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Hi, I have purchased this theme and I am having a problem with the default fullscreen background not showing up. I have uploaded the background image and it is 1800 wide and about 1200 tall so there should be no reason why it is not showing.

Can you please let me know what else I can try??


Hi, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you there.

Hello, nice theme! Just some pre-sale information:

1) Is a “page creator” available for all pages / posts or just for the home page?

2) Can the home page have boxes to display the excerpt of a specific page or a specific post? Or is it only possible with full post categories?

Thank you.


1) This theme does not include a “Page Creator”. It has an (optional) drag-and-drop widget-based homepage layout, with various layout module widgets that you can arrange to your liking.

2) The homepage modules out-of-the-box display excerpts from several posts from the category of your choosing. With some modifications they could be made to work with single posts.

Thanks for your reply. Regarding 2): can we do the modifications on the basis of indications from you? And will it be possible to display just posts or also pages? Thank you.

Hi, modifications to existing functionality are not covered under free support. However, it would be a small job for any freelancer, so should not cost much to have done.

Anyone looking to buy this theme??

It’s awesome! It loads fast. Has great features but isn’t so complicated you can’t figure it out. There is a good tutorial to get you started. The developers are open to feature suggestions.

AND, the support is great. Remember, these guys technically don’t have to provide any support as per the TF Guidelines. So if they help you out, make sure to give them a shoutout here or promote their theme on your blog or elsewhere.

Thanks so much for the kind words, they’re much appreciated! :)

Hi, Love the look of the theme! Before I purchase, I would like know some things: 1) I have 3 blog with the same theme (,, I must buy 3 licenses or 1 2) I am interested to have a theme without picture, like blogs are now. It’s possible? 3) Could I add other SN icons or Icon for Apple’s App (like the first widget on the right clmn)?

Many thanks in advance



1) According to the ThemeForest licenses ( and, you would need to purchase one license for each site, or three licenses total.

2) Fearless was designed with the use of WordPress featured images in mind. If you wish for your sites to not use featured images, it is not too difficult to remove the display of the featured images, but it will take a bit of customization.

3) That’s possible with a bit of customization.

Hi guys, I think it’s a lot of expensive to buy 3 different licenses for one blog and 2 subdomines. So I am considerino to leave this platform for others more flexible and cheap. Many thanks

Hi, Does this theme support the standard wordpress SEO plugins? thanks.

Hi, I’m not sure what you mean by “test the theme configuration capabilities”, but you can view the theme demo at

Hi, I mean: is there an option to access the theme on a WP server to do the changes my self?

Also, I have tasted the theme on galaxy s2 and found that: 1. Theme loads very slowly 2. it doesn’t respond well to the portrait mode. 3. Footer is badly rendered 4. The reviews boxes presented badly 5. The background image is flickering

Can i get a “demo” theme to test it myself on WP before buying?

Thanks, Offir

A live demo of the theme options panel is not available at this time. However, you can download a ZIP file containing screenshots of the theme options panel here:

Regarding the issues you see on your mobile device, I have not had any other reports of these issues from other users, so it is possible that there is something else at fault, such as a configuration or network issue on your device. However, if there are reproducible bugs in the theme, they will of course be fixed.

Unfortunately BuddyPress isn’t working with this theme – I bought this and I did want to make bp site on it, however the main problem is that the user profile isn’t working correctly – I suppose it’s because of the page/post options.

Can I assume that the problem is going to be fixed in one of the new versions?

Hi, this theme does not support BuddyPress. If we have a large number of requests for this feature, we’ll consider adding it.

How much time will be needed in order to implement those changes? I do ask because I’m part of publishing group which creates social networks for players – we are currently testing different themes on which we will base multiple sites. According to their feedback Fearless was meant to be implemented as a main theme thanks to the widgetized homepage option and weight of the site, but we really need BuddyPress in order to use this theme.

We haven’t received many requests for this feature, so it’s not top priority for us. At this point we don’t have an ETA.

I want text to be able to word wrap around an image in a post. Is this possible with this theme. Currently I’m not able to make this happen. Am I missing something? (ie, an image left justified and the text to be able to fill in the blank space beside the image until it gets to a full free line).

