Discussion on Fastest - Multipurpose Responsive Magento 2 and 1 Fashion Theme

Discussion on Fastest - Multipurpose Responsive Magento 2 and 1 Fashion Theme

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cdz_menu.js – How is this file created? I don’t see it in the files and when I attempted to upgrade to version 2.4.4 of magento with fastest version I am getting

main.ERROR: Unable to resolve the source file for ‘frontend/Codazon/fastest_childtheme/en_US/cdz_menu.js’ [] []

In the debug and on the browser its

Error: Script error for “cdz_menu”, needed by: Magento_Theme/js/fastest_outdoor

I am not even using fastest_outdoor theme I am using the Fishing theme.

I didn’t see a cdz_menu.js in any of the downloaded theme files. Did I over look the file?

We updated mega menu and many extension on fastest theme to support magento 2.4.4. You should delete all old theme file then update the new one. Some file was removed and add some new files.

Please check changelog for more information.

When is the updated theme coming for magento 2.4.4 ? I have asked few times and almost month ago you said next week? Please don’t wait till my support period is over/expired, I don’t want pay for support for nothing.

I also contacted Mageplaza their extensions are updated now I just need the theme so I can work on the my live site to be ready with magento 2.4.4 and your competible theme.

Please can you update the photo folder that is downloaded from Google Drive…it has been out of date for a long time. I mean several quickstars templates are seen without photos. Thanks

We’ll update new product image link on next update.

Thanks and check this template: http://magento2-fastest.codazon.com/medical_en

Has no demo products for a long time.

Thank you. We fixed the problem

Hey guys. We have installed the theme on a fresh Magento 2.4.4 CE system, but we face an issue after setup:upgrade. There’s an error “Are code not set”. setup:compile is working, but doesn’t solve the error on frontend. rm -rf var/generation/* var/cache/* didn’t help either.

Do you have a clue what’s the problem maybe?

Cheers, Chris

Hi, You can try to run setup:upgrade again. If it do not work please submit a ticket with your site information. We’ll check it.

I Am getting following error: I run compile command:

php bin/magento setup:di:compile Compilation was started. Repositories code generation… 1/9 [===>----] 11% < 1 sec 127.0 MiBPHP Warning: Private methods cannot be final as they are nev er overridden by other classes in /www/wwwroot/xxx/app/code/Magefan/Community/Model/Section.php on line 145

Warning: Private methods cannot be final as they are never overridden by other classes in /www/wwwroot/xxx/app/code/Magefan/Community/Model/ Section.php on line 145 PHP Warning: Private methods cannot be final as they are never overridden by other classes in /www/wwwroot/xxx/app/code/Magefan/Community/M odel/Section/Info.php on line 83

Warning: Private methods cannot be final as they are never overridden by other classes in /www/wwwroot/xxx/app/code/Magefan/Community/Model/ Section/Info.php on line 83

In ErrorHandler.php line 61:

Deprecated Functionality: Optional parameter $client_id declared before required parameter $helperData is implicitly treated as a required parame
ter in /www/wwwroot/xxx/app/code/Mageplaza/SocialLogin/Model/Providers/Oauth/OAuth2Client.php on line 85

many other mageplaza modules are not competible with php 8.1 such as TFA.


Any ETA on big update?

We’ll finish it on next week.

is it updated now?


Joso970 Purchased

Hi, please update your changelog file. Thanks

Hi, We’re working with a new update and update change log on Friday.


Joso970 Purchased

Hi, I see the new release. But the changelog aren’t update…

Hi, We updated changelog. Please check again.

Why the demo site is cluttered when viewed on mobile phone, EDge browser, Huawei mobile phone. Does it support PHP8.1 and MysQL8.0?

Hi, We updated theme to support 8.1 but you can wait a few days. We’re fixing some small bug and release a update this weekend.


fsisti Purchased

Is the Change log sheet file still updated? I noticed a difference between the date the theme was last updated and the content of the file.

We update many things and change all extension. You can overwrite all old extensions. We’re consider to update change log or not because we change more than 50% code. We’ll update change log if it is a small update or bug fix.


fsisti Purchased

Ok I understand. Last question, is it recommended to update even if we use a version of magento earlier than version 2.4.4?

If your site run fine you do not need to upgrade. We added some new function to ajax layer, mega menu, shop by brand on new version.

Does it include Ship to module and Calculate shipping cost?

Hi, This theme included Calculate shipping cost on product page.

