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What about client log in? Is it working?


No sorry Erik. Just there for aesthetics.

stylus any plans for other colours? I love the layout but need a red-ish template

Not at this time. But maybe I’ll add a few color variations soon. If I do I’ll add a red.

On the other hand, this file comes with the PSD and changing to red would be rather simple.

excellent work!

Wordpress someday????? HUH ?\? Thanks Eugene

If I was only good at WordPress. I’d luv to do it.

This is nice, how hard is it to change the color of the animation and header? And as far as the client login, what is it there for?

The client log in is just their for aesthetics.

The file includes a PSD so changing the header is easy. Exactly what animation are you referring to?

Is it possible to make the “Featured Videos” box on the Media Center page a scrolling box? This way more than 3 videos can be shown.

Great Theme.

That’s a great idea but I just don’t have the time to do so. Maybe in the future.

Not many people are taking to well to this theme. Hopefully I can add some suggested changes and upgrade the file a bit.

Maybe the Flash file is discouraging some people.

I think that this design is great. The Flash banner is awesome and original. Plus, you offer so many styles in the body of the website. Your design is loaded with features. Give it some time. It’ll pick up in sales.

If I want to change the Flash background in the banner:

Do I need to edit the Flash file directly? Or does the Flash file call upon a video file hosted online in a local folder?

Can I simply change the default flash file for another Flash file of the same dimensions?

I am looking to customize your design with some different graphics. I plan to purchase this file today. Thanks.

The Flash file is XML based. Most of the content is simply changing by just adding your images and updating the XML . Easy!

The background is a simple colored box. Just would need to edit inside of Flash.

Sure you can replace the file with your own or another one.

I understand people here being a bit cautious of Flash. But I wanted to give something different to this community but keep it familiar. The banner works just like a slider that everyone has on here. And I made it XML , you don’t even need Flash. It’s just as easy to edit as JQuery if not easier.

Oh well!

I like the Flash. It is one of the main reasons why I am purchasing this design. It is very unique and eye-catching. Thanks!

I’m working on the main sliding banner. When I add text: quotes, apostrophes, etc. do not display correctly. I see the HTML tag and not the ” or ‘

Please advise.

Lincoln, sorry about that. I never noticed that before.

There is something to adjust with the Flash and the type.

I’ll work on it and get it to you as soon as I can.

Thanks for letting me know.

Your PSD file only contains the content for the index page. Can you please send me the PSD files for the other pages. In particular, I am looking for the banner images. Thanks.

Where do I adjust the speed of the banner transitions?