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Hi, I’ve this problem on calendar page: Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Offset not contained in string in /options/meta-box-extended-functions.php on line 344



Hi superbatobg.

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I can surely take a look.

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I just installed this on the newest version of WP, and some of the pages in the admin section are displaying properly. Any idea when a update will be released?

Update was just released about 30 minutes ago.



Awesome. Thanks so much!

For the record, the change log needs updated. ;)

Thanks for that.

Hi, have you tested feast with wordpress 3.8? Is compatible?

Hi Silenx.

Thanks for making contact.

The theme is compatible and you can go ahead and update.



Has anyone else been having trouble with the galleries being blank or misaligning thumbnails during the slideshow? If you have any tips please let me know. I’ve been struggling with this for months now with no working solution as of yet. I appreciate any ideas.

I’m not assuming that you are attacking me. As stated the solution you want is a custom solution and Im suggesting that you work with a developer to set up some thing that will allow your business to be seen in a proper light.

Keep in mind that i have answered in excess of 40 emails to his one issue, and took one whole morning to rewrite code for you that you deleted afterwards, that leads me to the first statement that were just too far apart on this.

You are not using the galleries as image galleries, but as promotions and are receiving your artwork in quite a different way than photographs.

Your artwork comes with white thick borders with artwork overflowing over the borders, and in a non standard ratio of width to height than thr 3/4 that you normally see with photos from a camera.

All photographs from instagram or facebook or twitter will face the same issues as yours due to the way that your posters are structured unfortunately.

Feel free to ask support for a refund, but you have been using the theme for an awful long time now. and it might not be possible after such a long time.

Most of our emails were you saying you don’t know what I’m talking about. And me trying to show you what my issue was. I offered to call you to cut down on the un-constructive email chain.

I never deleted any code. I’m not editing any theme files what so ever, I’m not a coder and I wouldn’t know what code you would of added in the first place to delete.

As for the artwork I don’t understand the difference between a photo and an image when they are all pixel based JPEG’s. I have tried resizing to a standard photo size’s and removed all white borders with the same issue. I’ve tried everything you have mentioned. I simply add a gallery and choose “slideshow” I am not doing anything advanced when I add the gallery.

You said Instagram, Facebook and Twitter photo’s will have issues as well. I assume you mean because of the size since I know they all have weird image sizes for each use? You leave me with more questions.

If there are strict requirements to these slideshows what are they? I do not see anything in the documentation saying I cannot use images I create. I keep going back to your demo site and comparing the images in your slideshow and your thumbnails transition properly and I do not see the image being cropped by the slideshow at all.

Nevermind, this is going nowhere. I’ve wasted enough time on this.

We are going on 2 yrs with no update. Will there be anymore updates to this theme or are we at its end of life. I know you mentioned you were working on responsive update but the was well over a year ago. Can you give us customers any insight as to the future of this theme or let us know there is no more updates coming. Thanks for your time. The update is great otherwise and the support has always been phenomenal. I just would like the clarification on the future of this please.

Hi Cintel.

I’m not sure what you are referring to.

The theme with all the features are used by a tremendous amount of customers.

The theme was updated 2 times this year, and updates on a theme like this is to ensure that it’s libraries keep step with the developments in wordpress and the greater community.

I take exception at the suggestions that you make in this request, and the facts that you put forward is factually not true.


Sorry for any confusion. I am referring to updates to the theme as far as changes in the layout, responsive theme or and new addons etc.. I will make it clear that AJ ALWAYS RESPONDS RIGHT AWAY and there are always updates to the latest possible issues with Wordpress updates. That is never an issue. I merely wanted to know if the theme was just gonna be maintenance updates only going further as I do enjoy this theme to the others for what I needed. Sorry if you felt I was being negative of your services in general. Thanks

I am using the pink color scheme and need to change the color of the top menu. Do not see that option on the Feat setting, could you please help? Thanks!

Never mind. I just realized there is a search function in the Comments… long overdue. I found your answer from a previous request.

