Discussion on Film Streaming

Discussion on Film Streaming

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Thank you for your good appreciation @erwinthedevil

Hello All !

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So bad that it’s not mobile responsive….

So why sellout at costly as this?

Hi @ Colorado4Sure1 , If you could read the Item detail its not been advertised as responsive.

It has fixed layout, we are not working on it to make it responsive.


Good morning, i am getting this error, could you please help to solve it. The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

could you please tell me which file do i have to upload, help,html or psd or all of them at once?

where do i have to upload it, to public_html?

You need to get the html and css files of the template and place it in public_hml root or where ever you need to put on your live domain.

good morning, could you explain me how to install it, because I have an error when i try it.

Hi @ romulo7766 , Thanks for reaching out. Since its a html template you need to download the template from the Theme forest Downloads section and need to put on your server using cpanel or ftp.

Feel free to open ticket incase you need any help regarding template on Chimp Support!

Looking for ward to helping you!


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Hello, can use source from google driver for play

Hi @freeall, No, Following option is not integrated in this template.


So, you can code play video from google driver

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Hello All :)

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is possible for worpress this theme? ty

admin panel this theme?

We do not have any plans to convert it in wordpress. Thank you

nice looking

Thank you :)

Its funny how I just avoid ChimpStudio like the plague.

Hi@degrama : Thank you for your interest in one of our theme.Could you please write me your query or issues related to our theme, I would love to know how can Improve our theme more better. Thank you

chimpstudio, hi, guys! whoud you be so kind, tell me, how can i add link with video correct to this template? What docs i must to use? index and videodetail? For example, needing video placed here: <IFRAME SRC=”http://www.mp4upload.com/embed-501h5go8426h.html” allowfullscreen=”true” FRAMEBORDER=0 MARGINWIDTH=0 MARGINHEIGHT=0 SCROLLING=NO WIDTH=640 HEIGHT=360></IFRAME>

Hai @ WhoIsArti. Thank you for your purchase, just place URL (you want to use) in the source tag or replace the full embed code with your required URL. This embedded code will come with same properties as on youtube, Vimeo etc.Thank you

thank u for reply! ;)

Cheers.. :)

I’m really confused about this theme, I bought it in hopes that i can have users upload or embed videos etc. and I can also upload and embed videos in a structure similar to YouTube but that does not seem to be the case, not even on the back end, the youtube link is not functioning, actually nothing seems to be functioning. It says its easy to add content but it is not, the instruction manual provides a lot of technical information that frankly is not needed, there are no instructions on how to setup the user logins, how to ensure the viewer count etc works. There is nothing to help with getting the site to have the functionality as portrayed on the demo version. If I cannot even have the basic functionality of the site such as video embedding then i will just need my money back.

thank you

Hai @ Effycom. Thank you for your purchase. Its an html template, you purchased wrong item, I think you are looking for a wordpress theme. You may visit our other theme listed on my portfolio to find your required functionalities.

It still doesn’t make sense, why does your demo site show as if people can join or register and that you can embed videos from youtube etc.?

Demo shows only html version of functionlaity. You know that login always require programming in the back end. So how come html template can do this.

Hi Chimpstudio, bought this template and its working fine my only problem is when i try to post a comment on the blog details it doesn’t work. i think there is a problem with the script, can you help?

I am afraid it will not work. It is because it is only HTML template not a theme. This comment section is not dynamic, its only a static html part.

Could you please let me know if this template is (or will be) responsive?

It has fixed layout, we are not working on it to make it responsive.

Hi…great template btw :) Just curious if this temp is being looked at for a possible wordpress template? And if so, when could we expect it out? This would make a really great video template for wordpress and I think you would make a lot of sales. Thanks for your time! Keep up the good work!

I am afraid it’s not in plan for the wordpress version. However, there will be a good video theme in my portfolio very soon. I am sure you will love that too.

awesome…thanks for the response and keep up the great work :)

:) Thank you for the nice words.

i like so much this template..is possible made it responsive? new version?

i am interested.

No, I regret to inform that this is not possible.

Can i know where to uplaod this file? HTML rite? Using what software to upload and what platform? Im still newbie..

Can this use for blogspot?

You can do it vis ftp. There are different software available for this.

yes i know it must transfer file via ftp. but when i done transfer the file, where can i access the website? i mean to updated the post etc..

and it is the video only support youtube? or can add any platform video? the views count from youtube video or user who view the post?

I have been unable to upload this to godaddy hosted wordpress site. Even with there support help. And when I upload directly onto wordpress the system says this: The following themes are installed but incomplete. Themes must have a stylesheet and a template. Name Description HTML Stylesheet is missing. Help Stylesheet is missing. PSD Stylesheet is missing.

I have checked and these 3 files are all that came with this download. Can you please help me?

Hai@RyanShriver. You have HTML template which cannot be uploaded to any wordpress site. You need to have theme to upload on wordpress.

so many requests for wp template yet author still doesn’t want to consider it :(

themeforest needs more video site themes… the only other real viable theme is detube… which i already own.

and now detube hasn’t been updated in ages… think author missing :/

Your suggestion well noted for video site. I am on it and scratching a plan to do it.


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