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Congratulations Great work , Good Luck With Sales :)

Hello Can somebody tell me how to install Felius Template… I install different kind of template with wordpress wihtout any problem but this one that I just bought I keep getting the message: Broken Theme

So I try different option but still not able to open it… and since I paid for it I expecting support from the author or the selling site.


Hello. Unfortunately, this is not WordPress theme. It’s HTML template (cheaper than WP themes and placed in Site Template category). Thanks

Ok thanks, The thing is I really like the template so can you tell me with wich software I’m suppose to use and edit for your template?

Thank you for your purchase. For editing, you can use any text editor (like notepad++) or editor for web sites (like Adobe Dreamweaver).

Excelente, debería de estar dentro de la categoria de creativo, porque tu diseño es muy original. Éxito!

Looks great!
Good luck mate! :-)

Kak vsegda krasivo ! Good luck with sales !

Spasibo! :)

I love it. Once you get the WP version made, will you please message me? It will be a definite buy for me.

Thank you. At that moment I’m looking for co-developer of WP. As soon as I make WP, I will send you message.


First of all thank you very much for creating such a nice template. I am using your template for Visual C# in Visual Studio 2012 and I need your expertise to resolve my issues.

1. After changing the colour or background, how can I keep the changed colour or background on next page.

2. I am using a Master Page on my site and most of the page loading from different folder. Setting Tool is working only the default or index page not any other page.

Need your help.

Regards Sarfaraj

Hello Thank you.

1. Unfortunately you can not keep color or background on the next page using only the style switcher. Style switcher is just a demonstration of the possible options and background and colors of template. In order to keep color or background on all pages, you need to select the corresponding css file, or insert to this file hex code of any color you like, as well with background. The more detail you can read in the documentation. If you have any questions email me at

2. All path required for style switcher placed in files styler.js and styler.css. Maybe you need to change them. The more detail you can read in the documentation.

Regards Vladimir

Dobriy den’. Toko shto kypil y vas etot shablon i est’ nekotorie bagi v Google Chrome i IE 9. 3 bloka s kartinkami kotorie pod LATEST POSTS ne pokazivautsa, blok Testimonials ne pokazivaetsa i te 5 ikonok kotorie vnizy kotorue podsvechivautsa pri navode mushkoy oni aktivnie daze esli na nix ne navodit’ mushkoy. Vse perechislennue problemu tolko v IE, google chrome. V Mozilla vse ok. I y vas na sayte vse ok (v preview versii), a v skachannoy vot takie problemu. Vu bu ne mogli ispravit’ i zalit’ obnovlennuu versiu ili shto mne delat’?

Dobryj den’. Jeto proishodit potomu chto vy zapuskaete sajt ne na hostinge ili lokal’nom servere. Est’ u google chrom svoja specifika vypolnenija JS, nekotorye iz nih on ne vypolnjaet, esli sajt nahoditsja ne na lokal’nom servere(mozhno ispol’zovat’ denwer) ili na hostinge. I u IE9 tozhe sovja specifika, esli sajt ne na lokal’nom servere ili hostinge, to vyskakivaet tablichka (na skinah ja vam prislal) “brauzerom zapreshheno vypolnenie skriptov…” nuzhno razreshit’ zablokirovannoe soderzhimoe. Jeto normal’naja reakcija brauzera. Poprobujte zapustit’ lokal’nyj server i postavit’ tuda sajt ili perenesti sajt na hosting i vy uvidete, chto takogo ne budet. Mozhete posmotret’ skriny, kotorye ja prislal.

Esli ja Vam pomog, pozhalujsta postav’te 5 zvezd v ocenke shablona. Spasibo.

Thanks for your help! Works great! Good luck with sales :)

how do I go about installing this in my domain host?

how do I go about customising the content in the html page?

and how do I change the logo in the index file?

You can use notepad++ for editing html pages (their content, and all that is connected with it) in more detail, you can read the documentation for the template and on website

hi thanks for great work.

how can i add last tweets bottom of the page?

Thank you for your purchase. Unfortunately, now twitter updated his API to v. 1.1 and now twitter feeds does not work, because it is created to twitter API v 1.0. Now, unfortunately, twitter feeds, it’s just a design. As soon as I find the opportunity to work twitter feeds, I will update the version of the template.

Hi! I purchased this theme a few weeks back, still working on it, but I’ve noticed yesterday that on Chrome is acting weird for the “latest work” or “testimonials” sections. I see a horizontal line of one pixel bellow the titles, but nothing more. On Safari or Firefox it’s working fine, tested on OS X and Ubuntu, different machines. First I though I screwed up something in my code, but I opened the untouched template and it’s the same there. Can you please confirm this behavior and help me solve it? Maybe chrome has changed something for how they handle html5? Thanks!

Thank you for your purchase. Maybe it is happened because you open the site not on a local server or hosting. “Chrome” and “IE” and “Safari” has the features to work with JS, if site is not placed on local server or hosting. I just checked in all browsers and found no errors. Do you have this problems in the live demo? If the problem persists, please send me screenshots.

Yeah, it works! Sorry for the trouble, it triggered me cause so far I didn’t see this problem, probably had too much work to do :) Thanks, awesome template!

Thanks. If you like my template, please rate it 5 stars :)

please where was withdrawn icons?

I’m sorry, I did not understand the question a little. Icons from “Font awesome”

Hi, I am having a problem when I put the theme in my website. After i finish with the linking and all the other edits, I click on a corresponding page and it reverts back to its original state without any edits. I changed it in my local server as well as the internet, but with the same results. As a result, I am getting stuck without making any edits. How do I change all this?

I’m a little misunderstood the problem, please describe the problem in more detail. Some of the links have href = ”#”, you need to write your link there, it’s because they is a design, for example social buttons. Do you have this problems in live demo?




“1) HTML 2) WP: IS THIS VERSION EASY TO EDITING?” Yes, they are light enough for customization.


“4) WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN $ 15 AND $ 750, I’M CONFUSED.” You Can read about this here


good night

I wonder how do I duplicate the countryside “project-details” to the other figures.



Hi. Please write in more detail about what you need on my email. Thanks

i cant seem to be able to make use of the ‘latest work slider’. i have already activated it on the options. i don’t know where can i upload the images to. please advise, thanks

Thank you for purchase. Pictures for ‘latest work’ are located in folder images / content / (example images/content/port2-1.jpg and a large preview images/content/port-big-1.jpg) Thanks.

how can i set it to the ‘latest work slider’?

You can replace images in blocks “LATEST POSTS ITEM”

Need to change the Paragraph color and size, how can i do this?

Nice Theme by the way.

BUT OF COURSE: body { font-size: 13px; line-height: 18px; color: #4B4B4B;

silly question, i was tired .

Realy nice theme! Good Job

Thanks :)

Great Template! Just having a little trouble with the Contact page, read through the discussion above regarding that a web server is needed for the php mailer to function. Tried that, and everything else too – aspx page conversion, html page, aspx page with server side buttons for submitting the form – nothing works. My “Send Mail” button just won’t fire. It would be great if you could help. Thanks.

Thank you for your purchase. For work Contact page you need to setup send.php (write your email) more in documentation. Also, your hosting must support php. A similar problem was with another man with a hosting. Maybe emails go to the spam. Thanks

Hi, ¿Is posible to display all logo clients into a page?

Hi. Yes, it’s posible.