Very Good template but if you need help it can take weeks to get a response. Currently waiting 10 days for response on how to adjust logo size since it changes the default log size for template. Also Brand page logos are very large and not working correctly.


Hi, Sorry for late reply. We’re using all resource to update newest magento version. Please give us your ticket id, our agent will check asap.


I wouldn’t write here if support did respond to me both not working theme only or full package

Hi, Please give us your ticket ID.

Anyone know whos modules the AjaxCartPro is based off? Did codazon program it completely or edit anothers code? It conflicts with another third party module so I had to disable AjaxCartPro. Not sure exactly what AjaxCartPro handled on the theme either.

Hi, AjaxCartPro was program completely. We use magento top cart to build our bottom ajax cart.

I just submitted support ticket #19384. Please reply

I am still waiting for help, my ticket is #19384. I only get email with questions from you? instead please help me with solving the issue, I assume that you know about all the CLI commands that are needed to run with Magento 2. I received an email that some folder was not writeable okay but I hope that the support team know what needs to be done in order to make folder writeable. But to be sure I did reply to you with the commands you need!

it’s been 10 days

Hi, We fixed the problem one week ago but you restore an old backup and all our fixed code gone. Now there is another with your server. Please read your ticket to setup your server again.


please explain how to change the main breakpoints correctly in your theme scope.

If I follow the Magento guidelines change the breakpoints and copy the _responsive.less to the theme folder not all style-l and style-m css files will switch related to amended breakpoints.

I also did setup:upgrade, reindex and deployed all files, but there are several elements in your theme that don’t respond.

I found out that for example in your Magento_Search/templates/form.mini.mobile.phtml there is a fixed value of 768px where the mobile search will be loaded, but there are still a lot of elements that doesn’t respond to the breakpoint adjustments(mobile menu, category filter, footer elements, some elements on product detail page,...)

I can see in developer console that some breakpoints changed to the new breakpoints but there are a lot of min- and max-width that are still on the old breakpoints, and the necessary stlye-m.min.css and style-l.min.css don´t get deployed correctly?

Any hint or help would be greatly appreciated.

Please reply to my ticket #19380

Hi, Please check your ticket.

this is your answer to my ticket:

Hi, Sorry for late reply. Our theme set many breakpoints on many file. If you want to change it you should find and change all of it. Kind Regards The Codazon Help Team

I created a ticket for that? really? you could have posted that here as well, then at least I would have known right away that I could save myself the time to wait for such a useless reply.

But what did I expect. the answer was just as helpful as the answer to every other ticket I created in the past.


SeanD Purchased

Hello guys, great theme,

we have an issue with the mega menu showing subcategories with pictures. Our submenu have up to 9 subcategories with images. The submenu box tends to e very big (800px) and right aligned and therefore partially not visible in the browser window. We like to left align some of the mega menu submenus. How can that be achieved?

Thank you in advance for your help.

Hi, Please submit a ticket with link of your site. We’ll take a look. https://codazon.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb/requests/new

Hi Codazon Team, After applying latest update v3.0.3.6 two major issues are noted.

1- PayPal Pay Later does not show anymore on frontend even though it is enabled and it worked before applying this update.


When we enable “Enable In-Context Checkout Experience” for PayPal Express checkout then the checkout page does not ask customer to Agree to Seller’s Terms and Conditions and customer places order directly with PayPal.


These are major issues. Please test and fix these bugs in the new update ASAP. Thanks

Where is admin page for template http://magento2-fastest.codazon.com/drug_english and what is admin and password?

Please submit a ticket we’ll give you a demo version.

Where should I submit a ticket?

Please reply to my ticket because today is the only day when I can work on my site. it is important.

We answered your ticket. Please check it.


SeanD Purchased

Hello guys, great theme, will there be an update soon ? I have some issues that I hope the update will resolve.

Hi, Please submit a ticket with all your issues. We’ll check all and update it.

Hello, I will buy the support and will open the ticket about the issue, but currently I have installed latest magento and installed latest fastest theme. Issue is that when I add menu it doesn not appear on the front page.

I do following: I make new menu in codazon menu manager, in the menu I insert category list from widget menu next I block and next widget cms static type and under widget options I select the created static block and flush cache and reindex but the menu does not appear. What I am I doing wrong

We received your ticket. We’re checking it.

I didn’t get any reply and now you are gonna tell me that you don’t work in the weekends!

Hi, We solved old problem on Thursday. We’ll answer your new question tomorrow.


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