Yes, align your image to the left or right in the WordPress editor. If that doesn’t work, there may be something else interfering. Please open a ticket on our support site at and we will investigate.

I had to go into the images after posting and edit them within the image editor for the formatting to take place. This was after aligning them correctly when I originally uploaded the media files into the post.

Hi, is your theme adapted to diferent plataforms? (iOs, android and windows).

Yes, the theme should function on all platforms.

Hi again. I like very much your theme. But I found a little probleme : Pagination doesn’t show up with search result and also with category (when it is the root category with more than one level). Here are the example links :

Hi, I am seeing the pagination fine on both of those URLs.

I mean the links of the pagination don’t show up. When you click on the pagination links (at the bottom of the page) nothing happen. Sorry for my english. I tried several computers and several explorer (firefox, chrome, ...)

Please open a ticket on our support site at and we will investigate further.

Hi! Is there in this theme font problem with letters for example: ?,š,?,?,ž,ý,á,í,é,ô or not?

As I said, I am not aware of any problems regarding special characters and the Fearless theme. You just may need to include extra character sets in the webfont that contain the characters you need.

I am satisfied with the purchase.

Great, glad to hear it! :)

Is there any possibility to set homepage slider to have fixed height (always the same)?

So there is no way to do that automatically?

You can regenerate your thumbnails using the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin, and if they are larger than 640×360 pixels, they will be cropped to that size. If you have further questions, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will assist you there.

“Sorry, we don’t have that email address in our system.”

Really loving getting to know this theme: Does anyone know if it is possible to have Category specific custom sidebars—for example If I have three categories (Books, Film, Music) and I want to display a different sidebar configuration for each category – either for custom links to resources for those categories, or category specific ads or amazon widgets. Right now It seems I can only configure this globally to all categories. Many thanks.

Yes, you can create a custom sidebar for any individual category by adding a custom sidebar on the category edit page (Posts > Categories > Edit). If you have further questions, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you.

Great—this was just what I was looking for. Missed that Custom Sidebar option at the bottom of the category edit page. Thanks.

Another question: this time relating to contact form—is there a widget for this? I can’t find anything within the theme or the options to create a contact us page or form even though I see one on the live demo.

The contact form in the demo is using the Contact Form 7 plugin, from

How can I get my ‘featured’ pictures (that show up as thumbnails) hyperlink to the corresponding post?

-tried editing the image in the “media” section with no avail.


Hi, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you.

question: How do I upload a picture as my ‘avatar’ attached to my “user”?

tried “settings>discussion” tried “users>edit”

Hi, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you.

Hello, Do you have a list of sites using this theme?

The theme looks really great.

Thanks Steve

Hi, at this time I don’t have a list of sites using the theme. However, you can view the theme demo, which is a live site, at

Hi Guys

Just purchased the theme…

You advertise full compatibility with the latest version of WP the day it’s released. How does your theme deal with WP 3.6? You still list compatibility at 3.5.


Hi, the theme is fully compatible with WordPress 3.6.

Great theme. I really like the design, and how easy the code is to read (thus making it quick to customize and make adjustments when needed). One thing I wasn’t expecting, however, is the complete inability to get the Disqus Comment Plug-in to work. I had the Disqus plugin installed prior to loading your theme, and your theme displayed the Wordpress commenting system. Then I removed and re-installed the Disqus plugin, and your theme displayed the comments that had previously been submitted through Disqus, but NOT the ability to add new comments. I had to go and grab the Disqus universal install code and completely overwrite your comments.php file. After doing that, Disqus works. Might wanted to either address this, or at least pass the word of this work-around.

But seriously. Love the theme! Check out my usage of it, if you wish …

Hi, Thanks for the feedback! We’re currently working on native Disqus comments compatibility, and expect to have it available in the next theme update.

Does the [divider] short code work? Or am I missing something..?

Nevermind the short code. How can I add a photo for my authors?

Hi, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you there.

Hello, on the “modular homepage layout”, I would link to change the first module, actually it’s a fixed module, a newsroll. And ad a shortcode for a other banner, how can I do that? If I edit the page widgetzed-homepage.php, it doesn’t recognize the shortcode, it appears like a text.

Thank you!

Hi, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you there.