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Sent a message with questions a couple of days ago. Just making sure you received it? The 3rd column disappears when I view the site on a mobile device. Any suggestions?

No reply to me either :( Please help

Hi, we have responded to your message via email.

Hi I messaged last week about an issue with the fearless responsive image add. But I have yet to receive any feed back.

The issue I am having concerns a url: If you place it in the widget & click from front end, the theme comes up as unable to find. It should be directing it to another site!

If you place the url in a new window of safari etc, it works fine. The url had been working fine within the responsive ad up to last thursday.

Any advice?

Thanks Gavin

still no reply????

Hi, we have responded to your message via email.

Hiya, I have a couple of questions.

1) Is it possible to hide the author and date from the posts on the homepage?

2) When making a review post with a star rating, is it possible to remove the rating information box from inside the actual post, but keep the star ratings shown on the homepage? Thanks.

Hi, those are not out-of-the-box features of the theme. However, if you have coding skills you may implement those customizations by modifying the theme’s template files.

Issue 1 : Full screen Blog roll image

(Even though Option set to full widtth images in the default options in the customize menu the images are rendered in thumb nail size) screenshot : Issue 2 : Social Media share icons (Per post)

After the read more option, I would like to be able to attach facebook and twitter share button on the blogroll of the home page.

Issue 3

How to remove the top header lines (shown red in the screenshot) :

You can check a live preview of the blog here :

I need it to look like this :

Hi, we have responded to the message you sent via our profile.

I cant create custom sidebars as described in the documentation.

I add a name to the “Custom Sidebar”-Field of an Post or Page and save it – but it doesnt show up the the “Appearance > Widgets”-Section as described.

Is there any solution to this?

Hi, please send us a support message and we will be glad to assist you.

Hi.. I sent the message below couple of days ago with the purchase code. Did you receive my message?

I purchased the Forest template, and I tried to modify it to look exactly similar to the live preview you provided. However, I was unable to reproduce it, namely, the colored sections (each section is colored differently). The customization page allows only to color them with one unified color, at least this is what I was able to do.

Is it possible to provide me with clear instructions on how to regenerate the live preview version? or can I get the cuustomized files (like CSS and HTML) that can produce the live preview?

Best regards

Hi, please send us a support message and we will assist you.

Hi. Can I change the 2-column layout into 1280px side-width?

Hi, that’s not an out-of-the-box feature of the theme, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to implement with a bit of custom CSS.

Hi My webhost (powweb) identified “functions.php” as a known malicious file. Can I (or should I) just replace that file with a fresh version downloaded from the installation package—should it be identical? – I note that the one currently on my site is much larger than the fresh one in the download package.

You can certainly try copying over the infected file with a clean file from the download package. However, often it’s difficult to fully clean up an infection yourself and it may return.

how can i delete custom sidebars? is there an easy way for this? thank you

Hi, on the post where you originally created the custom sidebar by adding text to the “custom sidebar” field, delete that text and the sidebar will be deleted.

How to disable featured image on a single post?

Thanks for the quick response. I have tried that still its showing featured image on every single post. any suggestion?

Hi, it looks like that may be a bug in the theme. We will have a theme update available to address this shortly.

Hi, the update is now available for download from your ThemeForest account.

Hello, I want to report a minor bug. When I enter the category page, and try to select a color for Accent Color, the color picker does not work. I have to set the color code manually. While this is not a biggie, it forces me to use another software to pick the color. (My template is up to date, and I saw this bug from version 1.7.3)

Hi, thanks for the bug report. We’ll look into it and have a fix in the next update.

Where can I find the following lines <?php the_author(); ?> and <?php the_date(); ?> it seems to be impossible to find in this template

Hi, please send us a message using the item support form and we will be glad to assist you.

I used the items support twice and I still havent received a reply.

We responded to your message last week; please check your spam folder.

I believe something is off in the code because I am no longer able to edit the text in footer 1 of my website, Specificially, I want to delete the text but my website developer and I are unable to. Thank you!

Hi, please send our support team a message using the item support form so we can verify that you have an active support subscription.

Hai, how to changed font type for all of my posting article on fearless, thank you

Hi, it’s not clear exactly what you’re asking, but if the theme options do not provide enough control, you will need to write some custom CSS code to implement the changes you desire.

I am having a problem with a site running on your theme. It appears there is compatibility issue with WP 4.7. I installed WP 4.1 on clean install to redo the site. However, you say theme is compatible upto WP 4.2 in theme description, but I get an error caused by a function in your theme that was introduced in WP 4.4. What is the best setup, WP version and PHP version?

Hi, the theme is compatible with the latest version of WordPress, which is 4.7 at this time, and PHP 5 and 7.

Hi, I’m having trouble getting Jetpack mosaic photo galleries to work with this theme, it doesn’t display as it should. From what I have read, I think some code in the theme might be overriding Jetpack? Do you know if the theme is compatible? Thanks.

Hi, we have not tested the theme with Jetpack photo galleries, so it is possible that there is a conflict. I will pass this on to our developers to take a look at.


zoura4 Purchased

Hello, I buy and then activate the fearless theme, but I have no page or article as the demo version shows me, I just right to the example page. How do I get to find my love you like what I saw in the preview with all the articles and news pages parading. Thank you for your help.

Hi, you can download the demo content file at Please have a look at the theme documentation for instructions on setting up your site like the demo.


eric077 Purchased

Hi, i recently purchase fearless tempalte. after i download it have 3 files. document, fearless, feels-child. after i upload into dashboard, it show message i have to find the parents for this template. missing files? tq

Hi, what is the exact error message you are receiving? Make sure you are installing the theme properly as described here:


eric077 Purchased

1. Theme Error message “Parent files missing” 2. Symplecode error message “pluggin can’t be installed” In total i got 4 files, fearless and fearless child, documentation and symple code.

It sounds like there may be something wrong with your WordPress installation, or your file permissions may be incorrect. Try uploading the unzipped theme and plugin folders directly.