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Dear Joel,

I have a question regarding the Fidelity template social feature. When I want to put the tracking code for google, or put the Facebook account or if I fill in and save any of the social field of the template I simply loosing the style. Any idea what did I do wrong?

Your help would be appreciated.



Could you send me a link to your site via my profile + super user credentials.

Thanks, Joel

Hi Joel,

Can you tell me what did you modified, because the logo were changed and the article layout was also changed. I needed to reformat the whole site and now what was ok for iPad now it has totally different style. When I use the bulleted list in the text editor and saving the article the pagination goes wrong. It does not happened before your modification. Those words are not for claim just I would like to see clearly what do I need to change, do I need to overwrite the template style with the factory default.

Thanks, Viktor

Hi Viktor,

Sorry that that happened. I did install a warp update since you were running an older version and some of the config files were either changed or not existing since I could not see the color picker from the template settings.

What you need to do is make all your edit/customization in css/custom.css that way when you update the framework you won’t lose any changes.

Please post any support questions on the forums.

regards, Joel

Hi. Great template! I have only found one problem: When entering an email adress in a table, the output f**ks up :( It shows: ’; document.write(’’); document.write(addy_text80083); document.write(’<\/a>’); //—>\n

Any ideas?

Hi Pamolade,

Go to plugins > filter for ‘Content – Email Cloaking’ and disable the plugin. Let me know if that helps. Next question, kindly ask in the forums.

regards, Joel

Hi Joel. That worked perfectly! Thanks alot. Will you please activate my user in your forum? User: pamolade

You’re welcome :)

I’ve activated your account on the forums.

regards, Joel

Hi Joel, I have a stupid question. Where can I modify user registration form? Sorry but I can’t find it. Thanks francesca

Hi Francesca,

Please log in to the forums and see this thread:

regards, Joel

Hello, How do I make the main horizontal menu the full length, like how it is displayed in the “Template Position” page?

I’ve noticed their are two CSS classes for Right and Full menu, but can seem to figure out how to make a menu default as a full length menu.

Thank you


In template settings > Profiles tab > change the ‘Horizontal Menu Position’ parameter to ‘Full width’.

Next question kindly ask on the forums. If you don’t have an account yet, kindly send me a quick message via my profile with the word ‘SUPPORT’ to activate your account on the forums.

regards, Joel

I purchased this template about 10 days ago, I’ve registered with the support forum numerous times, now I get, “This user is blocked. If this is an error, please contact an administrator.” Are able to read the email I’ve sent? I can provide any and all information as proof of purchase…. this is ridiculous. A call to American Express might be necessary….

Hello Michael,

Sorry about that. I’ve activated your account on the forums.

regards, Joel

Thanks, I got it now – my apologies for the rudeness. I’ve had problems with so many “clubs” that this was the straw that broke the camels back.

No worries :)

This is one of the best template EVER… If you want quality and good support buy it.

Hi Arrowtheme. Wher can i find Warp Theme Framework 6.4.0 ?

Mikael A – Sweden.

Hey Mikael,

Thanks for the kind words. :)

You can find the update here:

regards, Joel

Hi, I liked this Fidelity theme very much. I am thinking of buying this in next few days. Before that I have few questions, might be very obvious but I am very new to Joomla. I am going to hire a developer for the work but making sure before he starts.

1. I notice that this theme doesn’t have Sign in & My account etc… account related links on the top. Does that mean that we need to develop on our own.

2. Does this theme allow facebook login along with custom login ? how tough is it to achieve.

3. Website that I am planning to start needs payment gateway (paypal), does paypal comes by default? Will this theme have add to cart or some thing like that?

4. Every time customer places an order he needs to enter data in couple of text boxes (he has to login before placing order). does data related to each order saved seperately so that we can check from backend & front end.

5. With the info I have shared, which theme do you think would fit me? Fidelity or Fontain. I like both but fidelity more due to white back menu items which matches my logo

Excuse me If I had asked too many basic things but basing on your response I will decide either one of them.

Btw, Great work Joel. Seen your profile, very impressive.

Hi Prakash,

Thanks for your interest.

1. You can easily assign a link on the toolbar (Sign In & My Account) and link a module on the link. please see the sauna demo for illustration

2. You may need to install a third party component for facebook login

3. Paypal is not included. You may need to install a third party component for that.

4. If you are to include an ecommerce component then that will capture all the client details prior to purchase. Most common 3rd party ecommerce components like Virtuemart or Mijoshop have a feature where you can check the registered user details via the backend.

5. Personally, I’d pick Fidelity for an ecommerce site. It’s got more white space and a good module structure for a shop site.

Thanks for the kind words.

regards, Joel

Thanks for the reply Joel.

You’re welcome. If you have any further questions, feel free to ask. Have a nice weekend and take care.

Cheers, Joel

Hi Joel,

Hope you’re well?

I am very new to Joomla! and thinking of purchasing this template for a client of mine. I just want to know a few things regarding the template/Joomla!. I am also not great with coding but I have heard that Joomla! is quite straight forward with updating etc.