Great news.



Not sure what happened but after updating WordPress now the Feast Settings screen it misaligned, (I noticed after updating it, not sure if that’s what caused it) for all options/tabs. Have you seen this before, can you let me know if you know how to fix it? See image: Thanks!

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If you make contact I can take a look and assist.

you can make contact through my profile page here or the site here



Hi, where can I change the text fields included in the emails going out? For example I want to change the text description of “Table reserved for:” Thanks!

Hi bucioek.

you’ll find that details in the options folder and meta-box-extended-functions.php file line 612.




I just updated to the newest version of WP and my site with your FEAST Theme went down.

Here is the error message that comes up when I try to access our website:

Fatal error: Call to a member function reset_postdata() on a non-object in /home/content/c/m/p/cmp123/html/saigoncafe/wp-includes/query.php on line 118


Please help me resolve this asap. Our entire site is down now.

Thanks so much,


Hi David

So sorry to hear that you’re having this issue! Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this and figure out what’s going on.

If you look closely at the error message, you will see that the error takes place in the wp-includes directory.

This usually indicates a file or files that did not copy properly When you updated, and now causes problems. This happens about one out of 10000 times when there’s a small interruption in the updating process.

The first solution would be to reinstall WordPRess to flush the error in the file.

I see that you have sent me a email as well, and will duplicate the email to the email address so you can respond if needed.




hope it’s not complicated but how do i remove the “Need Directions Click Here” option on the email sent to the customers?

Thank you Kindly!


& another thing i had forgotten… is there a way of changing the ‘Get Directions” without having to change the URL of it as well? i want the map and contact info to pop up still but i just want to change the name of the button. thanks!


Thanks for reaching out and hopefully I can help you out here.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we can figure this out for you and get you sorted.

You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


Very beautiful theme and very fast and excellent support

Many thanks Bruno (Italy)

Hi Bruno.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for the compliment It really means so much to me.

Take care


Hello! Would change the footer? He appears in the menu, but I would like to appear image gallery. Could you help me on this?

I’m using the theme gallery

would change the grid gallery? She is appearing in columns 2 and I want to appear in 3 columns

I told you in the first reply that the rewrite that we’re discussing here is quite a big one.

You will have to contract with someone to get things doine and to make it work for you unfortunately.

There’s no one or two lines of code that i can give you to quickly add a gallery there.


First let me say that this theme is very very nice in the dark color and loos great. I need to add recipes to this theme and have them post to the front page with a expert under them. Can we get some help and pay for it? Also was there a update to make responsive for tablets and phones? But even the way this theme is it is very very nice to look at! Great job….

Great, sounds good! Keep us posted on the theme and let us know when we can get some work done.

Aj Nice to hear things are working again. I know the option tree theme forest thing was a hard hit for some themes… We are a pair of professional chefs. One of us is French trained and one is Thai trained. Bot of us work for big Inc’s. I do the recipes for over 200 of our restaurants in the usa and my wife has 5. We would love to help you with creation of you new work and share some of our work and a few hundred recipes and HD photos. We ask nothing from you in return. How can we PM you? I do not what to tell all to others. We have a working responsive recipe site in the top 100. We have some Very good ideas and can share a lot with you as we are both culinary teachers and instructors. We know what people are asking for in recipe and food sites. We have published cook books and know what works in kindle and android. PM us it will be worth your time to contact us. We know the theme will sell very good. Todd and On

There’s unfortunately no way to make contact with you, If you mail me i can make contact.


Is there a shortcode for creating a multi column layout within a page? I’m trying to build a gallery page, using gallery shortcodes, but I’d like them in a multi-column layout so they’re not just stacked vertically on top of one another. I searched the theme documentation for column shortcode but didn’t find any.

Thanks, Chris

Hi Chriscreative.

Thanks for taking the time to touch base on the Feast theme.

There is unfortunately no shortcode like the one you described.


Is there a way to create columns with images & text underneath those images in the area underneath the main homepage slider?

