Discussion on Felix – Personal Blogging WordPress Theme

Discussion on Felix – Personal Blogging WordPress Theme

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Hi ! I want to buy Félix to create a new blog for a client, but I’m wondering if it’s already compatible with wordpress 5.0. Any informations about that ?

Hi, Yes, our theme is already compatible with WordPress 5.0 Thank you!

Hello, I have imported the content and the home pages and options are not showing up. It only brought in 8 pages that are not the full site pages. Help please. LeilaJolie.com

Hi, Ok. we received your email. please check reply. Thank you!


I’ve been using this theme for YEARS now and even when I’ve had the urge to change it up, I always end up coming back to this one. With that said, I had an issue with the newest version of the theme about a week ago. I wasn’t able to view or upload any new images to my media library and I couldn’t make any new customization edits to the theme. I kept receiving an error notice that “something went wrong and I should try again in a few minutes”.

I contacted my server provider and they weren’t able to replicate the issue, but it was still happening on my end. I tried disabling a few plugins, but that didn’t work either. I ultimately decided to delete that version of the theme and upload the older version and it’s working fine.

Hope this helps. I really enjoy this theme. It’s clean and simple. You can view how I use the theme at http://blog.stylishlysable.com/

Hi, thanks for your contribute! we perform check and update it. Thank you!

I’ve been trying to use the Felix Instagram widget but its not showing any images

hi, please give me information your site: link+admin access to email: farost.agency@gmail.com to I can check and show solution for you Thank you!

Hello, Wonderful theme. I am looking forward to purchase this. However, I noticed that the instagram widget is not working on your demos. Is this a fully functional instagram widget or just hard coded in a WP TEXT widget?

Hello, don’t worry about it, instagram it’s plugin and you can update it. Thank you!

Hello – when using the ‘odd/even’ list style on the front page, videos are not shown – is there any way to change this?

Hi there,

I’m unable to access demo pages of this theme using “Live preview” button. It’s taking me to some shop page. Below is the screenshot of page it’s taking me.


Please let me know. Thanks.

Hi, is this still a good time to buy this theme? Last update was last year in November…?

One question: Can I change the fonts?

1. Yes, in right now, our theme still run well.
2. to change fonts of theme: You go to Appearance -> customize -> typography and perform change: http://prntscr.com/ge9la3
Thank you!


I would like to add a caption at featured images.

Can you help me please?

Hello, featured images not support caption. If you need i can make a custom work for you. Please send info to farost.agency@gmail.com. Thank you!

Thanks for you reply. I sent an email to you.

I uploaded the latest version of the theme and it didn’t work. I had to revert to the previous version. Is anyone else having this issue? My latest post became my homepage. I’d like to update but I think there is a problem.

My site still isn’t fixed!!!

DON’T UPGRADE to v 1.0.5! It broke my site.

I gave them access to my admin panel and my FTP and you did nothing in more than a day except upgrade to the latest version which is BROKEN. Very frustrating for my users.

When you have a fixed version, upload it to themeforest and I’ll consider it.

I am considering looking for a new theme provider in the mean time…

Hi, when you update theme, you need go to Customize and perform custom again. you can read document of theme to custom. Thank you!

Hey – nothing happens when I press ‘get support’ on this item, and it has this link in my browser: https://themeforest.net/item/felix-personal-blogging-wordpress-template/16883280/support#

Anyway I have just downloaded + imported demo content, but my site looks nothing like the demo. I can see that the posts have been imported, but not the images – and I would just like the demo version as it looks on http://preview.themeforest.net/item/felix-personal-blogging-wordpress-template/full_screen_preview/16883280 so I can modify from there. What do I do? the URL is http://rejsentilsundhed.dk/ – you can contact me on stto@itu.dk

I have done for you. Please check my email. Thank you!

How do I reduce the amount of space between the navigation and the page (posts and widgets)? http://ef5.232.myftpupload.com/

Hi, You can use code CSS to custom: .site-content { padding-top: 0px!important;} => You can result: http://prntscr.com/ehrjiz Thank you!

