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Hi Love the theme, stunning. Couple of questions before I purchase: 1. Can it be set not to have music at all? 2. I notice the background image that is used (bck_black.png) is used throughout for all pages. Can I amend it to have a different one for the logo? 3. On the portfolio, 4 coloumn, could I set it up so there isn’t a ‘read more’ button? 4. Do you have to have a pattern over the background images?

I hope these are all possible. I really want to use it for a project!


1. Yes, you can.

2. Yes, you can change that with CSS .

3. Also yes, just remove one line from a file.

4. Only if you want, you can change the pattern or not use any

very nice template. You may want to check some of your image links (in about us page, services page) which are linked to localhost…

bookmarked for future projects, good luck with the Sales!

I hate when that happens, thanks for telling me :)

I like this one a lot.

On mobile devices, it would seem to be adaptive. While responsive is might be preferred, what you have now isn’t too bad.

However, your menus rely too much on mouse over navigation (while cool) doesn’t lend itself to mobile navigation since mouse overs (hover effect) is typically impossible on a mobile / touchscreen screen device.

This makes navigation too difficult IMO to use for a site that has a mobile audience. The ones that don’t have such an audience likely become fewer by the day but would be perfectly suited to this theme.

That’s a good point. I’ll consider for the next update, thank you!

Great Theme!! Loving the animated navigation and the details everywhere =)

Thank you!! ;)

Hello, very nice theme but i was wondering why we dont see the maps on the demo netheir the image background on the menu page with background image?

Is it possible to put a map also as a full background? Anyway, nice job :)

You can’t use a map as fullscreen, sorry.

Great Theme. I just recently bought another video full screen theme that was recently posted on TF and it was a horrible experience trying to get it to work. Very broken. So your just cam up for sale with the same features and I have a deadline and already bummed I have to double purchase a theme for a client…I have to say this is a great theme. Very simple to use and consistent on all browsers. Thank You! Now a couple items. 1. How can I change the logo so it downs not have the pattern behind it. I just want the logo and can i change the pattern on the menu links?

1) You can change the Background for the Logo in “fenix/style.css” beginning at 29.

2) You can change the pattern image for the nav menu in ””fenix/css/shortcode_and_menu.css” on line 19

Hey there, nice theme! Could you please tell me, which song you were using for your demo? I tried figuring out with Shazam, but there were no matches….

Miaow – Bubble :)

Awesome design and style of the theme.. really impressed

Thank you!

Hello, How do I make that side bar automatically be open?

Also, the short code generator button is missing. Tried in chrome and IE. How can I get this button to appear and work? Thanks

1) Do you mean this one? http://cl.ly/Fgut Open “fenix/js/script.js” and add this on line 45
setTimeout(function(){ $('#home_widget_btn').trigger('click'); }, 1000);
2) Add this file in here:
http://cl.ly/FhWV/shortcode.php And replace this file:
For this one: http://cl.ly/FhbW/meta-box-usage.php

Does the full screen image background auto re-size for different screen resolution?

Yes, you can test that on the demo.

I also need to know how to make the slider background images fade. Right now they just cut. http://stout-irish-pub.com

Looks like they are fading now.

How can I remove the footer?

Can you make your contact info widget have working email links?

I made the logo bigger and how do I make the text move to the right more in the CSS and the text box bigger so I don’t have text going to the next line?

Is their a way I can remove the blank box on top of the home page?

Please create a support ticket with these questions in the Forum: http://support.eneaa.com

Thinking about purchasing but I need to know on the blog section I see a displaying picture. Will this also display a video stream? http://www.eneaa.com/templates/fenix/blog/

No, just use a picture.

If I have confused you about the picture I am refering to the ski lift. Instead of a still image for that blog representing a ski lift can it be replaces with a video image to play?

No, sorry. But I will keep that in mind for futere updates.

How do I make the homepage allow the page header (title) to show like the other pages? How do I remove the footer even though all of the widgets are off?

You can’t show the title in the HOme PAge, sorry. But to remove the footer, open “fenix/footer.php” and remove from line 2 to 69

That’s really messing me up about the home page – The title shows up if I don’t make that page the Home page in Wordpress; is there nothing that can be done to show it? Client needs it and I’m desperate!

You need to create a new Page Template, maybe you should hire a developer. So they can create that option.

Firstly…amazing theme! Secondly…what track was used for the site? lol Loving it!

haha It’s good. Bubble – Miaow

Can you tell me how much you would charge me to make this happen? All I want to have happen is show the page title (Welcome to Wyoming Solution!) on the homepage just like it is on the interior pages. http://wyomingsolution.com/test

Try replacing this file:
for this one: http://cl.ly/FsvQ/home-page.php

wow – looks nice.

is it possible to use galleria plugins? I see you have galleria as a gallery option. On the official galleria website you can buy different kind of plugins that let you see the galleria galleries in different ways. Is there a way to make use of their plugins in this theme?


Yes you can, but you have to change the Theme as any other site that you want to add the plugin. I mean, there isn’t an automatically option.

Thank you for your help, but it didn’t solve the header issue – I wanted to have it in the top header bar; it’s just showing up above the body copy.

What do you mean on the header? Can you show me a screenshot?