The website I will be using the template for is brand new and has not had any content added previously. Does the template come with instructions on how to install (for idiots) and will it be installed as it shows on the demo? I think if this is the case I should hopefully get the hang of how to update/edit etc.

Do you offer anything where you install the template for an additional charge? If so I would be interested in this.

I look forward to your response.

Best regards



If you are having issues and need support, kindly open a thread in the forums:


Just need approval :)


I’ve activated all accounts (don’t know what your username was) but just incase it’s still not active, shoot me an email first thing Monday morning.

Have a nice weekend.

regards, Joel

I still have the message Download Warp Theme Framework 6.4.0 I install it and still no update please advice?


Please log in to the forums and download the updates from this thread:

If the message still persists, extract the zip and copy the folder ‘warp’ to your template folder.

regards, Joel


Trying to purchase this theme but I am not able to checkout on paypal is their another place I can go to purchase the theme except on this web site


This is the only place I sell my themes. Please wait for a couple of hours and try again or check if you could contact if you still having issues deposting funds or purchasing a theme.

regards, Joel


Cool template! How do I enable the dropdown menu once the screen resolution is on mobile?



The dropdown menu is automatically shown on smaller screens (please take a look at the live demo) If that’s not the case on your site, please open a thread in the forums and I’ll take a look.

regards, Joel

Hello I am having problem with the audio not playing at all please advice


kindly post all questions in the dedicated forums where we handle all support issues;


How to add a third party DropDown Menu?

You can install the dropdown menu via Extensions > extensions manager

Hi, Please activate my forum account. I have some questions regarding installation. What is your best Advice 3.0 or 2.5?

Hi. I’ve activated your account. It all depends on the extensions you need to use in your site. Joomla 3.1 will be released some time next week and should be stable enough to run a live site.


Purchased this theme but many of the plugins required updating. After uploading and selecting the theme, no content shows up. The quickstart file upload did not change things. Attempted to register for support at your site, but it did not allow a support question and would not complete my registration after sending a confirming link. . Seems odd for an elite user here.

Hey Bob,

Sorry about that; Content can only show up if you use the quickstart method, which has an inbuilt joomla installation that needs to be ran just like you run a clean joomla installation; point is, you can’t upload the quickstart via the extensions manager.

I’ve activated your account on the forums. If you have any further questions, kindly post in there.

regards, Joel

Please activate my forum account or help me figure out why the drop down menu isn’t working. Thank you! Janet

Hey Janet,

I’ve activated your account on the forums. Have you activated the sub-menus? If so, you need to enable the ‘show sub menu’ in the menu module.

regards, Joel

Problem is SUPPORT IS TERRIBLE with Arrow Themes. One problem is many questions in the forums “how to use a Fidelity in Joomla CMS” rather than techical issues or coding issues. I dont know why support should be filled with basic questions use of Joomla. Now after 6 days of waiting a question is still not answered. This template gross $17000 in sales with similar revenues for other Arrow themes. I think that iaa shed load of money to provide proper support Dont You? Post in the Forums I read a lot but why id they dont get answered!!!!

Hey Kris,

I totally understand your sentiments and I’ll take it all in (if you think that I provide terrible support) – I always try to provide the best I can even though at times I’m away for couple of days.

Let me try clarify a few points: Many buyers who use my template are totally new to Joomla and that’s why there are too many newbie questions. Sometimes the questions don’t really relate to bugs or issues but if I know the answer I’ll just go ahead and help someone out when I can. Please also note that envato does not require any author to provide support for their items, but most authors do it out of good business practice.

I’ll try to answer all threads this week so hopefully, and if I’ve skipped any please give me a bump via email/ on the comments or on the forums.

Hey, thanks for helping out on the forums :)

regards, Joel

More than happy to answer questions i know answers too! I had to research the warp/j2.5/xml structure to figure out how its all put together. I just thought it quicker to ask you first. Support is necessary especially for complex code like Joomla, regardless of what Envato say. Remove support and see how long Envato lasts!! They are just 10% cream off the milk company. $$$$

Hi, I purchased this template few days ago, I have few issue (questions), and You didn’t activeted my account. (Husejko)
1. where should I upload the code from Piwik statistic?
2. when I go to Template Manager->Profiles and I changing the text font, on my http website nothing happens.
3. Language of my website is Polish, but some of Polish letters have different text formatting (they are smaller or bigger). Of course I installed Polish language.


Hi Maciej,

I’ve activated your account on the forums. Kindly post in the forums any support queries you’ve got, and I’ll respond in the course of the day.

regards, Joel

Dear Friends:

Very Nice template. We bought it. Recommend it!!!

Please Arrowthemes, Can you activate my user inside the forum?

Regards, Blue Hat Consultores

Thanks the kind words :)

I’ve activated your account. Have a nice weekend.

regards, Joel

How can I remove the social icons at the buttom of the page? Facebook, pinterest, google and twitter :(

And please activate my account.

Best regards, Tonny

Hi Tonny,

To remove the social icons go to template settings > social tab > then delete the ’#’ or text in the social profile id textbox.

I’ve activated your account.

regards, Joel