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Nice Work :) GLWS

Thanks a lot! :)

Awesome design, good luck with sales! ;)

Thank you!

Great stuff!

hi do you have a live demo on facebook by any chance

Unfortunately not. Do you have any concern it wouldn’t work on Facebook like it does in the live demo that is linked here on Themeforest? Since the only thing a Facebook HTML tab-app does is mirroring the website in an iframe, I can assure you the design will look/work exactly the same.

Nice theme. It took me only 1 hour to customize the template for my needs. I had to change all fonts and icons though.

capmaticenvato hi do you have a live demo on facebook by any chance’

>> same question for me; I’ve been told one cannot change the landingpage, only the FanPage.

Is that (FanPage) what we’re talking about?

Or is there a manual available that explains it all … ?

Well .. maybe I don’t seem the get the difference of a normal Facebook page and a Facebook fanpage;

Take for example: Could your template be used on this page? Or more specific, could it be used on this adress? Or would one have to got deeper into Facebook to reach the actual fan page? fe.

Cause I’ve been told/ understand, I cannot change anything on this first adress: The screen with the timeline, etc.

Or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance.

No, you can’t change anything directly on – not with my template, not with any other template. I suspect you don’t have a proper understanding of how facebook works. What you have to do is to create a custom tab within your facebook page. Tabs are the buttons underneath the big title image. In your Opel example it’s “Fotos”, “ADAM & YOU”, “Mokka Roadshow” and “Opel Verhalen”. Those are page tabs. Now you have to add a new, custom HTML tab to those exisiting tabs that holds the code of the template or an iframe that holds the template. When someone would click on that tab he would see the template. The tabs on the opel page all work like that. The content of such a custom tab is generally refered to as “fan page”. Maybe this tutorial helps you: If not so, search on Google for tutorials on how to implement a custom fan page tab within a facebook page. I ask for your understanding that I can’t provide any further instructions on how to implement a custom fan page within a facebook page – just as a car dealer won’t teach you how to drive a car. ;)

Already most helpful.


You should remove “Layered PSD” from the description. The hero.psd file included is a joke and consists of 1 layer, a gray shape. HTML is great just pull the PSD off for transparency, I won’t have purchased had I known.

I’m sorry if there was a misunderstanding but the description of this item clearly says “PSD included (contains a template of the hero image underneath the claim)” and it says so to prevent people of thinking they would get a complete PSD of the actual template design. All information we provided is therefore correct. But to not have this misunderstanding turn up a second time, we removed “layered PSD” from the “included files” list. Anyhow we thank you very much for purchasing our theme!

Someone was looking for a sample of this theme live on Facebook. Here is my implementation:

Hi does this item come with a help for setup and customization?

It comes with the usual documentation demanded by Themeforest.