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Wow this is a really nice template! This is one of the best quality template I’ve seen on this website. Will you release the html version?

Thanks for the kind words :)

In regards to HTML version, not at the moment but hopefully around OCT /NOV

regards, Joel

Was looking forward to this one. Perfect for my needs.

Thanks! Ryan.

Good to know, Ryan :)

Have a good one.

regards, Joel

Elegant work, congrats :)

Thanks Bedros :)

Is there any way you can make these templates fork for IE7 . I love your templates, but can not purchase them unless they are available for this browser (as it is a requirement for several of my clients).

I can assist with that. In fact, I’ve already answered a similar question on the forums so once you purchase, send me a quick message via my profile page then I’ll activate your account on the forums.

regards, Joel

Great! Hoping to purchase something in the next few days…Possibly sooner.

Thanks, Frank

Okidoks. :)

Great Template Again! You are master ;) Good luck with huge sales $$$

thank you very much :)

Nice template, good luck with sales. :)

Would love to purchase this, however I am only interested in HTML or WordPress. Great design though.

I’m planning on working on the HTML in the next month and hopefully the Wordpress version some time. :)

Regards, Joe

Hello, wow another great Template. It’s the second theme i buy from you :-)


Thank you very much, maguro. :)

hi,good template:) one question : the quickstart is avaiable?

Thank you! Yes it is! :)

First of all , Amazing Template.

But have a question, Does it Support RTL Languages? And by that i mean does the positions change automatically like when it happens in Gantry for example?

Thank you very much.

The framework supports RTL meaning they will automatically switch the elements and orientation for RTL . e.g on for RTL , the rtl.css is loaded. however some modifications may need to be done for minor elements e.g. sliders and tabs to match the RTL .


Hi, The template looks nice !! Does it work with the K2 content extension? Good luck and regards!


Thanks for the compliment. The template works ok with K2 though you may need to add K2 styling to match the theme.

regards arrowthemes

We bought this for a short time ago and got some small trouble with special characters in Swedish.

I just want to say that Team Arrow has an excellent support and feels very serious. Definitely worth buying.

With kind regards Mikael Andersson – Vallagruppen – Sweden

Hi Mikael,

Thanks for that excellent review. :)

regards, Joel

hello, congratulations for your work.. I m an amateur and beginner to webdesign/joomla and templates.. what you ve answered to a previous comment regarding the k2 extension ’’The template works ok with K2 though you may need to add K2 styling to match the theme.’’ is it hard to be done?

Also i would like to ask if the template works with jomsocial?

well done and good sales

Hello Spiros68,

Thanks for the interest/kind words.

The K2 styling may require some CSS knowledge to customize it to match the theme so depending on your level of comfort in CSS it may or may not be easy. However there are template overrides which can be used to style the basic K2 theme to something nicer:

Same applies to Jomsocial; the template doesn’t include the Jomsocial styling.

regards, Joel

I purchased the template, and just testing it locally on XAMPP .

Love the work, but I am experiencing an issue with Kunena, breaking the menu when going to the Forum.

Is there a fix?


And thanks for the purchase. Could you kindly send me a quick message via my profile page with the word ‘SUPPORT’ then I can activate your account on my forums where I handle all support queries?

Thanks in advance.

regards, Joel

Hi my site is I copied the quickinstall zip folder to the root but the website will not display like your demo I have tried reinstalling joomla and copying and deleting the root directory still no luck please help

Hi Vitalemazo,

Thanks for the purchase. You need to setup the quickstart by running it like you would a fresh Joomla installation rather than copying the folders only. Please see the documentation on how to do so:

Send me an email via my profile then I can activate your account on my forums:

regards, Joel

should I install joomla first? and the database or does joomla come with your quickstart installation? I guess my question is do you already provide the joomla install in the quickstart or can I install version 3 of joomla and some how do the quickinstall zip afterwards ? If I can not use joomla version 3 can YOU advise what version of joomla comes in your quickstart zip file?


The quickinstall already includes a Joomla 2.5 installation. No, you cannot use it for Joomla 3. You’ve got to run the quickstart on its own if you’d like the same copy as what you see on my live demo (articles, widgets, menus and images.)

Joomla 3 is still a way off from being stable and a lot of extensions still don’t work with Joomla3. At the moment I’d advice working with Joomla 2.5 which is stable and that’s what is included in the pack.

regards, Joel

I have installed the template but no demo images show or the template color wont change to tangerine even when I select it and save it goes back to default? my website is

the login is vitalemazo and password is Berlioze4321 can you please see why demo images are not displaying and why I cant switch the color from rose to tangerine even when I hit save.


Please see my previous comment. From the link you provided I see all the demo images are visible (please note images on my demo have been replaced with placeholder images). Probably you got it working. Please send me a quick message via my profile page so that I can activate your account on my forums where I handle all support.

PS. I’d advise against publicly providing your credentials on item discussion since any one can view it .

regards, Joel


Love the theme. I have one issue and a quick question:

1. ISSUE : I cannot seem to get the sub menus functioning correctly. I have them listed properly in the menu section, but nothing shows up. If I move it out to a parent position, then is works fine. Any ideas?

2. QUESTION : What is the font you used for the logo title? Love it. Thanks.

Here is the

Hey Lane,


1. You need to set the ‘Show Sub-menu Items’ setting to ‘Yes’ in the main menu module for the sub menus to show.

2. The font used on the logo (fidelity) is Afta Sans: and ArenaCondensedLight for ‘Interactive’

Next question, kindly ask in the forums. I’ve created an account for you and sent you the email.

regards, Joel

Hi arrowthemes, I love the template you’ve designed. I have purchased it and am having an issue once I install. It’s a clean install (no previous joomla). I keep getting this error message:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_strpos() in /home/......./templates/fidelity/layouts/module.php on line 97

Please help. Thank you.


Hi Craig,

You need to enable PHP to support mbstring as its one of the requirements. Did you see a red flag on the pre-requisites page? Please ask your web admin to enable mbstring on your php.

regards Joel