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Wonderful theme. Will you update it for Joomla 3?



I bought it. Do I sign up in the support forum?

Hey lollo,

Thanks for the purchase. Just send me a quick message via my profile then I’ll create an account for you.

regards, Joel

How can I make the font more legible? It’s very fuzzy.

Hi lifelight,

Which browser are you seeing the fuzzy text? With font-face, it all depends on the fonts you are using. Please provide a link and I’ll advice.


To get support, send me a quick message via my profile page with the word ‘SUPPORT’ to activate your account on my forums.

regards, Joel

Hi Joel,

Do we get sample data like the live preview? This will safe a lot of time.

Yep, the sample data is provided in the quickstart package. :)

regards, Joel

Whoaaa, featured item! Congrats Joel. You deserve it.

All the best, Andrei. :)

Thanks Andrei :)

After running installer, home page is just white and cannot log into Admin area??

I tried getting into your support forum but can’t log in there either (says something about activation)

Hi MobiCreative,

The link you provided seems to be a different theme from an author. Could you send me a quick message via my profile with the correct link and if possible admin credentials? Thanks in advance.

Which username did you use on the forums?

regards, Joel

Yes sorry, when it wouldn’t work we installed a different theme.


Sorry you gave up to quick. It could be a permission issue on your server or some other issue. If at all you’ll get into any other issue please do let me know via the forums and I’ll help you out

regards, Joel

Hi, I can put paypal code into website. I put in: Order Now

but it comes up as: - var prefix = ‘ma’ + ‘il’ + ‘to’; var path = ‘hr’ + ‘ef’ + ’=’; var addy43651 = ‘info’ + ’@’; addy43651 = addy43651 + ‘hornetmarketing’ + ’.’ + ‘com’ + ’.’ + ‘au’; document.write(’<a ’ + path + ’\’’ + prefix + ’:’ + addy43651 + ’\’>’); document.write(addy43651); document.write(’<\/a>’); //->\n </script><script type=’text/javascript’> <!- document.write(’<span style=\’display: none;\’>’); //-> </script>This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. <script type=’text/javascript’> <!- document.write(’</’); document.write(‘span>’); //-> </script>&cmd=_xclick&currency_code=AUD&amount=100&item_name=Starter%20Pack”>Order Now

I have set the text filter to no filter, and turn editor to no editor.

Hi Lukelee,

paypal button uses iframes to insert the code and in such cases, you’ve got to enable iframes on your editor.

See how to disable iframe filter on this thread:

To access the forums you need an account. To activate your account, please send me a quick message with the word ‘SUPPORT’ via my profile page to activate your account.

regards, Joel

Thank you, arrowthemes: But I registered on your website, and click on the verification link, it says my account is blocked. my username is lukelee

I’ve activated your account.

regards, Joel

Hello Admins, i’ll appreciate if you can add Liberty reserve to your payment gateway. also, am having two issues with the forum page..first, the menu links are showing up in vertical mode.meaning when u click the forum menu, all top menu links automatically changes to i wish i could upload an image for u to see..secondly, i get this error by the right side bar. ! ) Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in C:\wamp\www\sigmaclub\modules\mod_kunenalogin\class.php on line 80 Call Stack
  1. Time Memory Function Location 1 0.0022 386720 {main}( ) ..\index.php:0 2 6.3449 23627064 JSite->render( ) ..\index.php:48 3 6.3460 23627584 JDocumentHTML->parse( ) ..\application.php:259 4 6.3460 23627584 JDocumentHTML->_fetchTemplate( ) ..\html.php:414 5 6.3473 23627944 JDocumentHTML->_loadTemplate( ) ..\html.php:591 6 6.3492 23674504 require( ‘C:\wamp\www\sigmaclub\templates\fidelity\index.php’ ) ..\html.php:531 7 6.4895 24182640 TemplateWarpHelper->render( ) ..\index.php:18 8 6.5104 24425528 include( ‘C:\wamp\www\sigmaclub\templates\fidelity\layouts\template.php’ ) ..\template.php:49 9 7.4422 25972928 ModulesWarpHelper->render( ) ..\template.php:213 10 7.4422 25973208 TemplateWarpHelper->render( ) ..\modules.php:64 11 7.4495 26030904 include( ‘C:\wamp\www\sigmaclub\templates\fidelity\warp\systems\joomla\layouts\modules.php’ ) ..\template.php:49 12 7.4496 26030904 ModulesWarpHelper->load( ) ..\modules.php:10 13 7.4500 26033568 JDocumentRendererModule->render( ) ..\modules.php:86 14 7.4503 26035760 JModuleHelper::renderModule( ) ..\module.php:107 15 7.6065 26097768 include( ‘C:\wamp\www\sigmaclub\modules\mod_kunenalogin\mod_kunenalogin.php’ ) ..\helper.php:175 16 7.6333 26142240 ModKunenaLogin->display( ) ..\mod_kunenalogin.php:30 17 7.6487 26227912 ModKunenaLogin->getReturnURL( ) what can be the cause and possible way out. Thanks


Please send me a message via my profile: with the account you purchased the theme to activate your forum where I handle all support.

regards, Joel

Hi, I’m having problems with kunena. The CSS is broken with Fidelity. Do you have an e-mail that I can send screenshots to?

