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Hi! Great theme!

Is it possible to scale the background image for mobile? I tried playing around with it and couldn’t get it to remain fixed when scrolling so I’m wondering if you have any tips.


Fixed via e-mail :)

thank you thank you!

You’re welcome! :) Please rate the theme in the Downloads section if you can, thank you! :)

I like the things you can do with this theme.

May you please assist me with the following.

1. It seems to not display well on iPads, how can I fix that? 2. There is a little issue with the mobile viewing, it does not respond well and does not display logo and menu list properly.

Please assist, this is where Im using the theme, still working on the designs though.

Hi. Add this to style.css:

img, embed, iframe {
max-width: 100%;
img {
height: auto;

and you’ll need to remove this from your page content since it breaks the view on mobile devices

Hi. I’m not receiving any messages from the contact form.

Hi. Send me your problem + your URL + a WordPress admin account via the contact form on my profile

Hi! love the theme, i was wondering…can the background image be a video instead? how can i do this?? thank you!

Hello. Unfortunatly not by default, sorry. :(

I’m having an issue with portfolios in the fffolio theme.

Whenever I add them, sometimes the thumbnails/images load properly, aligned horizontally (in chrome) other times they are jumbled. In other browsers (like safari) they are always jumbled.

Here’s the url where the issue is:

Screengrab (Safari):

It looks similar in Chrome (when it’s not working).

Do you think the images are a little too wide for the theme? I can’t make sense of why it displays correctly sometimes and other times it doesn’t.

I just noticed that all subpages in the theme have a slimmer width than the home page. I’m guessing that’s part of the issue. Let me know.


Not sure what you mean? I haven’t received any messages.

Found it

hello, How to show drop down menu ? At first I have create some page and parent page and then I have create Appearance>Menu and create parent menu, everything is ok but drop down menu not show. All page and menu show direct the drop down menu not working. How it will be fix. Please let me know… Thanks

Hello, How to show drop down menu? Please help me….

Hi. This theme doesn’t support dropdown menus by default

Is this theme compatible with WP 3.8? I noticed it has never been updated since release last May. I obviously don’t want to get into something that isn’t going to work.

Hi, yes, it works with 3.8.

Having an issue with video playback. I’ve tried to submit a support ticket but it won’t let me post for some reason. My portfolio will not load light box video playback. Can you take a look and advise? Thanks!

Ah, sorry. Try using http instead of https for the links

Yes! It worked. Thank you for your help and for the awesome theme.

You’re welcome! :)

I’m trying to help my friend who purchased this theme and wants to use font-face to revised the fonts. I placed the font-face CSS in style.css, but nothing happens. I’m using the same fonts I used for my own site, so I know it’s not a compatibility issue with the font.

Can you please advise me how to do this?

Hi, please post your question using his account or send me the purchase code and the question via the contact form on my profile

What are the 2 color schemes? Does this theme not allow custom colors?

Hi! That’s a mistake on my end, I corrected it, I wanted to give out 2 color schemes but decided to instead add colorization options for all the most used elements(such as default text font size, header text, nav menu, etc).


you ‘re going to update wordpress 4.1 ? thanks

Hello, the theme works fine with WordPress 4.1

ok thank you !

Very important : Is it comptatible with visual composer? and is it possible to have screenshots of the admin please ?

The theme doesn’t use Visual Composer by default, the page builder will probably work like in any other theme, but there’s no integration or custom blocks created by the theme

The automatic scrolling isn’t dropping down to the pages. How do I fix this. Also where is the code for the logo in the menu header to resize it?

Hello and sorry for the late reply. I don’t understand your first question, can you please elaborate? Also please post your URL