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Is there a way to have the background video play continously across different pages? When I change a page now and have the same video link, the video starts playing over from the start. Would be nice to have it play during the whole visit of the website.


No, you can’t do that due to restrictions of browsers. The only way to do that is having an AJAX site.

Hi Eneaa,

i have same problem with main page slider, could you please tell me how to enable it or maybe you can point me to some existing solution. Right now i just create static page as main, but would like to know how to enable slider on home.

Thank you!

FYI – Wordpress 3.5.1, site url: http://goo.gl/nqMLI

Send me an email with a WordPress user and I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

Please check email.

Hello we want reorder image of background but that’s do not work, can you help us ? Thank you very much for your work on this amazing theme . Best. G.

Do you mean the slider items? You can reorder them by changinf the publish date of this items.

Thanks. Another question please: Is it possible to have submenu items like. “Artists” on the top level and then “Artist 1 – Artist 2 – Artist 3” in a sublevel where each artist can be clicked and displayed seperately?


Well you can use WP custom menus to create a link to any page in your site. http://wp.tutsplus.com/tutorials/wp-101-video-training-part-13-custom-menus/

Ah great, thanks! I didn’t know your template was fitted to do that. Looks great, except the colours on the sublevel are still the generic yellow instead the one I changed in the fenix preferences.

Hi Eneaa, I recently decided to have more than one portfolio page. I did this by going to the Fenix, Portfolios Generator and adding a new portfolio called “Game Portfolio”. I set my Game page to use “Game Portfolio” instead of “Default”.

“Default” portfolio still works perfectly: http://www.artofhunter.com/portfolio/global-waters-demo/ But any new portfolio like “Game Portfolio”, looks like a blog page: http://www.artofhunter.com/gameportfolio/terc-caves-level/

Is there any way for the format of all portfolios to behave like the “Default” one?

Thanks, Matt

Yes, you have to duplicate the file “fenix/single-portfolio.php” and rename it with your new Portfolio’s name. For example:
You will find more info in the Documentation.

Hi, is it possible to have more than one video on the homepage background, so that the user can select which video they want to watch from a thumbnail?

No, sorry. You can only have one video per page as background.

Hello, Love the theme so much I already purchased it. Now i have a few extra questions. if you can help that would be great, I know my css coding but couldn’t find some things: 1. How can I make the menu fonts smaller 2.) Can I add other google fonts for the menu and body copy? 3.) My logo is a little wide, and it makes the menu wider than I would like. Can I set the menu to be a shorter width than my logo? 4.) Where and I change the dark backgrounds of everything into lighter grey?

I’m looking to launch fairly soon so any help would be appreciated. Thanks and good luck on sales!

1. go to your Admin Panel>>Fenix>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
.jqueryslidemenu ul li a {font-size: 16px;}

2) You can do that as a customization on your own, there is not an option for that.

3) You can try something like this with CSS:
#header h1 {position:absolute;}
.jqueryslidemenu {margin-top: 200px;}
The last value must be your logo’s height in px. 4) The backgrounds are made by an images, you can edit this image in:

Word. Thanks. Great Support.

How can I remove the top slider controls on the home page; right hand home page widget, and the hide menu control?

Thank you very much on hiding these but I can still see the background color from those controls.

In that case let’s do this, open “fenix/footer.php” and remove lines number 93, 124, 130 and 137

Worked perfectly thank you

Trying to finish up this site so apologies for the bombardment of questions. Is there a way to have the menu always be in the bottom left hand corner?

No, you can’t do that. Sorry.

How does on add captions to images on full screen slide shows?

For the Slider you can add caption if you enable this option on you slider item: http://cl.ly/NfZA

And then you can use the title and the content as captions.

Thanks for all of the assistance. Almost there. I lowered the placement of the menu/nav and now I get a list of “undefined” text: http://andreaeppolitoevents.com/2013/

any suggestions?


I can’t see them but try this, go to your Admin Panel>>Fenix>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
#slide-list {display:none;}

Thank you

Is there a way to remove the bottom right hand corner thumbnail button on pages without a gallery? Right now I have just a basic page, but it sits there and if you click it, the thumbnail slider opens up to show the background image.

Every page has an ID, you can see it in the Admin Panel. Your home page is number 5

Perfect. Thank yet again and again. River Plate? Boca? San Lorenzo?

Haha Huracan, it’s the opposite to San Lorenzo ;)

Is it possible to remove the fullscreen slider option for particular galleries?

You can do it by CSS, for example if you want to disable it on page ID number 5:
.page-id-5 #supersized{display:none;}

Hi, nice theme!

Wanted to ask if I could post self hosted videos on the website using the them?

Thanks for the time.

Yes, you can use self-hosted videos.

Is there a reason italic doesn’t work on the the body copy?

Maybe the CSS is overwritten, try this go to your Admin Panel>>Fenix>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
em{font-style: italic;}

worked. thanks

I’ve been using this code to remove the full screen option however it now doesn’t show the images. I’m ready to launch soon so hopefully the annoying questions will end soon.

Sorry I don’t understand, what is the problem exactly?

Send me an email so I can give you a better support. support@quemalabs.com

Is it possible to Pin (Pinterest) slide show images?

Not by default, but maybe you can find a plugin to do that.


trying to put the theme together. Could you help me with the spinning wheel in the background, even though i have uploaded some slider images?


Thanks, great theme :D

Looks like the three first slider item are empty. Try adding a Featured images to those items.

How do i remove the “Read More” from the portfolio pages? How to I remove the Default sidebar widgets (pages, tages, Meta, etc.) from the Blog page.

I’m on vacation right now but you can check the support forum: http://support.eneaa.com


nice work on the theme. Have a small question: I wanted to have the Home widget open when the page is accessed initially, but also available when other pages are being accessed, since i put my language chooser there. Is it possible?

Looked at an earlier post from one year ago (page 2 comments) and there is the initially on explained, but not if it’s possible to have it on all pages available (accessible on click).

Website: http://bevisual.lu Thanks for your time and the good work.

In “fenix/footer.php” remove line 89 and 100 and then place this code below:
<script type="text/javascript">  
jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
setTimeout(function(){ $('#home_widget_btn').trigger('click'); }, 2000);

Hehe, this is amazing. Can I also set it up to only show automatically on the “HOME” page or it’s restricted to popping on all pages?