have any additional questions please write us from author’s page:

Id like to have 6 items in the pricelist section. I duplicated the 3 that are alredy there but they are still connected for some reason. Whatever image i put on one the other one automatically uses that image also. Is there a way to disconnect them so I can have more than 3 items?

here is a link to an image of what im talking about:


not sure I’ve understood you clear. Do you want have first image box for the 1-3 items, and the second image box for the 4-6 items? If so, it’s impossible. You can have more than 3 items, for example 6, but the image box, which will show pictures by hover will be the only one. your code should looks like:
<ul class="packages">
        <!-- Item 1 -->
        <!-- Item 2 -->
        <!-- Item 3 -->
        <!-- Item 4 -->
        <!-- Item 5 -->
        <!-- Item 6 -->

Can you recommend a payment gateway (NOT PAYPAL) for the supplements at the bottom that could involve quantity? That’s just bonus. I’ll be sure to purchase once I can figure the payment issue.


unfortunately we have no idea.

Hi, this theme I can use for multi-products affiliate sales (for each product individual page) or Landing Page for one product only? Thanks.


I suppose you can’t. Regular license is only for one single end product. More information you can get here:

this theme support responsive design?

Hello room11! Unfortunately no. Please note – this is html template, not wp theme.

I just purchased this theme and got the problem. please go to the forums for solve my problem


I think i got busted with this :S Non English characters can not be displayed. Am i right?


just disable Cufon library or recompile font files for Cufon including necessary characters ( ).

Hi there! Is this discontinued?


could you please clarify, what do you mean by “discontinued”?

Are you considering update, for example, turn it responsive?

At the moment we don’t have plans to update this item.