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Nice looking theme. What inspired the name? Breaking Bad?

Thanks. And yes indeed, it was BrBa :-)

Clean and very cool theme. Good luck Oliver :)

Here is cool stuff! A huge compliment, this theme is really ahead for its category. The functionality given by your theme, it will be of great help to potential buyers. Keep the compass on this direction that you are taking the right way! Good luck with your sales ;)

Thanks for the kind words, man! Good day!

Great stuff olive…Just loved it simply aweosme

And just for the record the Google page speed SCore is just 63.That seems a bit of concern.

Hey! Thank you for pointing the page speed. I have to admit, I added all the functionality (thus bigger js and css files) of Foundation 4. I will try to strip of some of it to get a better page speed score, and eventually do an update. Cheers!

Well done, Oliver!

Thanks, yo! Really appreciate it. :-)

Hey I have a question regarding a “logo” question. Basically I’m trying to remove the whole grey box on top of the default page by adding a picture. The picture however, is never big enough no matter what I put on the width and height. I tried using the PDF file but it did not have any information neither. It’s like every picture I use does not properly fix and it ends up looking out of place. Hope I can get some support, I really love the design.

Hi! Email me at oliver.dionela01@gmail.com or just by using the contact form on my profile page so I can help your further, better and faster :-). And please send me your site’s url so I can take a look. I’ll be waiting for your message!

Hi again. To make your background image “cover” the entire branding wrapper, please add this to your custom CSS box (Tumblr > Customize > Advanced)

.branding-wrapper, .single-page-branding {
  -moz-background-size: cover;
  -webkit-background-size: cover;
  background-size: cover;

Don’t forget to hit save.

This will do for now and will be added to the main code as a fix on the next update. Hope this helps. If it doesn’t, please email me. Thanks!

Having some trouble with video post thumbnails not appearing correctly. See brandonsetter.com

Hi! Sorry I replied late (All Saint’s Day festivities here in my country and I just got home with no sleep :-) ). May you please email me at oliver.dionela01@gmail.com

I will be honest, it’s completely my error on the code. However there’s an easy fix which will I send to you via email. Thanks and apologies for the trouble. Good day!

Anyway, I’ll just use your contact form to send you the fix :-)

hi very nice theme, to installed it and I’m happy. I want to ask if it is easy to make 2 things. 1. On / off button on the settings for “Photoset Sliders” and 2. if there is only one photo in the article to do not use the lightbox

I guess it’s something simple and I thank you. Stathis

Hi! Right now, turning the slider feature on/off is not available via settings but can be done by editing the codes. On your second point, can you please elaborate/explain further?

Let’s work it out! Send me an email to oliver.dionela01@gmail.com and let’s see what we can do. Thanks!

I sent you a message, thanks for the response :)

This is by far the best Tumblr theme I have ever seen or bought! Well done!

I have some concerns that need addressing, however. For now, I will only mention the more pressing concern. The branding image is will not resize for smaller devices.

Thank you for this awesome theme, and your time.

. , isa . ’ . !

Thanks for your kind words man! That issue with the branding image was already fixed on the latest update so make sure you’re using the latest one. For all the issues you are having, email me at oliver. dionela01@gmail.com and let’s fix em all! Thanks!

This theme is amazing! Thank you so much!

www.jeffbough.com if anyone would like to see what I did with it!

Awesomesauce man! Thank you and good luck!

Thank you Oliver – this theme has been such a great find! I have used it to build (and launch!) my wife’s new website for her painted furniture shop: http://mommomsdesk.com

I’m so impressed with the level of detail and thought you put into this theme, it made building the site so much easier than I anticipated. Often times I would think “well I guess I’ll have to hard code that in” only to find you had already thought of it and had even included a simple solution.

My one concern is the ability to remove the zoomed-in feature on the photo posts. Is there a way to remove this and perhaps shows a hero image of one photo from a photoset?

Thanks in advance, great work!

Hi! The zoom in on hover feature can be removed by commenting out or deleting the corresponding CSS.

Thanks for the kind words!

Woops! I’ve just checked out your site. Looking good! Email me at oliver.dionela01@gmail.com and let’s work out what hover replacement you want to do. It’s easier to send codes via email. Thanks again!

Hello! Just downloaded your theme and I’m messing with the settings! I love how simple you made everything since I’m horrible with html. A question though? Is there any way to make it so that everything I post isn’t right on the front page portfolio? I have my main illustrations and animations up, but if I ever wanted to add something new, I wouldn’t want it to go in front of my demo reel post, yet I still want to post it so it’s on the animation category? I hope this makes sense. Also, is there a way to make the contact button on the top right hand corner not dark green? I can’t seem to find it in the customization unless I keep missing it ?(totally possible) my site: kaitlyngraziano.tumblr.com

Hi! Do you want it to completely have NO posts on the home page? It is possible. Please email me at oliver.dionela01@gmail.com because this needs quite a long explanation :-)

Also, I’m quite not sure what contact button on the top right button are you referring. Let’s work it out also. I’ll be waiting for your email.

Happy New Year!

Hello, I need some help. I have tried everything and cannot manage to get my Instagram feed to show up at http://kriscolvin.com/

It IS connected and I tried both types of creds in the box (the key and the other one) and neither makes it work. Can you walk me through that?

Thank you, Kristi

Well, I made sure I was logged in on Instagram and tried clicking the link to retrieve details several times, but unfortunately it did not work.

I wound up figuring it out – I have it working!

Hi, sorry I just woke up. Good to know it worked. Good luck!

Hello Oliver,

is there a way I can display my logo normal size, and center it as well?

Try adding margin on top by doing this:

 .branding h1 {
   margin-top: 1.5em;

I tried the code above on my browser. Here’s how the result look like:
You can change the margin value if you like :-)

I thank you for your time and assistance, Oliver. It still looks skewed to the left.

I think I would prefer to purchase your “Impetus” theme. It has the centered logo. The only problem I have with that theme is that it is lacking the four client logo section. Would it be possible to have the client logo section in the “Impetus” theme?

Thank you again. :)

Adding the feature would be easy since they have the same framework. I feel bad I can’t get you helped with a seemingly simple problem :-( . Please email me regarding this, thanks.

Can this template support YouTube or Vimeo integration?

Hi! Youtube and Vimeo are supported by this theme (via Tumblr’s Video Posts). Or you can also embed theme anywhere in the theme. Thanks!

Is there a PSD Available?

Sadly no. But I might release an HTML version. Might. :-)