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Great theme. Love it. Anyway, I made a few minor changes on the files (e.g. container width, days/month/year order…) that would be nice to be available directly on the “customize” section with the “color” and “flickr ID” stuff, just in case someone without php or css notions may need change it.

Also, I’d like to recommend to use the new Tumblr Audio Player with the {AudioEmbed} instead of the old {AudioPlayer}. It looks much better on this theme than the boring and ugly old one.

Great work anyway!

Also, I added a missing “fixed” here in case the user chooses his own background:

{block:IfYourOwnBackgroundImage} body { background: url({text:Your Own Background Image}) top center fixed no-repeat #4c201e; } {/block:IfYourOwnBackgroundImage}

Thank you for great feedback! I’ll look at it!

Very nice theme. Good luck dude!

Like it a lot, good job! :)

Thank you!!

A question though. I want images in posts to be centered, so I added the following to the custom css:

img { margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto; display: block; }

It works perfectly for images that are not too wide, but if they are a little wide the image is skewed a to the right. See the problem in action at http://thomas.do

Any suggestions?

Hi Thomas, yes, you are using photoset and as I see this theme can’t handle with it for this moment. So try to insert it as normal image in a post. It’ll fix it for this moment. Thanks, Viktor

So does this theme support photosets or not?

If so, can you please post an example of how a photoset displays?

I would also be very interested in seeing how video displays.


Currently not photosets :( working on it. But video is here: http://feelindreamstheme.tumblr.com

Hey Viktor, awesome theme!

I like your work.

I am stuck between CityBridge and this. Both fit my needs.

I was wondering if I buy this one can you help me style the top of each post like the CityBridge theme?

I like the icon style on that one alot better, but I like the built in share settings on this one more.

Any help is appreciated, talk to you soon!

Hi Infamouslux!

Thanks for your kind words, but I’m very sorry, at this time I can’t make any custom edits :( I’m overloaded with my clients works. But I’m sure there are some companies specialized into editing purchased themes!


everything’s fine with the theme but one question: How can i change the background image?

THNX, Christian

Hi Christian,

just put the image address to the field in Tumblr Customize ;)

Thanks, VH

Hi I am unable to find the html to upload to tumblr can you give me a hand please?


thank you

no problem, enjoy!

Wow! Interesting;