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Just lovely, good luck with sales! :)

Thank you man. I hope I’ll have the same success sometimes like you :)

Clean, simple and Very nice theme. Good luck “viktorhanacek” :)

Just beautiful & awesome Theme – NSquareIT

I LOVED IT! However, I think it needs some fixes. When I create a list, it doesn’t appear in the post. Is it a bug?

Hello! I’m very sorry for this trouble. Now it’s fixed. And sorry for late reply, I wasn’t at home so I could’t fix it. Thank you for feedback.

Hi Victor, is your Feelinblue theme customizable? Sorry I don’t know how to reach you.

If I choose to not have FLickr on my sidebar and just copy-paste an Instagram widget code on my html, would that be possible?

No, it will not feed anything.

I just noticed that the photo post doesn’t display a title on top of it, (and since I will only post photo for every entry) can that be changed to have a title for every photo post (with the blue font)? IS that supported?

When viewing on mobile browser (Chrome or Safari) using an iOS device. I often see a “Open in app” link at the top of other themes. Is there a way to add this functionality?

It’s “Promoting Tumblr” not Optimized layout.

Thank you very much, that is very much appreciated. btw, the theme looks really great on mobile.

Thank you so much!

Hello! Great theme! I’d like to know if it’s possible to have an infinite scroll with your theme? Thanks! :)

Hi navvy! Thanks for your kind words, but at this time it’s not planned :( but do not hesitate to follow me for new themes!


I wonder if it would be possible to keep your theme from increasing the size of a Tumblr page to the max width of the browser window? It looks great with high res images, but a lot of images look great in the regular Tumblr dashboard and then are quite pixelated when blown up to massive proportions. Would this be something you can change?

Thanks! Dirk

Hey, sorry, it’s not planned. This theme is using all display size and it’s the main feature of the theme. But you can try to fix it on your own with css tag ‘max-width’.

Ah okay, I’ll play around with that for a bit, thank you

Hi, I just bought this theme but no idea how to install… is there any instructions for a noob like me? thx!

Can you send me your blog link?

im too stupid for this so my friend helped me to set up everything, now its working perfectly… appreciate for ur time orz

I’m happy that everything is okay :)


I’m trying to change the body font to Raleway as well. Can you assist?