The preview page seems to be down

Hi, Sorry about it. In right now, You can view again: http://prntscr.com/e52bkh. Thank you!

I’m trying to create a gallery post and I’ve selected the Gallery format on the New Post page, but the images are not saving in a gallery format. Can you help with this?

yes, you need install jetpack plugin. Thank you!

Hello, on the demo the featured part contains different categories (business, fashion etc) but when I try to do this, I can only select one category not multiple. How can i go about adding multiple categories to show on my featured section?


We’ve sent message to you, and if you have any problems with the theme, just email us and we’ll try our best to assist you to solve them.

Have a nice day.

Hello, Yesterday I put the widget “subscription to newsletter” in Lower Area Col3 but today it’s gone and the widget is no more available in the widgets list… Is that related to something you did to the theme (like an update or something) ?? Thank you in advance


Please send me your admin info and I’ll check for problems asap.

Hello, thank you for your answer. I purchased the theme but I have a problem with the instagram widget (footer). I have the choice between only 2 size (large and thumbnail) which doesnt suit to me. In your demos the instagram pictures have a really nice size, how can I get the same ?


For instagram widget, the best settings would be “large”, 6+ images and 6+ columns. You need to provide column number and how many images to load.

Example: You loaded 12 images and choose 6 columns, so you will have 2 rows of images, each row contains 6 images.

Another example: you loaded 8 images and choose 6 columns then you’ll have 2 rows, 1st rows contains 6 images, and 2nd row only contains 2 images. It’s not good on this situation

And another: you loaded 6 images and set 8 columns, then there will be empty spaces for 2 more images, in this case won’t get loaded.

And another: Your instagram has 5 images, then if you choose 6 images and 6 columns, the widget only able to load 5 images -> you have space left for 1 image.

Last example and recommended: Pick 6, 7, 8, 9 number for images and choose 6, 7, 8, 9 columns. ( 6imgs, 6 cols. 7imgs, 7cols… )

Thank you so much !

Hello, I was wondering if I can use one of the demo in one page and another demo in another page of my website (blog) ? Or once I choose a style/demo it’s applied to the entire blog ? Thanks

Hello and thank you for your concern.

We built the theme to serve most people needs, to keep it simple, light and fast. Each demo we’ve created is one configuration set, which means when you use the theme, you could combine settings and make something new.

And for your question, I will need more details, examples so I can answer/help you better.

The last one: Yes, it’s blog, and when you make changes, it applies to entire blog, but don’t worry, the theme itself has customizations. It provides different settings for Blog home, archive ( like category, tag… ), and single post view.

Our demo is just “demo”, it does not cover everything about the theme because we don’t want demonstrations to be repeated.

Hello, thank you for your answer. I purchased the theme but I have a problem with the instagram widget (footer). I have the choice between only 2 size (large and thumbnail) which doesnt suit to me. In your demos the instagram pictures have a really nice size, how can I get the same ?

Hi, is there any way please to have the main logo look well also on Retina displays? I tried uploading a 960×480 logo instead of 480×240, but then it’s cropped and despite of the screen resolution the small version is used… Thank you for your help!


We use Cropped image for logo, because load time, we want the theme to be as fast as possible. If you want a retina logo, just simply write a function on child theme to override logo size, then you can use bigger image.

If you need help just email your site info and we’ll assist you.

Thank you.

Ok, I’ll do in that way, thank you for your suggestion!

It’s possible to use the featured content slider only as a picture, like a banner?

Hi, you will need modifications on index.php and related files. The easiest way is to create a widget area, make a slider widget then make that widget area show on home page.

If you are familiar with PHP/CSS/JS then it’s good to go straight. If not, let me know.

Not familiar at all… jjj! Can you please help me? If you prefer we call mail me ceciliaaraujo@globo.com



I’ve already sent a message to you few days ago and waiting for your response


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