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Does your theme support google analytics?

Yes, it does.

Is there a way to have a default background image for blog posts so I don’t have to upload the background image every time?

Sorry wish I could delete my question. Saw the answer on the forum. Thanks

Ok, no problem.


i installed the widget as you said. But it pops out on every page i access. I wanted to know if it was possible to make it pop out only on the home page?


But the home widget area is available only in the home page: http://cl.ly/OTSE

Please crete a Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL, I will take a look.

I imported my blog from my previous site but now my blog page shows the entire post on the root blog page. How can I show only partial of my posts on the main blog page?

You can use these button to add the “read more” button: http://cl.ly/OXQn If you have too many posts already and you don’t want to add that on each one. Just replace this file:<
For this one: http://cl.ly/OXSN/index.php

But the first option is the right one.

Wow..amazing thank you. Almost perfect. I notice it removed the blog/featured image. Can I keep those?

Yes, the featured image should still be there. Send me you original “index.php” to my email support@quemalabs.com


I have a presales question. Does this theme autoplay background videos on iOS?

iOS doesn’t allow autoplay videos. It’s an Apple’s policy.

Ok, I bought the theme and i found out that the autostart for videos does not work. I tried other themes, and they have the same problem, zo I guess it is an Apple thing. At least your theme gives me controls so iPad/iPhone users can at least start the video.

One question though. The menus are now black with white text. I would like to have white background and black text. How can I do that? I tried to play around in Styling Options to no avail.

Thanks in advance for your support!

Right now the menu uses an image as background, this one:
You can change that images for another one different or you can change the color with CSS, go to your Admin Panel>>Fenix>>Style Options, and add this CSS code:
.jqueryslidemenu ul li {
background: #FFF;
.jqueryslidemenu ul li a{
background: #000;

I want static home page with slider background – I mean I want my home page to be like this link http://www.eneaa.com/templates/fenix/pages/custom-sidebar/

You can create a regular page, and then use it as a home page here: http://cl.ly/PFPI


I can’t find my license key for the support. My question is. Does the template work well on a andriod phone? i can’t reach the menu when i want to click on it.

hi, i purchase you theme a week ago. like it but i cant seem to get the video playing in the background. how do i

Have you upload the JWPlayer folder? It’s explained in the documentation, if you need help you can send me a FTP user to my email. support@quemalabs.com

Could you please email me the documentation? I cannot find it :(

...its in the main files download, not the wordpress installlable…found it, never mind :)

Great, let me know if there is anything else.


I have a problem with the theme The default portfolio is working fine, but i want to generate few more portfolio which I am able to generate but when I add new pages to it than it shows “Page Not Found” and “Error 404” – “Not Found”

Also please let me know if there is any way where I can edit the read more link

Thank you

Yes, open “fenix/index.php” and edit line 34: http://cl.ly/PrDi

Thanks for the trick Eneaa! But I want to change “Read More” links on the home page only, I want to link “Read More” to other portfolios keeping the “Read More” links of other portfolios unchanged – Example: On home page I have 1 portfolio displaying 4 products with 4 “Read More” links – I want these 4 “Read More” links to open 4 different portfolios and these 4 portfolio’s “Read More” links should remain unchanged

I answered that by email, we continue there ;)

I bought the black label and it works great.. Now im thinking about purchasing this theme, but apparently, the sub menu of Page is half cut, (not showing all the menus in the drop down). Is there any solution to that? Cheers.

I’m assuming that you have a smaller screen, because this is how I see the menu: http://cl.ly/PruD

But you have a good point, you can use that menu item at the top for now. And I will try to think in a solution for that.

perhaps sub menu scroll?

Hello, i have two questions about your theme! 1) Can i have a different background video on every page 2) Is your theme compatible with non-ajax plugins or does it have any issues extending it’s functionality through plugins in general ?

Thank you!

1) Yes, you can.

2) There are no problems with plugins in general.

I don’t see any possible problems. Let me know if there are any and we will try to fix them.

Hello Nico, the tray-button dont work when I click on , the thumbnail does not disappear. see: http://cynthiahayashi.com.br/verao-2014/#

Can You help me?

Thanks man.

There is a javascript error causing the problem. Send me an email with a WordPress and FTP user and I will take a look. support@quemalabs.com

Look the solution (I put the code into footer.php) : <script> $(document).ready(function() { $(’#tray-button’).click(function(){ $(’#thumb-tray’).slideToggle(500); }); }); </script>

Thanks Man !

Hello Nico, the tray-button dont work when I click on , the thumbnail does not disappear. see: http://cynthiahayashi.com.br/verao-2014/#

You can help me?

Thanks man.

I’m trying to create a gallery with 50 images but it doesn’t inserted to the page. :/

Please crete a Support Topic in http://support.eneaa.com with your URL, I will take a look.

I thought I could have different sliders per page but I only see the option to have an universal slider. Am I missing anything? I would like for every page to rotate different sliders.


You can only have 1 slider. What you can do is use different sinle images or videos for each page.