Where you have on the demo page, “Feast is a fresh theme with an intelligent framework. It will work as hard as any chef, cook or bottle washer to get your restaurant, bar or club booked to the max.”

I would like to have three separate columns? IS this possible?

I did that as well… no luck.

the image is too big, it’s not a centering problem.

To the image add the following: style=”width: 100%; height: auto;”

thank you :]

First let me say I have been using FEAST for a client site for 2 years now, a bilingual site to boot. Whenever I needed support Net-Labs was right there, willing to help. So KUDO’s. We are still using WP 3.3.2 and FEAST 1.4.1. Why? Because my mandate ended with the client some time ago and because I had already assisted him in learning how to change items and add things himself and he was happy and everything was working well with his wordpress.
He contacted me today because he needed some assistance changing the menu pdf’s and I realized his wordpress was still 3.3.2 and that FEAST was 1.4.1. His site is working beautifully and since I have 2 installs of wordpress for it each with with a French and English database and since we have customized some of the code in the theme, I hesitate to update the wordpress to 3.8 as I have been told wordpress 3.8 now automatically updates itself. I have searched Uncle Google and sure enough it seems that the new WordPress will automatically update itself when a new version of WordPress appears. It occurs to me that this is not a good thing for themes, as many themes may break with new versions of WordPress and there is no option in the new wordpress to NOT auto-update. I speak of this here on the FEAST comments because I am wondering if the newest version of FEAST will play nice with OLDER versions of WORDPRESS . I can not continually maintain his site and would hate to have his site possibly “break” in future if we were to update both the wordpress and the theme at this point. So I guess my question is:
Will the latest version of FEAST be compatible with Wordpress 3.3.2?

^ Odd question I am sure, but my motto is “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it “

Hi LadyHarley.

Thanks fr the compliment and the time you took to make contact.

The updating of all the relevant parts of the theme is indeed, a thing to think about.

Today, most of the times when custom code is created on top of a theme, a child theme is used that makes the process so much easier when doing custom code.

WordPress prior to WP 3.5 had limited support for some of the libraries that the theme uses, and I’m afraid that WordPress 3.8 with an older version of the theme will not work, mainly due to the libraries.

There is an article that explain how to make the updates manually without having to redo the theme and you can read it here

The only other component that needed to be updated was the twitter api that was updated and a remedy for that would be to not use the theme for twitter and use a widget.

The problem is that you cannot ignore the fact that the more you leave the theme not updated the bigger the divide will be in future, so you’re just denying the inevitable.

The easiest moving forward will be to quickly make your theme into a child theme and that will allow you to not worry about the them updates in future.


As usual, thanks so much for the prompt reply. I think I may open a support ticket some time next week and ask for the relevant info on creating the child theme. Once again, Great Support.

No problem.

I’ll hear from you then.


would change the grid gallery? She is appearing in columns 2 and I want to appear in 3 columns

Just as below you would need ot add the code.

It’s difficult to say, If you can send me a link i can take a look and make suggestions.

I can’t get the booking template work for me. When I submit the entry it just refreshes the page and the user doesn’t get added to the list.

Hi boardgamerevolution.

Thanks for the message and for reaching out.

I can see an error on the console when looking at your site.

If you make contact to my personal assistance line we provide assistance on this. You can contact me through my profile page here (bottom right) or my support page here


Hi net labs .. i have 1.5 on wp 3.8.1 .. is working correctly but i want to update to 1.6.. can i update only the modified file? What file you updated? ( so i update only the interested file, because i modified some code in some file )

Hi silenx

If you update all the files in the options folder all should be ok.


Worked. I also updated style.css. Is this update fix an issue on the Feast Backend option? If yes, it’s now fixed :-) best regards

That’s the one

Hello, have you a responsive version? I need mobile version of this template that purchase some years ago. Thank you :)

Hi aky_p

Thanks for touching base on the Feast THeme.

There is no responsive version available for the theme.