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It’s a very nice template Dani, well done my friend :) Good luck!

Thank you, brother :) Your comment is much appreciate it!

Great one mate. I really like it :)

Thanks man, I’m happy to hear it :)

Good job.Good luck with sales…. :)

Thank you very much :)

Nice work man!

Thank you brother :)

very nice .. good luck in sales

Thank you very much man! :)

Nice template. I really like it….

Thank you royalsoft :)

Hi, will be possible in the future to include support forum ? I really like this template….

Hi again,

it’s possible to have Kunena in the early future, but for now template support is trough support@dhtheme.com and ThemeForest comments. You’ll have the support you need regarding all templates :)

Best regards, Jordan

Ok, thank you very much for answers…have a good day.

You’re welcome! Have a great day yourself :)


what version of Warp are you using

No, there are no plans to upgrade this template to Warp 7. This is not an easy transition from Warp 6 to Warp 7.

It is quite a jump and they are using the UIkit – I will get it anyway – looks highly adaptable



of course they’re using the UIkit – they’ve developed it :)


Hi, is this template compatible with Joomla 3.2?

OK, thanks for the ‘very’ quick reply, I just purchase it and will start the installation on our website, should we encounter any issue, we shall get back to you by email or do you have any support forum or ticket system please?

OK, sorry, just saw above questions, so will send all inquiries through email, thanks.


and thank you for purchasing! You can send emails to support@dhtheme.com if you need any help.


Very interested in this theme.

Presale questions

1. do you have shortcode?

2. is there any layout builder which I can create/edit my own layout in the backend, without the need of coding?

3. do you have quickstart kit for joomla 2.5 & 3.2?

4. are all the components, modules & Plugins included in the package purchased?



answers to your questions:

1. The template uses shortcodes, but there isn’t a shortcode generator implemented;

2. There is no layout builder (you have different options for different module positions, but you can’t drag and drop anything);

3. Yes, both Joomla 2.5 and 3.2 quickstart packages are available.

4. All used extensions are included only in the quickstart packages.

Best regards, Jordan

After searching for some time,I finally found the one I need. A very good template,and of course support team.

Ps.I sent you an email with my request from our discussion.

Thank you !

Thank you very much :) I’ve sent you what you needed


very nice template. BR from Africa- Benin

Hey, Thank you very much! Best regards from Bulgaria too :)

Hi. Bought this template last week and enjoying it thus far. One issue I need help with (I did not use quickstart package): I’m attempting to use the column grids within a module and it is not aligning horizontally. Without using a float tag, the columns stack vertically. When using a float tag, the column floats, but below the previous column:


I’ve just sent you an email.

Best regards, Jordan

Hello, great template! I have few questions: 1. pricing tables: is possible to set a price text like “from 35 EUR/month” – I mean is there enough place in the “price box” to write price in that way? 2. default Home (http://dhtheme.com/ferus/) – Services: is possible to set a pictures and text instead of icons 3. Home 3 – product review (http://dhtheme.com/ferus/index.php/home/home-3-product-review) -Features : is possible to set pictures instead of icons 4. menu: are possible menu items/icons, menu grouped items, menu modules 5. what about FAQ feature?

Thanks a lot!


you can create similar table with the default tables or you can code new ones of course :)


Hello, referring to question/answer 2 above: it means it could be used pictures instead icons in the Creative CSS3 Animation Menus?

Thanks again.

Yes, you can use images instead of icons :)

We bought this template, but after putting a lot of time into it gave up. The documentation was minimal. the site interface for control of the template was very light and it seemed to need a lot of file editing and playing around to do anything. In the end we gave up and bought another one that was better documented.

It may be a good template, but for not for the basic user.


I’m sorry to hear that. If I can assist you with something else I will, like I did so far :)

Best regards, Jordan

the service/help is supurb. the manual is very clear and easy to follow. all the shortcodes are completely written down and explained. Whenever you screw up a page yourself, you can easily re-do the original code.

A+ template!

Thank you very much :)

Hi, is a breadcrumb feature included?



yes, there are breadcrumbs. You can see them here above the article, below Inner Top position:


Best regards, Jordan

Hi, another question: are there unlimited module positions?



yes, there are, but you need to add them into few files (with which I can help you). In every position you can have up to 6 modules, but you can create unlimited module positions. There is no layout builder.


Hi, I want to purchase this template. But before purchasing, I have a question. Can we add products catalogues with different category to it. Can we external components for the same ? Like for semi e -commerce feature.

Thanks Somesh

Hello Somesh,

of course you can use external extensions like Virtuemart which can be enabled in catalog mode and you can have different categories, products, etc.

Best regards, Jordan

Thanks Jordan, So using virtuemart with this template wont create a problem ?

No, you shouldn’t have any problem.

Of course I can not give you a 100% guarantee because everything happens (computer or human errors) :)

Nice theme. Great support from Jordan.

Thank you! :)