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Hi, I need help, after installing the template on the site displays an error – Fatal error: Class ‘DOMDocument’ not found in /var/www/u140435/data/www/ on line 216

Have you purchased the template yet?

If you have, proceed to this page and create an account on our site, then post a thread in the forums where we handle all our support.

regards, Joel

I just purchased and downloaded “Fidelity”. In addition to the template itself how much of the other stuff needs to be installed?

Thanks for the purchase.

Once you unzip the package, you’ll find the documentation inside which covers installation methods and what needs to be installed.

Quickstart method – sets up a replica of our live demo with a couple of steps.

Stand alone method – only one file.

So it all depends on which option you take.

NB: All our support is conducted via our forums ->

regards, Joel

Hello, I want buy ur tempate but ? don want mobile site how colsed ur tempate mobil tema ?


I’ve disabled responsiveness in tangerine color style. To see the difference, check out these two links in your mobile device

Responsive mode turned ON Responsive mode turned OFF

PS. You need to check the difference in a mobile device but NOT by resizing your browser.

regards, Joel

ok,this will solve my problem.could you pls tell me how did you make this adjusment?I am inexperinced about this theme.

I’ve explained it here Like I said it’s simply a setting in the template that you turn off.


Hi there, having some real issues with the template and hoping you can assist. My website (still in progress). is ok and every page has a red background, except for the ‘Curriculum’ page which is grey. I can locate how to make this like all the rest. Can you advise please? Many thanks.


All our support is conducted via our forums ->

To post in the forums, you need to create an account here ->

The ‘curriculum’ page is using a different profile. You need to go to template settings and remove ‘green’ profile


Brilliant, worked a treat. Thank you!!

You’re welcome :)

Hi Sir,

Problem with rokSprocket Slider when are navigated with IE 9/8/7. Only shows properly on IE10/firefox/safari/chrome.

Any alternative solution?

Thank you, Martin.

Hello Martin,

Could you kindly post the question in the forums? Thanks in advance. As an alternative you can use widgetkit slider.

regards, Joel


Your website and the support system are down. Facebook can’t recognize open-graph tags with your template. How can I get support?



Sorry about that. We are currently migrating our server to our new host. We will be back up in the next 12 hours or so. If you need alternate support please email me (via support at arrowthemes dot com) your site URL and whether you are using a custom social plugin or not.

regards, Joel


Where do I go to switch out the “Fidelity” icon on the map – Contact page.


You don’t seem to have purchased our template.

All our support is conducted via our forums:

regards, Joel

Hello, How I can update “Warp Theme Framework 6.4.4” on themeforest?

Thanks :)


Download the latest version of the template > extract the package and copy the warp folder to your site.

Make sure to take a backup first.

regards, Joel

Hi, see this clause ” Use, by you or one client, in a single end product which end users are not charged for. The total price includes the item price and a buyer fee. ” – does that mean i cant sell prints of my work using your template for my site?

I’m sorry if I misunderstood your question. Let me explain it better:

What you can do with regular license: You can use it to create your site and build an ecommerce functionality to sell your work

What you can’t do with regular license: You can’t use it to sell it as a template element of a CMS or as part of a package. A good example is squarespace.

So to answer your question, Yes you can use our theme to sell prints of your work. ;)

regards, Joel

Perfect thanks :) I will buy the theme tonight

You’re welcome

If youre thinking about buying this template, then think no longer! Totally customisable and I have had continued help for all questions, not faults i might add, answered. Totally professional template and design and exceptional support!

Wow! thanks for such comments. :)

Hi I just install your template but I am facing problem in showing articles on frontend can you help me out to find out the bug thanks


Are you using the quickstart? If so, go to the template admin panel > Profiles tab > select the ‘hide-component’ profile and click on ‘Remove’ link > Save and close.

All our support is conducted via our forums

If you don’t have an account yet, please create one here

regards, arrowteam

Unable to create account there although i have purchased the theme and write the correct purchase code

Did you use the same username as your Themeforest one – Shenzhenparts?

Hi, I am currently making a website project for my work place… I am going to use your template on this site only… can I just do it with purchasing the regular license, or do I have to buy the extended license?


Send me a message via this form

and I’ll send you the PSD link.

regards, Joel

Hi, can you tell me how to add a comment section on an article?? thx

You need to use an extension to add comments.

regards, Joel

What is the easiest way to update this theme to the latest version?

The easiest way is:

1. Take a backup of your template.
2. Install
3. Restore your changed files e.g. /css folder and the config file that holds the colors and settings of the admin panel.

In the hope of a sustainable support system, Themeforest introduced paid support for all items commencing 1st September 2015. You can read more about the Item support policy here

From our records, your support period has expired. Please renew your subscription on this page by clicking on ‘renew support’ button for continued support.

regards, Joel