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Definitely not extensive as described in the item’s description. Demo content doesn’t have majority of the pages.

Can you please send me demo content?

We expanded demo xml file in latest update, now it contains all majority pages, please download the update.

I am really starting to like this site. Could you tell me how to change the color of the theme. I am looking to change the yellow banner to a green. Is this possible and if so, how?


How about a response please??

Ok. Now I have figured out the dropdown. I just need to know why I cant click on the links/tabs on the dropdown.

We respond to all your questions on our support forum. Please do not duplicate your questions here. When cursor leaves the main menu the submenu disappears, so you need move your cursor fast on drop down menu.

I do not like the fact that you want to answer these questions on your support site where only the asker can get the answer. Many of the questions asked here are questions i have. If you would just answer them so others can read it – THAT would be more helpful. Your extensive documentation is NOT.

Hello, you are right, that would be more helpful, but our support team can answer only on support forum. We always working on our documentation to make it as much helpful as it possible.


I really like your theme, find your shortcodes extremely flexible and cool.

May you please assist me with a few though.

1. How do I add more fields on the price table, it only allows me to add 6/7 and I would like more slots for other packages?

2. How do I add social link icons on the footer like you did?

3. I am also struggling with the slider, how do I make multiple layers on the slider so that I may have different images and text sliding in on one slide like you did on your example?

I find the support platform confusing, so may you please respond either here or email me on


1. You can use only 7 fields on the price table. To add more fields you need to change some php files.

2. Navigate to “Appearance > Theme Options > Footer”, find section “Right Area Content” and paste social icon shortcodes:

[social type="vimeo" link="#"][social type="dribbble" link="#"]

3. You can watch this video

How to change header menu font ?

Hi, navigate to “Appearance > Theme Options > Custom CSS” and paste this css code:

#header-menu { font-family: Arial, sans-serif; }

Instead “Arial” you can add your font.

Hi there , great theme, I have a question though – How do i re-order the portfolio items?

Thanks in advance for your response


Hi, on portfolio page all items sorted by date, so if you want to re-order items you need to change date of post.

Hi , how to remove slider’s down shadow ?

Hi, go to “Revolution Slider” settings page, click on “Edit Slider”, in right sidebar find section “Appearance” and choose “No Shadow” in “Shadow Type” section.

Looking to get a response the you support forum. I also need help with setting up the social media ribbon in the header or footer.

We replied on the support forum.

How to create a contact form ?

Hi, you need to download plugin “Contact Form 7”. After plugin activation you need to paste plugin shortcode on contact page.

Looking to get a response the you in the support forum. I have asked multiple questions and no one has answered in YOUR support forum, what gives.

We really sorry for you waiting. Your ticket don’t have any status, must be some error on, I don’t see your ticket in list.

Hi -Well it says the ticket status is open, so i am not sure – I really could use an answer so i can finish my project. Here is my ticket number – does this help?

Thanks for link, we replied on your ticket.

I have a pricing table plugin which I have installed on the site and looks great. However, the table expands about 50px outside of the body div where the text is at the top of the page. Is there anyway I can change the css or format of the page to accommodate this?

Hi, can you provide url of this page?

Hi There,

I really like your theme and planning to purchase. Just a question: would I be able to create custom category links for different areas of my portfolio?

for example. I would like to create a page called “Illustrations” under which I’d put custom posts within illustrations category with the grid layout as seen on the demo “works” page (minus filtering options) and need to have the url to that page and it’s elements saying, for example: “”

I would really appreciate feedback. I am otherwise ready to purchase this theme.

Best regards,


How do we get the parallax effect of the background image staying stationary and the site page scrolling above it?

The time is nice, but i opened a ticket 5 days ago in ThemeRain forum but no one has responded yet!

i’m a little bit disappointed about xml content. it’s not the sample theme i’ve seen here on themeforest. Can you send me the complete import.xml file? With ALL the posts, content and sliders… Thanks.

About main menu… i’m using firefox but it seems there’s an annoyng problem with the submenu in MY installation (not in your demo version). if i hover on “extras.”, it’s quite impossible to reach the links underneath, because they dissappear suddenly i mouse out.

I meant to write “theme”, not time. The theme is nice, but…

Hi I have a question before a possible purchase: in the works section, is it possible that a project comprises out of video and images which can be put under one project neatly?



i need to know why you did not gave full pages demo in the zip file ? thats not a good thing ..

Hello, which page you can’t find in demo content?

I like this theme, but i have several question before purchase. How can i enlarge menu field on each page? i have logo with a lot of tiny details. How can i add map into “contact” page?

“i need to know why you did not gave full pages demo in the zip file ? thats not a good thing ..”

- Contact Sidebar - Team - Blog Sidebar


and Home, with slide-effects

Hello, A couple of pre-purchase questions if you don’t mind. Does the slider has this blurred image option by default? I mean I can upload any two images and the slider will automatically apply the blur effect on them?

So do you still support this theme ? Or should everyone just skip it?