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How can I get the teritary sidebar to appear on mobile devices? when the responsive version comes into play the third sidebar disappears but we want it show below the main sidebar? I don’t see anywhere I can fix that.

The tertiary sidebar is intentionally hidden on mobile devices. If you wish to modify the theme to show the third sidebar, you can set it to display: block in the responsive CSS.

The icons left and right arrows in the slider on the frontpage of my website went missing today.

Can you please let me know how to solve this?

I’m sorry, this has been solved already. The icons suddenly showed up again.

Hi, I’m thinking about to buy this template, but my most important question is: Is it possible to use chinese characters on the site, and translate all the menus, etc. to this language? Thank you in advance.

Hi, so long as the font you are using includes the necessary Chinese characters, I am not aware of any reason that there would be problems with that.

Is there a way to disable the “views counter” on each blog post?

Hi, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you there.


I would like to buy the theme “fearless” but i have one question before :

If i buy it can i use on my 2 websites ?

Thank you

Hi, according to the ThemeForest license, you will need to purchase one license for each site you will be using it on.

Ok thank you for the rapid answer, after buying fearless, how will i integrate the theme to my wordpress website ? Download and FTP ?

Hi, this theme is installed just like any other WordPress theme:

I like this theme !!!

I suppose it is not too complicated to edit the Author list template template-author-list.php to include users with roles as “administrator”, “editor” ??

Could you help me ?

Hi, that is not a difficult thing to do. Please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you there.

Hi, great theme! I have a few questions, is there a way to show the posts randomly in certain categories? When i resize my browser the review block isn’t pretty. Does it look like that on a mobile? And is there a way to place the review block below the text?

hope to hear from you and keep up the good work!

But i didn’t buy the theme yet and to ak a question in support i need the purchase code??!!??

Sorry, I thought that was an after-sale question.

Showing posts randomly in the homepage widgets isn’t a feature of the theme, however, if you have coding skills, you can add that in yourself fairly easily. You’d just need to modfy the WP_Query parameters ( Regarding the review block, can you be more specific about what you mean by “isn’t pretty”? If it’s a bug in the theme we’ll fix it of course; if it’s a matter of personal preference, then you’d need to style it yourself to suit.

On mobile devices the review block pushes the text to the right and when the review block is below the text i think it looks better.

I have purchased the fearless theme and everything works great except for one thing. I’m trying to upload a favicon.ico file so I can set the browser icon. It has a place to upload one but when it takes me to the media library it says that you can’t upload that type of file and that it’s not a valid file format for uploading.

I uploaded it by hand into the images directory, the main directory, the theme directory, etc.. Tried changing the path in the admin but it’s an upload control…

How can I get my favicon.ico file to work?


Hi, if WordPress won’t allow you to upload the favicon using the built-in uploader, you’ll need to upload the file using FTP and paste its URL into the favicon field.

Hi, As I mentioned above, that field is an upload field and you can’t paste in the path. Can you please tell me where I can change it in the database or another way to get the path into the theme?

The field beside the upload button is a text field into which you can paste the path to your favicon file.

Hi I get the following error when I try to install the theme?

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

why is this happening?

Hi, you’re trying to install the entire ThemeForest download package. Unzip the ThemeForest download and only upload the theme ZIP file from inside.

thanks that worked

the ticker on my blog does not seem to working correctly.

Also is there a way to change the color for each widget? Example If I want video widget to be red and AFrican tech widget to be green

Hi, Please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you there.

How can I move social icont to the topbar?

Hi, Please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you there. Also be sure to verify your purchase with your license key.

Hey, can i change the pagewide? and where?

Hi, that’s not an out-of-the-box feature of the theme, but you can modify the width by editing the theme’s CSS styles.

The problem is that my theme is unfortunately smaller than it is, for example here in the demo. Unfortunately, I do not know for what reason.


nice theme. Before I purchase it, please allow one question. It it WP 3.8 compatible?


Yes, the theme is fully compatible with WordPress 3.8.

Hi there, where can I change the size of the logo in the header ? In witch file ? thanks

Hi, Please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you there.

I finally found

I have created ad widgets with quick adsense, but there is no place that allows me to put a banner add on the posts or on a page body, it only allows you put it on the side bar. How can I put an ad on the body of a page?

I see that I can put on the home page but not on the post pages

You should contact the author of the Quick Adsense plugin. Perhaps there is a shortcode that the Quick Adsense provides that you can use in your page content.

but this is not a quick adsense issue. the fearless theme: home sidebar, page sidebar, header widget area, secondary sidebar, post sidebar, category sidebar., widgetized home page…..everything is for the side bar, what about the main body????

WordPress does not allow you to insert widgets into page content. If you want to do that, you’ll need to use a widget that provides a shortcode that you can use in your page content.

I’m using wp’s default [gallery] short code on a few of my pages. How do I get the fancybox gallery feature to work so that my readers can advance to the next picture without closing and clicking again?

Hi, please update to the most recent version of the theme.

I’m really happy with the theme. I’m using it for my website There’s one thing that I would want to change which is the size of the advertisement in the header. How can I make it bigger?

Oh, I see I better ask this question on your support page.


Great theme, one question though.

How/were do I insert my Google Adsense code in the Responsive Advertising widget? Or anywhere else in the theme? Surely this theme supports Google Adsense?

Hope you can help :-)


Hi, all support requests are handled on our dedicated support site ( Please open a ticket there and we will be glad to assist you.

Hi, great theme. Just one question: does the sidebar disappear on mobile version or not?

Hi, the sidebar is still visible on mobile devices, it just moves below the main content instead of being to the right or left.

i purchased this wonderful theme. now i am decorating it. having a problem, which is my header image is overlapped by the menu bar i created. which means if i upload my header image the menu bar is almost mid of the image staying. why this is happening?

Hi, all support requests are handled on our dedicated support site at Please open a ticket there and we will be glad to assist you.