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Hello, i want to know if can i use only one space of footer and show full, now i have to put 4 widgets in footer but i just want to use one and show it full. it is possible?

Yes, replace the file:
For this one: http://cl.ly/Kmqm/footer.php

Thank you for the footer file. Antoher question, i want put on home first a video and them slides of photo how can i make it? Can you help me with it? thanks.

Yes, just add a video background in the Home Page, once it ends you will see the Slider automatically.

Thank you, exist the way that the video appear again? or just played once time and them only show photo slider?

You can play the video once or make it loop indefinitely. Except for Vimeo, this one can only play once.

You can choose this options in the Admin Panel for Fenix.

Hi there;

I’m working with your theme, and I’ve like to change the yellow rollovers in the sidebar. I can’t find where in the CMS to do this, can you please explain where to do this?


Strange, I have changed this and it still doesn’t display the new colour. Also, I’m having some issues with the sidebar overlapping pages in the secondary navigation, and everything is configured properly in the menu. Can you have a closer look for me please?

YEs, send me a WordPress user to my email, I will take a look: support@quemalabs.com

Hi Eneaa! I really love this design! I’ll buy it soon, but I have a question: Can I add more menu items? like 8 or more?

Thank u in advance, Essenza :)

Yes, you can. The Theme uses WP Custom Menus :)

Hi Eneaa, I’ve purchased your theme, still loving it :) I’ve just three questions: 1) I’d like to know how to change text color in the quote element (default is gray), and how to customize the text of all page elements. (2) 3) And, last one, I’m trying to change the background color of the second level menu div, but it remain in the default color (yellow). How can I change it?

1) go to your Admin Panel>>Fenix>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
#content blockquote{color: #ffffff !important;}
And you can change the font in the Admin Panel here: http://cl.ly/LAXb 2) Try this, go to your Admin Panel>>Black Label>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
.jqueryslidemenu ul li ul li a:hover{background: #ffffff !important;}

1) e 3) works! thx! But n 2) don’t… or better, I mean that I need to change the letter-spacing or text-shadow of all the text… I’ve tried to find something like “body{}” or “p{}” in the .css but without success…

mmmh… maybe I can change it simply adding in the Admin Panel>>Fenix>>style options: p{ letter-spacing:0.1em } (or something else?)

I’ll notice u

How install http://themeforest.net/item/fenix-fullscreen-video-image-background/2063700 this theme on wordpress 3.4.2. Becuse on hosting was install this version wordpress.

You can install it normally as on any version. Have you seen the Documentation inside the ZIP file?

Hello, when I view my site, there is a loading symbol, but no background slider is loading onto the page. Please help me.

Thank you.

Please crete a Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL , I will take a look.

how do i keep the same theme that i downloaded?

Hello, I put a video in home but when i clic this show a black image, the web is http://bit.ly/TG6j9b, in your demo when i make a clic the video just paused, what I have to do for only pause the video? Thanks.

Hi, I llve your theme, I’m currently rolling it out for a client’s website. Unfortunately, there seems to be a string of code showing in the html-output on the homepage, as well on one of the ‘regular’ pages.

it says:

'); //If is only 1 image don't show controls if($("#slide-list li").size() == 1){ $("#slide-list").hide(); $(".left_buttons .control_btns").hide(); $("#tray-button").parent().hide(); }//------------------------------------- //Add reflect to Thumbnails--------- $("ul#thumb-list li").each(function(index) { $(this).append(""); }); //------------------------------------- });//jQuery(function($) }//supersized_fstart supersized_fstart(); }); /* ]]> */

Any idea how and where to fix this?

Feel free to have a look at the website in its current phase (sandbox environment): http://sgrs.nl/VNMgmn

Looking forward to your reply, thansk in advance!


Where do you see this text?

I can’t find it on the site.

Thanks for replying. I had the ‘Slider items’ section temporarily removed (due to meeting with the client). Now it’s reinstated, there again to see!

Great! That solved it, thanks!


I have an strange problem.

When I add more than one slide, I can’t see them. One slide is ok, I can see it as background but more than 1, I can’t see anything. Why ?


Send me your URL with this problem to my email: support@quemalabs.com

Hello Eneaa.

I updated the wordpress to new version 3.5, and the Fenix theme don’t work very well, look the Fullscreen Gallery on my site (http://cynthiahayashi.com.br/verao-2013/).

What do I do to fix it ?


I answered the email you sent me.

I think that problem is Supersized 3.2 – Fullscreen Slideshow jQuery Plugin. Can You update the Fenix theme and send to me ?

Thanks. :)

Hello, Is it possible to add ken burns effect to my slider images? Thanks.

Well, you have to that on your own as a customization. It’s a bit complicated.

OK, thanks.

Hi Eneaa! This theme will be compatible with the latest version of Wordpress? (I mean 3.5.1)

Yes, it is.

Hello Eneaa, I have some questions for you: 1 How do I put the logo in the form of the internet, I mean the logo which usually appears in the top left corner, above the v bar where you put the ‘url? 2 How do I put on some pages, not all, (such as home and photos) you share with fb, twitter or allow all ‘user to put on the page, making it appear like the group screen that I want to connect? 3 We would ask you to go to my site (www.umbrienferienhaus.de) and tell me how I can remove the pages (type komtakte) queel format with achives, categories, tags, pages, etc. 4 Can you suggest a form for contact e-mail adaptable to good German? I thank you greatly, you’re always very kind and clear. thanks Alessandro

1. Here: http://cl.ly/MbHJ

2. Do you mean social buttons? you can use a plugin for placing socual buttons in any part of the Theme. http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/search.php?q=social 3. Looks like you already removed the Sidebar on this page: http://www.umbrienferienhaus.de/?page_id=263 4. I think this plugin should work: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/contact-form-7/

Is it possible to make the content area bigger? Like twice?

You can’t do that by default. You can only do it as a customization on your own.

Hi Eneaa, I have success with my site on computer browsers, but have some trouble with mobile devices, mainly because of 2 things that I would appreciate help with:

1.) The side menu for navigation is dynamically following the view when I zoom into any of the pages. Is there a way to lock it to the side so if I zoom in, nothing moves around to fit the screen?

2.) The prettyphoto(I think that is the image viewer used) for portfolio seems to not be working in my phone or tablets properly. The workaround I thought of is, can I make it so when I click to view the read more of a portfolio item, it goes to the portfolio read more page, but does not display any images? That way I can just paste static images in.

Here is a link to my site: http://www.artofhunter.com/

Thanks for any advice! Matt

Hi, thank you for getting back quickly. To answer your question about the second thing, I created a temporary portfolio item called “test” for you to get an idea of what I want to do. the problem is that if I do it this way, the Featured image on my Projects page is a broken link. But if I create a featured image, it will be a clickable gallery in the read more page.

Is it possible to have the featured item only show as the thumbnail on the Projects page but be hidden or act as a standard image that doesnt open the prettyphoto gallery? Thanks!

Yes, you can. go to your Admin Panel>>Fenix>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
.single-portfolio .img_post, .single-portfolio . jcarousel-skin-tango{display:none;}

That works great! Thank you

This theme is not working with Wordpress 3.5.1 version. Homepage background slider module is not coming.

Please help.

What is your URL? I will take a look