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Looks awesome! I know you get ask this quite a lot but is there any news on a Wordpress version? An answer by you would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Hello. Thank you for the interest to our design. Wordpress version should be released during one month.

Hi, great work. Are the images in PSDs?

Hello. No PSD are not comes with images from screenshots.

will this be available as a magento template? if so, do you know when you will release it?

Hello. Thank you for the interest to our PSD, yes we are developing magento theme, and I suppose it will be released during one month

Is the wordpress version for sale?

We are working on wordpress version, and want to release it soon.

Soon as in 1week? :p

unfortunately a little bit more – about 1 month.

hi, any idea when magento will be released? I urgently need it

we need about one month to finish it, maybe a little more.

ok, and will you also provide all windows such as My Account? I saw it was not provided in PSD and now in HTML version

Fengo magento theme will have all pages what have default theme, and My account as well.

Hi there,

Have you released a wordpress/woocommerce version yet? Please let me know asap as very interesting in purchasing this.

Thanks so much

I think 1 month

That was in a previous comment 4 months ago lol. Will it defiantly be released within a month? I really need to purchase it but unsure if we can wait past 4 weeks.

I’m not developer of woocommerce theme, so I just tell you what developer told me, sorry.

Hi. After how many days – weeks – months, wordpress will be released?

Hi. Fengo is already in development, and I suppose it’s require about one month to release, but it’s approximately, and can take more time

Hi thanks for this its great, is there a more user friendly way to view the psd’s clicking on images and then scolling down on the page is a bit of a nighmare via themeforest

Hi. Sorry for the delay. Unfortunately it’s only one way to see screenshots.

HI, may I ask you: I want to buy this design and buid into a template, theme. then sold to other clients. Là nó ?n? thank you!

Hi. Please write to my email marek.mnishek @ gmail.com