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Hi, How do I install the theme demo?

Hi, please see for the demo content file.

Hi, Google Pagespeed shows may blocking scripts, can you fix this in the next update?


Hi, most of those scripts referenced in the linked report are from third-party plugins, not from the theme. The theme is following industry best practices, so there is nothing to be fixed in the theme itself. You should install a caching and minifying plugin if you are concerned about page speed.

I successfully installed this theme and am now getting this error: Warning: Missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare(), called in /home/content/09/11939209/html/wp-content/plugins/category-icons/category_icons.php on line 1047 and defined in /home/content/09/11939209/html/wp-includes/wp-db.php on line 992

Please help.

Hi, that is not a theme issue; it is caused by a third-part plugin. Notice that the filename referenced in the error is in the /wp-content/plugins/category-icons/ directory. You should bring this error message to the attention of the plugin’s author.

Hi , Very Nice Theme, Can you tell us about how to repeat body background? Thanks and Regards

Hi, that’s not possible out-of-the-box as the theme uses jquery to make the background image automatically resize to fill the browser window. If you have coding skills, open a ticket on our support site at and I can provide the basic steps that you’ll need to take to remove the theme’s fullscreen background so that you can implement your own CSS-based background.

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Google translate: Subject just gorgeous ! To the best of my tasks , of all that he saw and tasted. Very fast, without bugs. And very flexible tuning. Functionality is huge. I was looking for it a few days. I looked around 1,500 other topics :-) A special big plus – technical support. Meet for a couple hours. Anyone interested in, I highly recommend!

Hi guys – great theme! It’s the best blog/magazine style theme I’ve ever used.

One question…do you support Disqus yet?

Not yet, but it is something that we are planning to add soon.

Hi, How i can make the slider faster.

Hi, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you there.

Hi, How can I remove the views count in the single post? Thanks, ;)


Hi, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you there.


I am quite interested in purchasing this theme. I have 2 quick questions. I’ve glanced through the comments to see if it was already asked, I don’t believe so.

1. there is ad space in the banner above the main navigation and site name in type on the side—> can this entire region be turned into one large image that spans the width.

2. I like the blogroll “small square images” can this post type be used on multiple pages (or only on a single blog), and can it be replicated on the homepage underneath the lefthand image slideshow.

I am building a site for a client that wants these specific features. I know a bit of css—please advice.

Thank you!


1) That’s possible with some customization. Note also that the theme supports a full-width header background image.

2) Any category, as well as the normal blog archive can have its own blogroll style.


I have purchase the theme & I have added one plugin for sort order of articles. My client want the article order as older first. I have addded Ascending Posts Plugin for category. Problem is that except homepage rest of the page are working as Asceding order. Can you give me solution. I am a designer so not know much about scipting. site is

Jatin Parmar

Hi, we’re not able to provide support for third-party plugins; I would recommend that you contact the plugin author.

Is there any ready made code with you to make homepage Articles in Ascending articles.


2) how can I translate the string “browse:” in the topbar with breadcrumb? I can’t find it in the .po file.

thank you

Hi, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will assist you there.

I can’t find my purchase code. Where is it? Without this, I can’t open a ticket

The purchase code can be found in the item’s license certificate, from your ThemeForest account.

Hi, I guess this question is kind of stupid, but I’m unable to find the instruction manual. could you help me? thx

+ how can I change the caption of the featured image slider? Thank you

ok, already found the instruction. have a nice holiday!

I am up and running but cannot get google analytics tracking ID to work. I already copied/pasted the google analytics code into the appearance->theme options->miscellaneous ->google analytics code.

What can I do to get google analytics running?

Hi, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you there.

Hi, i am having problem with my hosting provider about the big amount of uploaded files (inodes) from the Fearless theme. On every uploaded image, there are over 10 files created (thumbnails) with different size. Is there a way to avoid this issue, maybe by re-sizing the image instead of adding new image.

Hi, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will be glad to assist you there.

Hello, wanna buy the theme but need to checkout its admin panel first. Where can I see the demo for admin panel?

Hi, you can download a ZIP file containing screenshots of the theme options panel here:

thanks… I hope it will prove to be a good theme

any news on an update that shows full res pics in preview of posts in the blogroll?

really makes my site look unprofessional with the low res preview when looking through the blog.

I had asked a few months ago and got the reply of it being released in the next week or so but that never happened.

Please look in the documentation included with the theme; there are upgrade instructions there.

read them, but by me deleting it off wordpress to then reinstall, will I be losing all the stuff that is specific to this theme, as well as some of the custom code that has been done?

Your settings in the theme options panel will not be affected by the update. If you have made modifications to the theme template files that were not made as a child theme, you will need to re-apply your custom modifications after the update.

Hi, Mocha. First, congrats for your job! Fearless Theme is a great theme.

Well… I’m having trouble translating a few words on my website. I use CodeStyling Localization, but it seems that is not compatible. My language is Brazilian Portuguese.

Can you help me? Thank you!

There have been other reports that the theme is not compatible with the CodeStyling Localization plugin, so it looks like that’s not going to be an option. We recommend creating your translations the standard WordPress way, using Poedit and the included translation files. There are instructions in the theme’s documentation.

Hi, how do I add a blogroll to a page other than the homepage?

I’m not really sure what settings I need to adjust. The settings > reading page only shows an option to change front page display from latest to a static page. I’m not sure what this means. I want to display the widgetized homepage and use a blogroll layout for all other pages. If you could point me in the right direction I’d really appreciate it.

The setting you are looking for is Settings > Reading > Front page displays > Posts page. If you have further questions, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will assist you there.

Ok, I just opened one. Thanks.

Does the review system show up in Google serps? I see a lot of reviews with stars showing up in Serps and this is what I want. Thank you

Great. Do you happen to have any examples?


1. are users able to add their own reviews? Or is it an admin only feature?

2. custom sidebars – is this unlimited? 1000’s?

At this time I don’t have any links for previous buyer’s sites who are using the review feature.

User-submitted reviews are not currently a feature of the theme.

You can create as many custom sidebars as you wish.

I’m very new with altering CSS files or creating CSS code. What would my custom CSS code look like if I was wanting to change certain modules to different colors? (Like in the ‘Fearless’ live example)

Hi, you do not need to use CSS to change the module colors like the demo. Just edit the category that is associated with that module (Posts > Categories > Edit) and change the category color there. The homepage module will then reflect the color you chose. If you have further questions, please open a ticket on our support site at and we will assist you there.

Wow, thank you!