Hey Mikael,

Please send me an screenshot or link to support at arrowthemes dot com.

regards, Joel

I put my Twitter account into the Latest Tweets AND in the Theme Social area, but the module still shows “No Tweets”

Is there another place I need to set it or permissions somewhere?

EDIT : If I put my twitter name in twice in a row it works. No idea why.

Hi MobiCreative,

Please ensure you have the latest version of widgetkit (1.3.1):

Previous version had a bug where ‘no tweets’ was being displayed due to the change in the Twitter API .

If you have any further questions kindly post in the forums.

regards, Joel

Hi! I’m waiting for your Joomla 3.0 template release. In the meanwhile I’ve got a question: Is there any e-commerce / shop plug-in that you would recommand regarding the compatibility with this wonderful template?

Kind regards, Dirk

Hi Dirk

Thanks for your interest. Joomla 3.0 conversion is my primary objective for this month. In terms of compatibility, most extensions would work out of the box, the only thing that you need to take care of is the css styling.

regards, Joel

Hi Dirk,

The template is now Joomla 3 ready.

regards, Joel

Hi, Two questions here: 1) Are all the YooTheme widgets(inc. premium) and YooTheme Zoo apps compatible with your theme? 2) In case: can the mouse cussor change back to default?

Your prompt response is highly appreciated.

Many thanks, Serhan

Hi Serhan,

1) Yes. I’ve tested with the premium widgetkit and works well. ZOO apps should also work out of the box.

2) Yes. You can change it back to default via the template settings.

regards, Joel

Hi, Thank you for this nice theme, just a question: on module top-a and top-b, the first word is grey, can I change some of them to first 2 words grey?

Hi Lukelee,

The first word color is set via the ‘Title span’ color setting in the template config, whereas the second word inherits the ‘Headings’ color setting. you could either change the title span to match the headings color, thereby having the two words having the same color, or edit the css to have the h3 .module-title color set to grey.

Next question, kindly ask in the forums.

regards, JM


I just want to have a slideshow wider than 998px (the template width).

I have configured a slider 1200×400.

What i have done by now, is change the property of the #slide-zone to visible from hidden.

Now i can see it in all its dimension but it is not centered, how can i center it??


Hi Samuel,

Could you provide a link to your site? Please respond to the my reply via the forums or send the link via my profile page.


::::::::::::::: SOLVED :::::::::::::::::::::::


Most welcome, Samuel :)

Hi There, could you please advice how i can add fonts ? Thanks and Regards

Hi Hamdi,

Here’s a link to the documentation on how to add fonts:

Next question, kindly post in the forums.

regards, Joel

Hello, my account seems to be blocked at the forum: “Login denied! Your account has either been blocked or you have not activated it yet.” – i already activated it.

I’ve a problem with installing the 3.0 quick pakedge. At the installing process, there appears this message: “Notice: Undefined index: sample_file in /www/htdocs/w00eabde/cob/installation/views/install/tmpl/default.php on line 13”

After that, the installation jumps back to step 3. What should i do?

Hi KBursuc,

Sorry about that; the settings on my forums is configured that an administrator is required to activate your account. Your account has now been activated.

Please log in to the forums and give more details such as server environment and a snapshot of the error, then I’ll have a look.

Thanks in advance, Joel

For support, please send me a quick message via my profile page with the word ‘SUPPORT’ to activate your account on my forums.

kind regards, Joel

Hello, how can I get the slider from your “fidelity” example page in the front page (Joomla3.0.2)? In your extension package for 3.0 is no slider? Please help me, thank you very much.

hi lanzi,

Have you installed the ‘widgetkit’ extension? It contains a section where you can create your slideshows then link them to a widgetkit module -> slider position.

Let me know if that helps.

regards, Joel

Super, thank you :-)

You are welcome. :)

Hello, there is another problem, my home page does not appear, I switch to the default Joomla template, there are no problems? Thanks for your help.

To show the home page, go to template settings > profile tab then select the ‘hide-component’ option and delete it.

Next question, kindly ask in the forums:

regards, Joel

Super, thank you :-)

You are welcome. :)