Discussion on Fekra - Responsive One/Multi Page HTML5 Template

Discussion on Fekra - Responsive One/Multi Page HTML5 Template

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hi there, need help on why drop down menu does not work on responsive site. Sub categories do not show on phone?

Any help appreciated

Hello, Please send us your purchase item license and support to private message

Hi, I can’t use google ads because of this issue:

/site/templates/js/jquery.main.js Severity: Potentially Suspicious Reason: Suspicious JavaScript code injection.

in code line 3820

What’s happen? thanks

Hi Sir,

Can you share with me your website link?

Unable to get footer to display correctly on portfolio pages


Hello Chum, Are you talking about HTML Version or WP Version?

WP Version

Hi! I’m working with the Fekra theme for a client and have been able to modify the theme so far with no issues. I came across one issue, on a mobile device, when the menu is opened, the whole page is on the left side and it doesn’t back to the original position when the menu is closed. The URL is http://aboveboardroofing.anitaswebdesign.com/index-onepage-construction.html Thank you!

Hello Webby, Please provide us the purchase code details via private message on profile. Also, Your URL wasn’t able to open as security antivirus avoided to open. Would you check it?


Hello! My name is Kathy. I have a question regarding the Chef Carousel shortcode, I´m using this carousel for youtube videos and works fine, but the only issue is that when a play a video the carousel keep moving, I want to disable the behaviour of auto scrolling, I want that the user have to click on the dots to navigate to the other set of videos…but I don´t find where to change it. I find in plugins.js file a reference to a class inside this carousel but I change things there and nothings happens.

You can see my website here: http://staging.dreamcatcher-studio.com/recuperapanama/

Please help!!!

Kind regards, Katherine

Hello Kathy.

Open jquery.main.js and go to the line of jQuery(’.beans-stepslider’).each(function() {

Change autoplay: true, to autoplay: false,

Then CTRL+F5 to refresh page


hi, i have a problem with the Fekra theme on mobile devices, when the menu is opened, the whole page move the the side and dont back to the original position when the menu is closed

Hello Did you purchase the end WordPress version or HTML ?

مرحبا / قمنا بشراء التصميم الخاص بكم هل كافة الصفحات تدعم اللغة العربية

مرحبا بك . نعم يعمل مع اللغة العربية في حالة اضافة خاصية سي اس اس من اليمين الي الشمال


Your template form has a problem with accents (àâîéè).

Did you find a solution ?

Thank you in advance !

Do you have an email to chat more easily about the problem (and send you the screenshots)?

Your problem related to your hosting and email providers, Please contact to the hosting provider

Hey there! I just ran an update and now there is a lot of the red color, #e74c3c, everywhere on my site, where it used to be a custom color (gold). Is there a place I can go to fix this?

Hello Kypswei, Did you purchase the HTML OR WP Version?

Hey there! I’m so sorry. I made a mistake and commented on this HTML. The version I’m using is WP. I left a support request with you guys for this in the appropriate place :)

Sounds Great, It is ok dude


I use your Fekra theme in my site but I have a problem with the mobile version. The menu does not display level 2, 3, and 4 sub-menus.

Can you help me, please ?



I have the WordPress Theme.

Kindly leave your comment at https://themeforest.net/item/fekra-responsive-multi-pageone-page-wordpress-theme/15847093 because here is the HTML Version

Thanks !

Where in the documentation does it explain how to make the Contact form work?

<!- contact block ->
                   <!- contact message ->
                       <!- page heading ->
                       <header class="page-heading">

send us massage

Ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit, sed diam nonummy nibh euismod tincidunt ut laoreet dolore magna aliquam erat volutpat. Ut wisi enim ad minim veniam

</header> <form action="#" class="contact-form2"> <fieldset> <input class="form-control" type="text" placeholder="Name"> <input class="form-control" type="email" placeholder="E-mail *"> <input class="form-control" type="text" placeholder="Website"> <input class="form-control" type="text" placeholder="Subject here"> <textarea class="form-control" cols="30" rows="10" placeholder="Message*"></textarea> <input class="btn-more btn" type="submit" value="submit"> </fieldset> </form>


Can you please drop me a email on htmlbeans@gmail.com for detail support.


Unfortunately their ticket support is very bad! They take weeks in response for just 1 message. Very bad customer support

Hello Rawzef,

Thanks for your comment, We replied you since wo months ago, But you should purchase the template and support to for support you !


I got the theme legit on elements, here is a comment section not a support section, I submitted a ticket on your ticksy so many weeks by now and I scrolled on your public tickets and all of them are many weeks due!

Do you mean HTML OR WordPress Version !!?


How create customs forms in WPbakery pagebuilder, suggest the best plugin to integrate the same

Did you bought HTML OR WP version?

How to create custom form in fekra ?

How to edit the Dollar symbol to rupee symbol in Pricing layouts

Hello, You can upload the symbol to icomoon.io, After that you can add on your HTML

Hello, I cant seem a way to add anything to the footer, I write anything on the widgets but automatically it gets erased, I dont know how to fix this.


Which Page?
Kindly, You should purchase the template and support


I have some doubts in Fekra Education template. Like to know how to change the icon color background and change the icons images. add images in some sections.

Hello lakshmikanth71,
We can change color and font icon via Style css and fontawesome icons
It is very easy to customize


Thanks ! i have more doubts how to edit footer, in wp or page builder, request to send the video for complete website customization.


I want to add an instagram feed on my site – do you have snippets for api at all?

Thanks Dan


Yes, You can add new plugin on you website, please download from here


After that follow the documentation


Hi. Ist seems like vue.js breaks all the animations. Any Idea how to handle it?

Hello, The template not included vue.js

Hello Guys… Is there a way to make the home slider image responsive to mobile devices?It works great except on mobile devices it does not resize all the way .

Also there is a parallax banner that shows perfectly fine on a laptop screen but not on mobile. Any ideas how to fix that? Thanks


Can you please drop me a email on htmlbeans@gmail.com for detail support.


email sent thanks

I have Fekra 1.5 installed now. I just bought 2.1. It seems to be completely different in terms of installation. Can I just install it and keep all my prior look and feel or will I have to redesign? If I can just keep it the same, how do I do that? Just delete the themes/fekra subfolders and copy in the markup folders?

I sent a request for a refund. I can then re-order the correct WP version of Fekra. Sorry for the mistake, but thanks for being so responsive on my note.


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